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CommunityMatters: Newport, VermontCommunity Workshop Postcard Commitments

On February 4, 2013 community members gathered at the Goodrich Memorial Library in Newport, Vermont for a workshop convened by CommunityMatters and Newport City Renaissance Corporation.

The day-long workshop focused on discussing concrete tools and ideas for strengthening Newports ability to solve problems, make decisions, and build a resilient city.

These photos represent the commitments of attendees to take action following the workshop.

CommunityMatters is a national partnership of seven organizations that share the belief that people have the power to solve their communitys problems and direct future growth and change. Learn more at

Connecting Community, Activating ChangeI will do a better job communicating and documenting progress and challenges on a continuum.

I will volunteer to organize a neighborhood group.

I will work with other like-minded people to head up an outreach effort to inform my community about the importance of our schools.

I will look into the caf commons idea for open discussion on Newport issues.

I will organize a citizen group to help with Prouty Beach and Gardner Park visions and improvements.

I will bring this information to CWS Group.

I will engage more citizens.

I will follow up with NCRC Board on ensuring Town Hall meetings occur and stay in touch with City Manager.

I will be a steward and guide in the process of communication with people I meet and interact with in the Newport region. Engage!

I will work more on community involvement.

I will keep talking with peer groups about issues discussed today. Listenopenly. Engagecommit.

I will spread the word to my friends and peers the power of volunteering in growing our community. One step. One effort. Small steps for a great community.

I will commit to continue finding the voices that are not being heard. (Ambassador) Thanks!

I will continue to become more active in community development organizations.

I will take more of a place-based approach in my daily work with Design, PC, garden, and work.

I will be more proactive in my recruitment of volunteers. Be more intentional with the things in which I am involved.