Personality – How do we develop our “self”? How do we become what/who we are?

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<p>Personality How do we develop our self?</p> <p>Personality How do we develop our self?How do we become what/who we are?What is personality?</p> <p>The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character</p> <p>John Locke (English philosopher - 1600s)Tabula rasa, or blank slate. We acquire our personality through our experiences. Humans can be molded into whatever we want. What is this process (of individuals absorbing culture) called by psychologists today?</p> <p>SocializationCharles Horton Cooley (1864-1929) American sociologist. </p> <p>Looking-glass self. We develop an image of ourselves based on how we imagine we appear to others. Ex: Parents who treat kids as capable and competent will have such kids. How do you see yourself?</p> <p>Activity: Find someone in the class who you know well, and knows you.</p> <p>Make a list of 4 characteristics of their (and your) personalityFind another person who you know sort of well make a listAny differences? Does anything match?What are some of the types/descriptions of personality?</p> <p>Sigmund Freuds Theories on Personality: </p> <p>3 aspects to ones personalityIdEgoSuperego</p> <p>Id:</p> <p>pleasure principle. Me Want Cookie part of the unconscious. Part of personality that contains our drives, needs, instincts, lust</p> <p>Ego:reality principle. Ex: Id is hungry, wants food. Ego will keep it from eating it all, or saving some for later. controls higher mental processes such as reasoning and problem-solvingBalances the Id and Superego</p> <p>Superego:moral principle. Ex: Keeps you from stealing a cookie. Not concerned with reality. starving and no money, superego will keep you from stealing, even if you will die. source of guilt (other name: conscience)</p> <p>Not actually anything like thisFreuds thoughts on PersonalityAn individuals feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are the result of the interaction of the id, the superego, and the ego.Conflict between causes anxiety</p> <p>Write a very short story of a time your id, ego, and superego battled it out. Which won?4 main factors in developing personality</p> <p>1.heredity. The transmission of genetic characteristics from parent to child. Physical characteristicsaptitude (ability to learn)biological drives</p> <p>2.birth order </p> <p>The order in which siblings are born.1st: more achievement-oriented, responsible, conservative in thinking, defenders of status quo. Last: better in social relationships, affectionate, friendly, risk-takers, social and intellectual rebels</p> <p>3.Parental characteristics. </p> <p>Age of parents, level of education, religious orientation, economic status, cultural heritage, occupation</p> <p>3. Cultural environment. School, peers, media, teachers, parents, etc. </p> <p>What do you think about these theories?How are they proven/disproven by your life and experiences?,b4236c3563777145/id_ego_superego_by_surreal32.jpg</p>


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