Plumas Lake Elementary School District 2013-14 Budget Adoption Presentation June 20, 2013 Each student will reach their fullest potential as we strive

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  • Plumas Lake Elementary School District 2013-14 Budget Adoption Presentation June 20, 2013 Each student will reach their fullest potential as we strive for District excellence through sound leadership, effective communication, accountability, and investment in our staff.
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  • Financial Reporting Cycle Budget is developed based on assumptions in June; Assumptions are usually based on the information in the May Revise Assumptions change during the year and we are required to file two interim reports during the year: First Interim Due December 15, 2013 Second Interim Due March 15, 2014 Budget Timeline: Governor released his Budget Proposal for 2013-14 in January Governor released the May Revise in May, which is based on updated revenue and expenditure data Legislature met its constitutional deadline and passed the 2013-14 budget and trailer bills on June 15 Changes how schools receive State Aid Local Control Funding Formula Every district has a unique target base grant that will restore funding to 2007-08 funding levels Districts will move toward the target each year Governor will sign or veto budget bill We wont have budget details until July 2012 Annual financial reporting: Budget Adoption Due July 1, 2013 First Interim Due December 16, 2013 Second Interim Due March 17, 2014 Unaudited Actuals Due September 15, 2014 Budget development is a continuous process
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  • Budget Assumptions 2012-13 Budget at Second Interim 2012-13 Estimated Actuals Budget Development 2013-14 Budget Development Statutory COLA3.24% 1.565% Deficit Factor22.272% $0.77728 per $1.00 22.272% $0.77728 per $1.00 18.997% $0.81003 per $1.00 Revenue Limit (RL) w/ COLA RL w/ deficit Loss per ADA $6,912.36 $5,372.84 $1,539.74 $6,912.36 $5,372.84 $1,539.74 $7,013.26 $5,680.95 $1,332.31 State Categorical Programs COLA 000 Ed Jobs Funds ($222,813 final entitlement) $12K Federal Funds COLA000 Average Daily Attendance (ADA)1045 K-8 plus 6.19 County 1051.19 1050.5 K-8 plus 6.68 County 1056.68 Lottery Base Lottery Prop 20 $124.25 $30.00 $124.00 $30.00 $124.00 $30.00
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  • Budget Assumptions (continued) Set aside five percent for economic uncertainty Commit funds for one Certificates of Participation (COP) Debt Service Payment Assign funds for Local Control Funding Formula possible decrease in revenue Reserves Categorical Programs 7.29 percent Cafeteria Fund 5.31 percent Indirect Costs
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  • Projected Enrollment as of 6/18/13 We can use current year projections or prior year P2 data for Revenue Limit calculations. Prior year ADA, i.e., 2012-13 P2 Data for Revenue Limit calculations: 1050.50 District K-8 6.18 County SDC 1056.68 Total Projected District K-8 ADA based on current enrollment projections: 1079 x 97.0% = 1046.6 6.18 County SDC 1052.81 Total TKK12345678Total CB 14604364493938307 Rio 20596182 6574443 SDC 5 RM 12111192324 Total (SDC included in last column only) 34119104146131104112121111921079
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  • Plumas Lake ESD Organizational Chart Governing Board Superintendent Principal Site Staff Principal Site Staff Principal Site Staff Director FMOT Maintenance Worker Groundskeepers/Maintenance (2 positions) Bus Drivers/Custodians Site Custodians FMOT Secretary Director Curriculum/Instruction and Sp Ed Sp Ed Secretary Site Sp Ed Staff School Psychologist Counselor Academic Coach Director of Business Services Account Technicians Food Services Manager Site Food Services Workers Administrative Assistant Program Technician Computer Technician
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  • Site Staff CobblestoneRio Del OroRiverside Meadows OfficeAdministrator Site Secretary Administrator Site Secretary Office Clerk (3 hrs) Administrator Site Secretary Office Tech (8 hrs) Regular Classroom Teachers 15 FTE Teachers (includes TK classroom) 20 FTE Teachers12 FTE Teachers Special Ed1 FTE Teacher 2 Paras Learning Center (LC) 2 FTE Teachers 2 Paras SDC 2 Paras LC 1 Paras One-on-One 1 FTE Teacher 4 Paras LC 1 Para One-on-One Other0.4 FTE PE Teacher 0.375 FTE Library 0.8125 FTE TK Para 0.6 FTE PE Teacher 0.375 FTE Library Clerk 0.8125 FTE TK Para 2 FTE PE Teacher 0.4 FTE Band Teacher 0.375 FTE Library Clerk Yard Duty/Campus Supervision 6 hours Yard Duty 2 hours Crossing Guard 1.75 hours Yard Duty 5.5 hours Campus Monitor Custodial1.875 FTE2 FTE Shared positionsHealth Clerk 6 hours Academic Coach 1 FTE Counselor 1 FTE Psychologist 1 FTE
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  • Local Control Funding Formula Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) will replace revenue limits Most categoricals will now be included in the formula (see slide with Tier III categoricals) Economic Impact Aid and Class-Size Reduction will also be a part of the LCFF Categoricals that are excluded: Transportation Targeted Instructional Improvement Grant (TIIG) Special Ed Child Nutrition Transportation and Targeted Instructional Improvement Grants will be add- ons and can be used for any educational purpose
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  • Local Control Funding Formula Districts will receive a base grant amount based on grade-level Adjustments will be made for class size reduction Districts will receive supplemental funding based on percentage of low income, English learners and students in foster youth K-34-67-8 Base Grant Amount (based on May Revise)$6,845$6,947$7,154 Adjustment Factors (Class size reduction)$712 Enrollment eligibility (percent low income, English learners, or in foster youth) 40% Supplemental (35%) for English learners, low income and in foster youth $548$556$572 Concentration (35%) for English learners, low income and in foster youth above 50% ---
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  • Local Control Funding Formula K-34-67-8 Amount per grade level$8,104$7,503$7,726 Enrollment494.12360.23196.15 $4,004,586$2,702,719$1,515,518 Add TIIG$4,433 Add Transportation$48,697 Total Funding$8,275,953
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  • Revenue Limit and Categoricals Revenue Limit Sources (2012-13)$6,229,268 Economic Impact Aid$43,757 Class Size Reduction$457,317 Tier III Categoricals$251,309 Targeted Instructional Improvement$4,433 Transportation$48,697 Total$7,034,781 Districts will receive 11.75% of the gap between the LCFF and RL calculations methods: $8,275,953 - $7,034,781 = $1,241,172 x 11.75% = $145,838
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  • Revenue Limit Calculations Used the School Services of California Dartboard assumptions to calculate revenue limit Will make adjustments once there is more information available California Department of Education will have to make changes to the software
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  • Revenue Sources Revenue Source 2012-13 Second Interim Budget 2012-13 Estimated Actuals Budget 2013-14 Budget Variance (Est Act vs Budget) Note Revenue Limit Sources $6,195,621$6,229,268$6,529,5614.8% Federal Revenue $300,873$305,960$277,734-9.2% Sequester cuts, no Ed Jobs funding Other State Revenue $1,033,966$1,031,176$1,047,9971.6% Mandated costs block grant Other Local Revenue $487,567$492,894$491,348-0.3% Less interest and misc. revenue Interfund Transfers In $26,300 $23,000-12.5% CFD Admin costs Total Revenue $8,044,327$8,085,598$8,369,640-3.6%
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  • Federal Revenue No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Funding Title I Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged Part 1 $76,670 Title II Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals - $6,078 Title III English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement and Academic Achievement for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Students - $6,532 Special Education Local Assistance Grants - $83,261 SPED IDEA Mental Health funds - $12,693 Federal Impact Aid (unrestricted) $32,500 Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) - $35,000 Medi-Cal Option Billing (grant thru YCOE) - $30,000
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  • Other State Revenue Prop 20 Lottery Funds - $30 per ADA = $32,250 Economic Impact Aid - $43,757 Lottery (unrestricted) - $124 per ADA = $133,300 Tier III Categoricals and other State Revenue - $283,276 Transportation - $48,697 Class-Size Reduction K-3 - $457,317
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  • Other State Revenue - Tier III Categorical Flexibility Education Code Section 42605 allows complete flexibility in the use of funds appropriated in the State budget for fiscal years 2008-09 through 2014-15 for numerous programs and can be used for any educational purpose. Grants included in this flexibility are: Closed Programs: Administrator Training - $4,849 Art and Music Block Grant - $15,115 California Peer Assistance & Review Program - $5,148 CAHSEE Intensive Instruction - $800 Community Based English Tutoring- $4,478 Math and Reading Professional Development - $9,018 Professional Development Block Grant - $11,597 School Safety and Violence Prevention - $7,990 Supplemental Hourly Programs - $24,143 Targeted Instructional Improvement - $3,914
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  • Tier III Categorical Flexibility (continued) Closed Programs (continued) Gifted and Talented Education $66,473 School Library Improvement Block Grant - $10,437 Programs closed but operating with original intent of program Instructional Materials Funding Realignment Program - $56,959 - funding is used to purchase approved curriculum Deferred Maintenance - $33,382 Routine Restricted Maintenance flexibility to transfer one percent of expenditures (previously was three percent of General Fund expenditures) NOTE: With new funding method, all these categoricals with the exception of Targeted Instructional Improvement Grant will become a part of the LCFF funding formula.
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