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  • 8/2/2019 Pros & Parenthood


    FEBRUARY 2012APRIL 2012

    Pros & ParenthoodMany of the issues female professional triathletes face

    when considering motherhood are universal. Others areunique to athletes, especial ly when a race-ready body

    is a job requirement. We chatted with a handful ofpros about their hopes, plans and choices regarding

    parenthood, and how these things t in and around theirtriathlon careers. Heres what they had to say.


    Nikki Buttereld (29), the 2011 Ironman 70.3

    Syracuse champion and fourth-place nisher at the prestigious2011 Hy-Vee 5150 U.S. Cham-pionship, and husband Tyler,also a professional triathleteand Olympian, are parents toinfant Savana Rose, born Dec.22, 2010. Nikkis athletic career began in triathlon, switched tocycling, and looped full-circleback to triathlon in 2011, a mere ve months after giving birth.

    Ive wanted to start a familysince I was very young. I justhad to wait until we werenttraveling as much and Tylerwas ready, too. The pull onme was getting stronger andstronger, and eventually itwas all I could think about. Ilove racing, training and try-ing to get the best out of my-self, but at the end of the dayits my job. My family is whatis most important to me. If

    I was racing now withoutSavana I think I would be veryunsatised with my life.

    Tyler always had in hismind that I would return totriathlon after we had Sava-na, but I didnt start to thinkabout it at all until late in mypregnancy. I had quite a fewcomplications before Savana,so all I cared about was hav-ing a healthy baby. I was onsemi-bed rest for the rst 16weeks of my pregnancy. Fromthen on I would walk two orthree times a week for half anhour and swim twice a week.The exercise was just to getout of the house and get somefresh air. I put on 40 pounds. After I had Savana I was dyingto shed my pregnancy weight,which is what got me out thedoor in those early days. Iwasnt motivated to get backto racing at allI just wantedto feel like myself again. Ididnt expect to race well

    for at least a year, but thenI jumped into an ITU race inEurope and nished second.

    My life is a balancing acin terms of spending timewith Savana and gettingin the training I need to becompetitive. I have my mo-ments where I dont want toleave her. I love to train but Ialways question if I am beinthe best mom I can be. Nowthat Savana is a year old, Ifeel much better about it.I remind myself that mostmoms would be fortunate toonly work part-time for therst year of their childs life.Its time for me to go back towork now. The days when Idont feel like training hard,that is my motivationtosave enough so I dont have twork if I dont want to whenwe have our next baby, andto achieve enough that I feelcontent with my career whenI choose to stop racing.

  • 8/2/2019 Pros & Parenthood

    2/360 APRIL 2012

    2010 Ironman Coeur dAlene champion

    Linsey Corbin (31) and her husband, Chris, have beentogether for 10 years, and areperfectly content with their family of three (including golden retriever Madison).

    I really enjoy the freedom of my pro triathlete lifestyle.There are things I want to ac-complishboth in my careerand for enjoyment, such astraveland Im not sure how achild would t into the picture.Mainly though, a big personal-ity trait of mine is that I amimpatient! I dont think I havewhat it takes to raise childrenand do a good job at it, whichis really scary to me. Just liketriathlon, I dont want to dosomething and only do it half-way. Its all or nothing. I dontthink Im prepared to be in theall category as a mother.

    I simply dont have thatmaternal instinct. Peopleinsist this will come overtime, but Ill be honestit justisnt there. Chris and I havealways been on the samepage regarding what we wantour future to look like, andraising a family hasnt been apart of that. We both love tobe around kids, though. Theysay the darndest things andthey make you appreciate thesmall things in life. I hope allmy friends keep being mamasso I can be a great auntie tothem all!

    I dont feel as muchpressure to have kids asyou would expect. Timesare changing for sure, andwomen are having childrenmuch later in life. If anything,the reaction I hear is: You willchange your mind. Perhapsthis is true, but for right now Idont see it happening.

    2010 Ironman WorldChampion Mirinda

    Carfrae (31) is certain shewants to add the title of mother to her rsumonceher racing career has wrapped.

    Im super close with my youngniece and nephews, so I cantwait to have my own littleones. I stay with them whenIm home in Brisbane and itreally is nonstop action withthose three beauties runningaround. It gets a bit crazy butI absolutely love it!

    For that exact reason, Iplan on waiting until Im doneracing to have kids. I havehuge respect for people whocan do bothI nd it amaz-ing actually! I seriously donot understand how anyonecan juggle that much at once.Trying to balance the training,recovery, nutrition and racingalone is pretty full-on. Kidsare the same, except you alsohave to be super-exible. Theirschedules and needs changeall the time. I know myself wellenough to know that I couldntpossibly handle it all simulta-neously. I cant even imagineit! Im more the type who justtries to do one thing at a timevery well. For now Ill stick tobeing a world champion ath-letelater hopefully I can be aworld champion mom.

    Becky Lavelle (37) gave birthto daughter Caitlin on June15, 2010, during a brief hiatus from her highly decorated triathlon career.

    You dont realize what youremissing out on until youhave a child! Its fun to watchher grow and share lifesadventures with her. Thereare challenges that come withthe territoryI dont have asmuch time to myself, travel-ing is more di ffi cult and therecan be more stress in certainsituationsbut they are faroutweighed by the benets.

    I dont have quite as muchtime to train, as Im with Cait-lin full-time, but it has mademe focus more on quality vs.quantity. I make the most of every workout. Going throughthe pregnancy has made me

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  • 8/2/2019 Pros & Parenthood