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  1. 1. QualityCustom CMM Fixtures: The picture above is for an automotive tensioner body; which has an annual demand of 300,000 units.In-Machine Probing: The part pictured above, contains over 40 tapped holes, which use over 6 different taps. In order to reduce scrap parts, GPI has implemented in-machine Renishaw probing.Custom Machining Fixtures: To efficiently machine products, GPI custom designs fixtures; to trace parts by nests and operations.Where The Rubber Meets The RoadGPI is an ISO/TS 16949 certified manufacturer that specializes in high quality, large volume projects.Customized Equipment & ProcessesAt GPI we understand that every partner of ours has different quality requirements, whether it is custom gauging, first piece inspection, in process inspection, customized job routers, etc. We are here to manufacture your project, to your requirements.Process FlowEngineering creates a process flow, which indicates what features will be created by number, at each step in the process. Visually showing the steps in the process and the features that are impacted during each step.Quality ChecksAt every possible point during the products development we have implemented a series of checks that will ensure your product is being created at the optimum level. Through a series of; Systematic operator gauge checks Secondary source gauge checks Custom CMM reports QC Random verification testingQuality Protocol : Eliminating ErrorsUtilizing these quality protocols along with systematic quality checks, insures the best possible quality containment. SPC CP MSA PF PPAP APQP PFMEA

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