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Print Pages to PDF Complementos Para Firefox


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    Print pages to Pdf The Ripper

    Creates one Pdf from any amount of open Browsertabs,Bookmarks/-folder, Scrapbook(Plus)pages. This document can be archived, sended by e-mail or printed out with any standard PdfViewer.

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    Conoce al desarrollador: The RipperDescubre por qu se cre Print pages to Pdf y cul es el futuro de este complemento.

    Pgina principal de loscomplementos

    Sitio de asistenciaCorreo de soporte

    Versin 0.1 .9.3 InformacinAugust 25, 2013Publicado bajo Licenciapersonalizada

    Acerca de este complementoPrint Pages to Pdf gives you the ability to Convert selected Bookmarks (like Bookmarkfolder or a list of Bookmarks),open Browsertabs or, if installed Scrapbook(Plus) pages into one Pdf Document.

    Helpsite with detailed Informations about the AddOn:AddOn Homepage

    The view of the result can be changed with differen options (Papersize, margins etc.). Automatic creation of Outlinesis possible or it can be done manually. Headers- and Footers for every page can be provided.The webpages can be pre-edited so that they contain only text or you can delete unwanted content from it (e.gadvertising).

    Selection of Webpages can be done by Contextmenus at Bookmarks, Webpage and Scrapbooklist. The functions canalthogh accessed via the Extra Menu entry or a Button from the Toolbar. In addition is it possible to moveBookmarks, Links and Tabs per Drag and Drop into the open AddOn window.

    The AddOn does this work without sending any content over the Internet, the whole work ist done locally for privacyreasons. It is using the open Source library wkhtmltopdf with all its power and limitations.


    Converting a webpage to Pdf

    Converting all open tabs into a single pdf

    Converting a selection of Bookmarks into a single pdf

    Converting all links inside a Bookmark Folder into a single pdf

    Converting a selection of Scrapbook pages into a single pdf

    Converting all links inside a Scrapbook Folder into a single pdf

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    Print pages to Pdf :: Complementos para Firefox 24/02/2015 1 / 3

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    Converting links from external sources (Filesystem, Wordprocessor,..) into a single pdf

    Converting a mixture of links from the sources above into a single pdf

    Pure local processing, no Data is sent to other sites over the network full Privacy!

    Several options for formatting the otuput (e.g margins, page size, ....)

    Variaous Context menus for accessing the AddOns functionality

    Keyboard shortcut for accessing the AddOns functionality

    Toolbar button for accessing the AddOns functionality

    Retains links in the pdf from the content of webpages

    Supports local links for navigating in the webpage/pdf

    Supports outline feature of pdf (the navigation bar outside of the pdf document), creates an outline byheadlines.

    Supports a single Table of Content for the whole pdf with page numbering and local links for navigation

    Supports header and footers for the whole pdf or separate for individual webpages in the pdf.

    Ability to print text only

    Editing the outline and Table of Content

    Editing feature for removing unwanted content before converting

    Drag[&]Drop support

    Known Limitations:

    International characters (non ascii-Characters)

    Wkhtmltopdf has an actual limitation, that it is not possible to supply international characters (e.g. accentedcharacters) as parameters. This is the case for all strings that can be used in the Settings dialog (e.g. Title, Titleof toc, header and footer text). It doesn't have any influences to the converted content of webpages

    error:can't write to destination / non-ascii characters

    Version 0.1.7 .1 has a problem if the Firefox profile name contains non-ascii characters (probably the name wasused here).You find a beta Version that should fix this problem (Windows). If you wants to try it, you can use the Versionfrom here:Beta Version 0.1.7 .1bIt should update the previous Version, but on one machine I saw a problem with this (previous Version wasn'tuninstalled properly, so please check this, and if so uninstall manually).






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    por john fender el February 9, 2015 enlace permanente traducir

    The plugin when it's works, work fine. But it crash very very often, it's terribly anoying. I never seen that, its a juste ashame !

    It crashes a lot por petelinx el January 26, 2015 enlace permanente traducir

    Firefox 35. Now Windows 10 Technical Preview, a few days ago Windows 8.1.

    Great tool but still has its limitations por Mr Ducky el January 17, 2015 enlace permanente traducir

    A great tool to have around converting html and other pages on the web to PDF. Its fast, and easy to use.

    The only set backs as mentioned by other users is that it crashes quite often with Firefox and if there is a lot of pagesto process from what I have found, it is most likely to crash. I hope these setbacks will be resolved in the near future.


    bookmarks drucken lesezeichen pdf print scrapbook tabs

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    Print pages to Pdf :: Complementos para Firefox 24/02/2015 2 / 3

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    Print pages to Pdf :: Complementos para Firefox 24/02/2015 3 / 3

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    Print pages to Pdf The RipperConoce al desarrollador: The RipperAcerca de este complementoValoracionesPuntuado con 1 de 5 estrellasIt crashes a lot Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellasGreat tool but still has its limitations Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellasCategoras relacionadas

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