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  • NCTM Mission Statement The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a public voice of mathematics education, supporting teachers to ensure equitable mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students through vision, leadership, professional development, and research. (17th October, 2009)

  • NCTM Vision Statement

    The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a global leader and authority in mathematics education, ensuring that all students have access to the highest quality mathematics teaching and learning. We envision a world where everyone is enthused about mathematics, sees the value and beauty of mathematics, and is empowered by the opportunities mathematics affords.(25th October 25, 2008)

  • NCTM Foundational PrioritiesCurriculum, instruction, and assessmentProvide guidance and resources for developing and implementing mathematics curriculum, instruction, and assessment that are coherent, focused, well-articulated, and consistent with research in the field, and focused on increasing student learning.

    EquityAdvance knowledge about, and infuse in every aspect of mathematics education, a culture of equity where everyone is empowered by the opportunities mathematics affords.AdvocacyEngage in public and political advocacy to focus policymakers and education decision makers on improving learning and teaching mathematics.

    Professional DevelopmentProvide professional development to all stakeholders to help ensure all students receive the highest quality mathematics education.

    ResearchEnsure that sound research is integrated into all activities of the Council.

  • NCTMs Guiding PrinciplesA curriculum is more than a collection of activities: It must be coherent, focused on important mathematics, and well articulated across the grades.

  • NCTMs Guiding PrinciplesStudents must learn mathematics with understanding, actively building new knowledge from experience and prior knowledge. Learning mathematics with understanding is essential.

  • NCTMs Guiding PrinciplesThe topics studied in that curriculum must be taught and learned in an equitable manner in a setting that ensures that problem solving, reasoning, connections, communication, and conceptual understanding are all developed simultaneously along with procedural fluency.

  • NCTMs Guiding PrinciplesA national curriculum must include important mathematics. Content should include the following key content areas. Number and Operations with Procedural Fluency Algebra Geometry and Measurement Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

  • NCTM & CPD of TeachersNCTM is dedicated to providing professional development for teachers to ensure mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students.

  • Write for the School JournalsWe want to hear from you on topics that you know best.Many of our authors are practicing classroom teachers and others may be graduate students, professors, or staff developers.

  • Regional Conferences & ExpositionsRCs feature quality CPD throughout North America. Sessions and workshops are led by some of the best math teachers and math education experts. Engaging exhibits allow teachers to see, ask questions about, and purchase top products for teachers and students.

  • Improving Practice Thru ResearchNCTM is committed to improving K12 mathematics education by making stronger connections between practice and research.

  • Professional SupportThe National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a public voice of mathematics education, supporting teachers .

  • PERSAMA @ Malaysian Mathematical Sciences SocietyPersatuan Sains Matematik Malaysia (PERSAMA) telah ditubuhkan pada tahun 1970 oleh sekumpulan ahli yang berminat di Universiti MalayaKini Persatuan mempunyai jumlah ahli sekitar 300 orang yang terdiri daripada ahli akademik dan guru sekolah seluruh negara.

  • Misi PERSAMA Meletakkan sains matematik dan ilmuannya ke tahap yang unggul dalam pengartikulasian, pencanggihan, penerokaan, penyatuan ilmu dan pembinaan insan.

  • Matlamat PERSAMA Untuk mengekalkan status dan memajukan minat orang ramai terhadap bidang sains matematik.Untuk melaksanakan kemajuan dalam pengajaran sains matematik.Untuk menyediakan kaedah komunikasi antara pelajar, guru dan lain-lain yang berminat di dalam bidang matematik dan pengajaran matematik.

    Untuk memelihara minat dalam pengajaran dan penglibatan sains matematik serta kepenggunaannya.Untuk mengambil langkah-langkah yang difikirkan berguna bagi mengembang pandangan-pandangan persatuan berhubung dengan sebarang persoalan yang mempunyai kesan terhadap pembelajaran dan pengajaran sains matematik.

  • Olimpiad Matematik Kebangsaan (OMK) Seorang lelaki memandu pada kelajuan 90 km/j. Apabila menyedari dia telah terlewat, dia meningkatkan kelajuannya kepada 110 km/j dan melengkapkan perjalanannya sejauh 395 km dalam masa 4 jam. Berapa lamakah dia memandu pada kelajuan 90 km/j? A man was driving at 90km/h. Realizing that he was late, he increased his speed to 110km/h and completed his journey of 395 km in 4 hrs. For how long did he drive at 90 km/h?

  • The PERSAMA Forum It seems to me that this website doesn't get the right amount of attention from others. I'm sure if this website contain all the past year question of OMK and include some problem from foreign country such as APMO and IMO or at least Indonesia and Singapore, we would have cheerier website. We only open this website twice a year- to apply for OMK and to see the result. This is horrible, we must fill the heart of each and every one of this countryman with mathematics so our mathematics level can stand up as even as other countries. I hope Persama will do something.

  • The Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences SocietyThe Bulletin publishes research articles in all branches of mathematics. It is published by PERSAMAandUSM.It is published in one volume of three issues per year.

  • Malaysian ConferencesThis Conference aims to bring educators and researchers together to discuss and address issues in improving science and mathematics literacy, developing childrens ability to think scientifically and apply science and mathematical knowledge

  • Malaysian ConferencesPhilosophy of Mathematics and EthnomathematicsPedagogy in Mathematics Education Instructional Design and Technology in Mathematics Psychology of Teaching and Learning Mathematics


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