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  • 1. Building Alliances & Smoothing the Path ToBetter Patient SafetyPatty Skolnik, Exec. Director Citizens for Patient Safety Pat Mastors, FounderPear Health

2. Take-aways:1. Learn how allies can be embraced to improve patient safety2. Learn how environments can be embraced to improve patient safety3. Learn from each other 3. Our son, Michael SkolnikVIDEO - v=7XLTN8dvffo&list=UUXyNo68qfPLKQQ2e86i-GCg&index=3 4. Finding Unexpected Allies getting past theCulture of Silence the tendency ofmedical insiders todefend each otherand shield the patientfrom importantinformation. 5. The SandboxHow do you get what you want? 6. Rep. Morgan Carroll: Patty found champions in theColorado medical society, in the states largest malpractice carrier, andwith legislators on both sides of the aisle. 7. Playing nice It broadens your perspective You might make unexpected allies Be open, transparent, and agree to disagree Invite yourself to the dance Dont just think of yourself 8. What roadblocks do you face? How can you smooth them? 9. My Dad, Bob Stegeman one of100,000 deaths eachyear 10. Hospital-Acquired Infections: What do patients know?52%30%50%Doctors dontCarry C. diff 65% washedWasnt Doctors Neckties clean hands sporesin a weekcontaminatedbetween patients50% # 1 Ranked 50% Purse bottoms carryGermiest objectLeft dirty forFecal bacteriain roomnext patient 11. How does the patient clean their hands? 12. Where does the patient put their stuff? 13. How does the patient rememberinstructions and discharge stuff? 14. How can caregivers see us? 15. Mistakes are inevitableHow Can Patients Help? 16. We can help with the Swiss Cheese 17. We Can Help Here Too 18. Patients can Smooth the path for mousetraps, andBlock the holes in the Swiss cheese 19. Always Event:Smooth the path(Raise a concern- red flag--infection) 20. Never Event:Block the holes - ask when you dont understand 21. Carrots & Sticks: Its about being human.People want to do the right thingMake it easier for them to do it.Q: What barriers are you facing??? 22. Patty Skolnik, Citizens for Patient Safetywww.citizensforpatientsafety.orgPatty@citizensforpatientsafety.orgPat Mastors, Pear