PILLOW | Evocative Object, Object of Provocation, Enacting Participation, Art Experiment

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ByElizabeth Silva (Sociology, Open University) and Sheila Goloborotko (artist)


  • PillowEvocative ObjectObject of ProvocationEnacting ParticipationArt Experiment

  • AcademicElizabeth Silva

    ArtistSheila Goloborotko

  • As research materialFunded projectCreating knowledgeChanging cultural resonances of social life from past to future

  • Cultural Haunting in Cosmopolitan Urban Spaces:

    Art and Social Dreamingin London, New York and Sao Paulo

  • Capturing hauntingThe importance of disclosing haunting is addressed in socio-analyses and in psycho-analyses, by reference to diverse concepts and empirical engagements. These reveal that significant areas of social life are forgotten and made invisible which express and also create dramas replicated across history, in social space and across regions.

  • In SociologyAvery Gordon shows entire countries experiencing states of haunting ghostly matters made marginal through the violence of modernityPierre Bourdieu symbolic violence and misrecognition: imposition of categories of thought and perception upon the dominated social. [Psyche in the habitus?]

  • PsychoanalysisBracha Ettinger affective history is passed down through generations. Transmission of the haunting via matrixial space and borderspaceGordon Lawrence dreams as collective knowledge, as objects woven into experiences

  • PsychoanalysisChristopher Bollas dreams as evocative objects for transactions between internal and external worldsWendy Hollway & Lynn Froggett dreams as objects of provocation bridging imagination and reality in scenic composition

  • Using Pillows to capture Cultural Haunting via the Dream project, enacting action research via public intervention and community art organizations

  • Methodological ExplorationThe pillow as an instrumentEclecticism and inventiveness in methodsSocial Dreaming MatrixVisual MatrixPerformance art

  • How active is an object?How active does an object have to be to activate what?