Pray for Poland

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  • 1. Poland
  • 2. Poland is a country in Central Europe bordering Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. There are over 38 million people in Poland and the majority is Roman Catholic.
  • 3. Tragedy hit the nation on April 10 when Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, and more than 90 other dignitaries and top military officials died in a plane crash to Russia. Photo from
  • 4. Our church in Poland, Christ the King Church of Krakow, is being led by Prezemek and Magda Sielatyck.
  • 5. Prayer Points Pray for wisdom, grace, favor and protection for Pastor Przemek and Magda Sielatyck and for growth for our church in Poland. Pray for unity amongst the people in Poland. Pray for wisdom, humility and boldness for the Polish Prime Minister and his cabinet. Pray for Godly people in media to stand up as models so media would start informing instead of creating sensational news. Pray for true reconciliation between Poland and Russia. Pray for the youth in Poland and for a new, radical movement that would cause people to come to know Jesus Christ.