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  1. 1. 1Working off the grid of which the 2surrounding context adheres to, thedesign of the library utilizes a3skewed version of the grid in plan.The grid is pinched and pivoted into4a form of six wedges. From there the5building comes alive by sliding backand forth to give a sense of excitement 6similar to being engulfed in a novel.The interior reinforces the movementof the wedge forms by the play of thefloor plates which create multiplelevel ceiling heights. The openness of1the floor plans allow its users to see2others interacting with the building3thus continuing the play of motion. 456skew the grid shifting floor plates
  2. 2. floor_2floor_1 floor_3floor plans
  3. 3. third floor stacks
  4. 4. third floor perspective
  5. 5. lobby
  6. 6. exterior entry