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Presentation Presentation. How to Present Your Ideas. Organization . Media is all organized. No technicalities occur during presentation. . Voice. Strong voice. Audible throughout the room. Confident in that which is being said. . Visuals. Generous color. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation Presentation

Presentation PresentationHow to Present Your IdeasNo this is not a typo. This is a presentation on how to give a presentation. Students should take notes and use all of these ideas in creating and presenting the best presentation possible. After the slide show they will be creating their own PowerPoint using tutorials found online. Again, they need to make sure to take notes and use them in their own presentation. 1Media is all organized. No technicalities occur during presentation. Organization

Slides should most likely be in the order of the scientific method. Students should go through the presentation as homework to verify that everything is working (slides, videos, etc).2Strong voice. Audible throughout the room. Confident in that which is being said. Voice

Students should practice presenting this PowerPoint with parents, friends, etc, prior to presenting in the class. They need to be confident (e.g. not looking at the floor or the board, eye contact, know the answers to most of the question that might be asked)3Generous color. Colors work well together. Link Organized into categories. Much use of technology in presentation. Visuals

Show students and discuss different color schemes in order to make the presentation look more visually pleasing. Discuss white, or empty space on a presentation and how there shouldnt be a lot of it. This photo is a well designed room. Discuss how there are 3 main colors (green, yellow and beige), not a lot of empty space and organized (not slopped everywhere). 4Confident in the information presented. Answers all of the evaluators questions. Preparation has been made prior to presenting.


They should know the information forward and backward. This is why the background research is so important. They might also want to include information on their project (i.e. the steps they took, notes taken, time, or events)5Computer LabSchool webpage contains links.PowerPoint TutorialsGetting StartedAdding a PictureAdding a GraphAdding a VideoCreate Your Own

Students will be going to the computer lab at school. On the class website are links to get to the different tutorials. Everyone should start with Getting started. From there, they my look at other tutorials or be creative in creating their own PowerPoint. 6