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  • Specialists in Film, Theatre & Training

    Prospectus 2018

    RAaW KIDS 8 week course Acting for screen Short films

    This company has it exactly right... Bravo to everyone involved. London Theatre review


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    Part time film and theatre actor training company.

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    RAaW London (formerly YPTC) has nurtured talent in the heart of Camden for 15 years. We attract brave, unique and raw actors with coaches as ambitious and passionate as the people we serve.

    We offer very affordable actor training and every last penny we make goes straight back into building up the training and platforming the students in film and theatre. We respond quickly to change, adapting our teaching and course content yearly.

    We teach in groups of no more than fourteen, to ensure that there is plenty of time for individual attention. Coaches differ with every schedule change to allow students to develop flexibility and confidence in many different styles.

    about us We aim to train down to earth, committed and passionate actors to a level so they can audition and operate in the industry with integrity and professionalism.

    Other parts of RAaW London include RAaW Training, Films, Theatre, Showreels, Agency, Workshops, Charity and more. We produce feature and short films, music videos, documentaries, show reels, voice reels, straight plays, musicals and showcases as well as having a Foundation for humanitarian work.

    Training at RAaW helped me massively! We learnt various techniques that are not taught anywhere else, like the Stevens technique - working on my animal - it felt crazy but it made my so solid and real. It is great working with a group of such talented and wonderful people.

    Actress Rina Diamond

    A note from the Artistic Director

    I want you to find who you are, not who you are expected to be. We will help you walk your own road to find your real animal. If a successful acting career was guaranteed, there would be no point in your journey and none of the important bits about you would be answered... keep it simple and don’t get caught up in the ‘carnival’ of this business. Use your killer instinct to achieve your dreams and goals.

    Robbi Stevens The Stevens Technique Founder, Director, Producer of RAaW

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    RAaW bring out confidence and creativity in everyone. The passion and energy within the company is wonderful, giving everyone a positive drive forward. Exceptional talented young people.

    Casting Director Kate Evans CDA

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    Our ethos We create a space to allow actors to transform and evolve through both radical and traditional methods. One of our aims is for actors to tap into their own vital force which will serve them not only as an actor, but as a person. RAaW Kids is about finding truth in performance in a non-stagey way and about having fun in a safe environment.

    course information

    Auditions and entry into RAaW KIDS Parents must first fill out an application form. On receipt of this, a place on the course will be offered. The audition is not a traditional type audition. It is based on the first session, which is essentially a trial run for both the child and RAaW.

    We are looking for potential, so experience is not essential, however we are also looking for children who can focus, take direction, be a good team member and have fun! If successful after the first week, we will ask you to join the course.

    Attendance and punctuality policy RAaW operates an extremely strict attendance policy. If you take more than one week off in the 8 weeks you will be asked to leave. Your punctuality is recorded and displayed. Although some of the aims of the course is for the children to have fun and gain life skills, it is also results driven. We pride ourselves in creating and producing work of a high standard, which we cannot do this if actors are not there.

    To film or not to film You do not have to do a film to do the course. You can just attend the course and learn the techniques, which is the heart of the course anyhow. Instead of rehearsing film scenes, you will do improvisation for screen.

    If you do decide to do a film, there is an added cost to pay for it (see page X). You will be working with Victoria Howell – an award winning writer, who will be coaching you every week and writing around your type and age etc. You will be in a film with an actor in your group or from the older group within RAaW Training.

    If you are thinking of carving out a career in screen, it is now quite important to have a showreel or footage to platform your work – even as a child.

    Please email to book a place

    The coaches, writers, producers, directors and crew All of our professionals work in the industry and have over twenty years and a wealth of experience in coaching acting and film making. The coaches on RAaW KIDS 8 week course are:

    Robbi Stevens

    Kandice Morris

    Victoria Howell

    Erim Metto

    Jade Nesbitt

    Isidora Fairhurst

    Brogan Romano


    The course content

    The Stevens Technique

    Street dance

    Acting with truth

    Film Acting



    Script Analysis

    Scene Study

    Stage versus screen

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    RAaW has given me unique ways to not only discover my strengths as an actor but also who I am as a person. RAaW is family to me. The dedicated and professional teaching staff never let us settle on less than our ‘very best’.

    BAFTA nominated Jack Rowan

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    details about the course Day: Saturdays

    Time: 12:15pm – 2:45pm

    Venue: United Reformed Church Hall Buck Street Camden NW1 8NJ

    Course Dates: Summer Term: 12th May until 30th June 2018 Spring Term: 9th Feb until 30th March 2019

    Filming Dates: Summer Term: 14th or 15th July 2018 Spring Term: 6th or 7th April 2019

    Payment: Pay up front for the whole course, or in two blocks of 4 weeks.

    Course fees £120 for the full course

    The place to go if you want to better yourself as an actor, learn new skills, make friends for life, or simply just have fun. The knowledge and experience this place hold across the board of coaches and actors is outstanding. Be prepared to work hard and reap the benefits tenfold. Can’t recommend it enough.

    Sophia La Porta Actor

    Filming days You will not be needed for both days of filming, however we will only know which day closer to the time when the schedule has been done.

    Locations We will not know where the locations for filming are until closer to the time, however it will be in London.

    Finished product RAaW commits to delivering the films via WeTransfer within 3 months of filming.

    The cost of the film A film of 1.25 minutes long is £150. If there are two actors in it (most likely scenario), the amount each actor has to pay is £75. If there are three actors it is £50. Payment is due 4 weeks before filming.

    Extra costs

    Locations A lot of locations don’t have a cost attached, however if there is a charge, actors/parents will know about it in advance. Therefore decisions about this can be made before committing to the cost – almost always in the pre-production phase whilst writing the film.

    Music composed from scratch If you want music composed by a composer then the cost will be extra. RAaW has a big music library and we know how to access royalty free music on line, so it is not always vital to have original music, or music at all in the films.

    Showreels There is an additional charge if you want actual showreels edited.

    Details about the films and filming

  • Patrons: Sir Derek Jacobi, Zoe Wanamaker, Juliet Stevenson, Tamzin Outhwaite, Jessie Wallace, Danny John Jules and Tamer

    Contact us: 020 8257 6477

    Camden Holy Trinity United Reformed Church Halls Buck Street Camden NW1 8NJ