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RECENTLY DECEASED: John Hardy, Don Harris, Deborah Carolan · PDF file Requiem for John Hardy at 11.00am on Tuesday 29th August at St Theresa’s ANNIVERSARIES: ST THERESA’S:

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Text of RECENTLY DECEASED: John Hardy, Don Harris, Deborah Carolan · PDF file Requiem...

  • RECENTLY DECEASED: John Hardy, Don Harris, Deborah Carolan, Michael Linnett,

    Alan Stirk, David Bulmer, Joan Wells Requiem for John Hardy at 11.00am on Tuesday 29th August at St Theresa’s

    ANNIVERSARIES: ST THERESA’S: Martin Keating, Eric Moore, Liz Heath,

    Steve Woods, Alice Staines, Cy Worth, Jack MacDonald, Elizabeth Heneberg.

    Tony Muller, Paddy Taylor, Bill Feely,Ethel Anderson, Michael Boulter,

    Ruth Sutcliffe, Mavis Batty, Sheila Elliott, Brenda Kay SACRED HEART: Drew and Bob Anderson, Patrick Ong

    OUR SICK: ST THERESA’S: Fr. John Bland, Fr. John Daley, Joan Sage, Anna Hardy,

    James Lingham, Chrissie Warner, Carol Greet, Pat Murray, Peter Collard, Mary Pick, Patrick Bishop, Lillian Payne, SACRED HEART: Shelia Cooper, Mary Bullock, Carolyn Hanley, Margaret Greiff, Marina

    Anandappa, Bella Emmanuel, David Hammond, Matthew Hatton, Dennis Hargreaves, Brian Healey, Matthew Hewitson, David Griffiths, Clem Jansen, Hannah Johnston, Norah Miller, Christina Prioretti, Karen Mc Neelance, Anna Ibanez, Ronald Metcalfe ROTAS WELCOMERS: Sat 6.30pm: Ruth Skinner (next week: Len Leggett)

    Sun 9.30am Anthony Cross (next week: Helen Astill)

    READERS: Sat. 6.30pm St Theresa’s: Daphne & Gail O’Byrne (next week: Guy Silk &

    Karisa Kremar) Sun.9.30am St. Theresa’s: Eliza & Gordon (next week: Children) . Sun 11:00am Sacred Heart: Family Mass (next week: Richard)

    OFFERTORY PROCESSION: D’Silva Family (next week: Children)


    St. Theresa’s: Jenny Keel & Chrissie Warner & Helen Gaskin (next week: Kate Cross) Sacred Heart: Richard & Marie (next week: Carol & Bernard)

    COUNTERS: Daphne & Margaret (next week: Rosemary & Gerald Camp)

    NEWSLETTER TYPING: Judith (next week: Brenda) CHILDREN’S LITURGY: St Theresa’s: No Liturgy (next week: Childrens Mass)

    Sacred Heart: No Liturgy (next week: Luisa) CLEANING:

    St Theresa’s: Helen, Kate, Chris (next week: Julie, Ruth, Catherine) Sacred Heart: Veronica (next week: Veronica)

    FLOWERS: St Theresa’s: Jenny Keel (next week: Daphne)

    Sacred Heart: Danuta (next week: Danuta)

    RECONCILIATION “Be courageous and go to

    confession! Jesus will receive you;

    he will receive you with so much

    love” (Pope Francis)

    Every Saturday 11.00 am

    Weekly Devotions Wednesdays after Mass until

    10.00am at St. Theresa’s Friday 9.30am at Sacred Heart

    Newsletter: Requests for items to be included in the newsletter should reach the presbytery by Wednesday

    morning if possible please.

  • St. Theresa’s, Birstall & Sacred Heart, Rothley Fr. Saji Dominic

    Deacon Peter Astill

    The Presbytery,

    53 Front Street, Birstall, Leicester. LE4 4DQ. Tel: 0116 2929 939

    Email: [email protected]

    Mass Times and Intentions SATURDAY – Feria 6.30pm St. Theresa’s Don Harris (RIP) `

    SUNDAY – Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time 9.15am St Theresa’s Angelus and Rosary 9.30am St Theresa’s John Hardy (RIP) 11.00am Sacred Heart Drew & Bob Anderson (RIP)

    MONDAY – St. Augustine, Bishop & Doctor of the Church 9.00am St. Theresa’s Mass

    TUESDAY – The Passion of Saint John the Baptist 9.15am Sacred Heart Mass 11.00am St Theresa’s Requiem for John Hardy WEDNESDAY – Dedication of Saint Barnabas Cathedral 9.00am St Theresa’s Breda Whelan (RIP) THURSDAY – Feria

    FRIDAY – Feria 9.30am Sacred Heart Adoration 10.00am Sacred Heart Mass 7.00 pm St. Theresa’s John Hardy (RIP) SATURDAY – Feria 4.00 pm St Theresa’s Baptism of Catherine Mary Cather & Elizabeth Rose Cather 6.30 pm St Theresa’s Mass SUNDAY –Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 9.15am St Theresa’s Angelus and Rosary 9.30am St Theresa’s Michael Linnett (RIP) 11.00am Sacred Heart Mass

    21st Sunday in Ordinary


    27th August 2017

    Divine Office

    Week 1

    Mass book

    Page 66


    St Theresa’s Lucy Joyce

    Sacred Heart John Mumford

  • First Holy Communion The First Holy Communion Programme is soon to start again in the parish. If your child is in Year 3 and you feel that they are ready to start the programme this year, there will be an initial parents meeting at Bishop Ellis School on Tuesday 12th September at 6pm. The First Communion programme is organised both in the

    Parish and with the school. Even if your child attends another school and you want them to make their First Holy Communion in the parish you are still invited to this meeting. If you have an further questions please contact Fr Saji or Leanne Graham-Brown

    Parish Council Meeting Thank you to all who attended the Parish Council Meeting on the 18th August. Next Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 25th October at Sacred Heart.

    Retired Priests Fund £34,228.00 was our contributed figure we were asked to raise back in 2012. So far, we have only raised £13,600.67 (£9590.00 was in the last 2 years). We have to raise the outstanding balance of £20,627.33. We will continue holding second collections for this appeal. However, if you have any ideas – for example, sponsored walk, bike ride etc. and can offer yourself, or if you feel you can make a donation for this, please speak to Fr. Saji. The sooner we raise the balance, the sooner we can concentrate on other things.

    ‘Devoted to the teaching of the Apostles’ (Acts 2:42) Are there, among the baptised adults of Leicestershire, ten men or women who are, or would like to become, consolidated in their commitment to Scripture and could see a value in associating together in weekly 90-minute sessions on Saturdays at 10.15am in St. Peter’s parish hall, 21 Hinckley Road, LE3 0TA? If so, Fr. Anthony Pateman would like to hear from you: [email protected]

    Faith in Family boxes It is now time for the contents of the boxes to be counted. If you have a box, please could you return it so that this can be carried out.

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Sunday 1st October at 10am. St Theresa’s Feast Day Bishop Patrick will be saying mass. There will be refreshments in the hall afterwards. Please note there will not be a Saturday evening 6.30 Mass at St Theresa’s or 11.00 am mass at Sacred Heart.

    Tuesday October 24th – 7pm – 9.30pm Ploughmans Supper with live music by ‘Old Gold’. Wine available by the glass to purchase. Entry by ticket only £7.50 available from Helen Astill, Daphne and Hazel at Rothley.

    Sunday 26th November at 7.00pm Ibstock Brick Brass Band: There will be another concert in St Theresa’s. Pay on the door.

    Saturday 2nd December 10am – 2pm Christmas Bazaar: Joint event between our two churches

    Bishop’s Certificate in Catechesis Course The purpose of the course is to support and enable the catechists (and those who want to know more) in the Diocese of Nottingham to pass on the Catholic faith with effectiveness and confidence by providing appropriate training and formation opportunities. The course aims to cover: the essential fundamentals of the faith; basics skills for cate