Registering for your 11 th Grade Classes

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Registering for your 11 th Grade Classes. At Irvington. Updated : 2/2014. Registration form is due to your English teacher February 28 th !. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Your Irvington Transcript

Registering for your 11th Grade ClassesAt IrvingtonUpdated: 2/2015Your CounselorsA-F: Ms. Velazco

G-Lo: Ms. Bennett

Lu-Sa: Ms. Mintey

Sc-Z: Ms. SerranoBest ways for Students to contact a counselor:Counselors are available during lunch and after school for student walk-ins.

Face to face contact with counselors is encouraged as it is a great way for students to get to know their counselor.

Students can request an appointment time (by seeing their counselor during lunch/after school or by e-mail) if the issue necessitates longer than a brief meeting.

Irvington.orgVisit the Counselors Corner and the College and Career Center online for answers to many frequently asked questions

College and Career Center:SAT info and test prep optionsCalendar showing upcoming visits from college repsCollege requirement infoFinancial aid informationCollege application informationCareer informationMilitary informationSummer opportunitiesScholarship informationAnd more!!Where to go for additional

Counselors Corner:Important announcementsPowerPoints/ FAQsResources for students struggling academicallyCommunity resources4 year planCollege Planning ChecklistIrvington course offeringsRegistration informationGraduation reqs/college entrance reqsA-g listAnd more!

NavianceNaviance helps with college and career planning. College/major search, career surveys, career information, matching capabilities, resume builder, goal-setting, etc.Scroll down to find the Naviance info page.Helpful Programs:Shmoop

Free access to -SAT/ACT/PSAT/AP/DMV/CAHSEE exam prep including practice tests and drills -Essay lab to help students write essays (including college entrance) -Study guides for many subjectsTo sign up:

magic word: ELUANTTranscripts

Make sure everything is correct.Review all classes and gradesClasses cannot be repeated for credit per district policy (You cannot receive credit if you take Spanish 1 twice and have passed both times). An NA will eventually show up on your transcript for the repeated class.

Work in progressNo rank listed. Irvington does not rank.Overall GPA: All classes listed on your transcript. It is not weighted.Calculating your GPAOverall GPA (non-weighted): Add all semester grades on your transcript together. Divide the total by the number of semester courses.Grades are assigned point values:

A = 4 pointsB = 3 pointsC= 2 pointsNC= 0 points*I grades are temporary and are not factored into the GPA.Weighted GPA: individual private universities vary in the way they calculate weighted GPA for admissions. UC/CSU GPA: Use only grades received in a-g classes from 10th and 11th grade. Add an extra point for each semester AP course or transferable college course ( with a maximum of 8 extra points. Honors classes do not receive an extra point. Calculator:

Credit SummaryReq:Credits requiredRec: Credits received/completedIn-Prog: Credits in progress for the second semester.Credit Summary for GraduationSched: Credits you are scheduled to take next semester (0 at this time for all students).Need*: Credits still needed to earn a diploma.*Credits that are in progress and scheduled are considered as received when looking at what credits are still needed.Credits at IrvingtonStudents earn 5 credits per semester class.

Most students take 6 classes per semester.

5 credits per class X 6 classes = 30 credits per semester / 60 credits per year

60 credits per year X 4 years = 240 credits

230 credits are required to graduate

Semester grades are the only grades listed on the transcript.

Computer: Not required at Irvington, instead you are required to have 75 elective credits75 English: 40 credits required. You should have 15 at the beginning of second semester. Area b CTE/Fine Art/ World Language: You need 10 credits of a Fine Art OR World Language OR CTE (ROP) class to graduate. You should have 10. CSU/UC: A yearlong Art class (Area f) AND at least level 2 of a language (Area e) are needed. Graduation and CSU/UC a-g Requirements Math: 30 credits required including BOTH semesters of Algebra 1 (Okay if completed in 7th or 8th grade). You should have 15 at the beginning of second semester. CSU/UC: At least Geometry and Algebra 2. Geometry taken in 7th or 8th grade counts. Area c Electives: 75 credits required. Any class taken after a subject requirement is met is counted as an elective (Ex: Your 3rd year of science counts as an elective). Area g

75Graduation and CSU/UC Requirements continued PE: 20 credits required. You should have 15 at the beginning of second semester. Science: 20 credits required. You should have 15 at the beginning of second semester. CSU/UC: Prefer Biology and Chemistry/Biotechnology Area d Social Studies: 30 credits required. You should have 5 at the beginning of second semester. Earned from World History in 10th, US History in 11th, and Gov/Econ in 12th. Area aYou should have 80 credits at the beginning of second semester to be on track. Health: 5 credits required. You should have 5 by the end of 9th grade.

Know Irvingtons a-g list class at Irvington that fulfills an a-g subject requirement for CSU and UC admission can be found on this list.Credit RecoveryContracts: Students that earn an I in a class should talk with their teacher about receiving and completing a contract to earn 5 credits. If you do not complete a contract, the grade changes to an NC.

Add a 0 period for next year course offerings: 0 period PE and American Sign Language

Add a 7th period for next year course offerings: Stagecraft and Marching Band

Summer School: Students can make-up 10 credits in summer school. It is the students responsibility to register for summer school. Students can obtain a registration form from their counselor usually in late March.

Adult School: Has a Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter. Students can take 2 classes (10 credits total) per quarter (Available for 11th and 12th graders).

Robertson High School: Consider Robertson as an option for graduation. Robertson requires fewer credits to graduate and students can complete classes in an accelerated manner, earning more than 60 credits per year. See your counselor ASAP if you need to make-up credits.

What Happens if you dont Pass your Classes?12th graders transcriptStudent failed 35 credits in 9th grade and 40 credits in 10th grade.To graduate, he spent 594 hours in Adult School classes during 11th and 12th grade and 360 hours in summer school.Resources for students that are struggling find on under counseling tab

Like after school tutoring in the career center on Wednesdays from 2:30-4:00More Graduation RequirementsNeed to Pass BOTH portions of the High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). Students take this exam for the first time in March of their 10th grade year. Your score will show on your transcript once you have passed.Need 40 hours of community service. Your hours are posted on your transcript.

Service Hours****New This Year**** Servicekarma.comClick here to get started. Everyone needs to create a new account. Service hours are being transferred from the old system beginning with 12th graders.There is an app available. Search Apple or Google Play: ServiceKarma (one word)See Mr. Lewis in rm 212 if you have questions.Graduation Reqs Versus UC/CSU ReqsHealth- 5 creditsPE- 20 creditsFine Art OR World Language or CTEFine Art AND World LanguageANDOR(Digital Drawing, Arts Spectrum, Social Dance, Culinary Arts, and Creative Writing are NOT fine art classes)Algebra 1 + 20 more credits of mathAlgebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 (minimum)CAHSEESAT or ACTWhat are the main differences?Social Science- 30 creditsSocial Science- sameScience- 20 creditsScience- 20 credits (prefer Bio and Chem/Biotech)Electives: 75 credits required. Any class taken after a subject requirement is met is counted as an elective (Ex: Your 3rd year of science counts as an elective).40 hours of community serviceWhere do Irvington Students go to College?30% attend community colleges (Ohlone and DeAnza are most popular with our students)

26% attend a University of California (UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, etc.)

17% attend a California State University (San Jose State, CSU East Bay, etc.)

24% attend other 4 year universities including private California colleges as well as private and public out of state colleges.*7% of the class of 2014 are attending Top 100 colleges as determined by U.S. News and World Report (Stanford, New York University, etc.)

2% military/vocational schools

California College SystemsTypes of CollegesCommunity CollegesCalifornia State Universities (CSU)University of California (UC)Independent CollegesCampuses133: Ohlone, De Anza, Chabot, Las Positas, San Jose City, Evergreen, Foothill, etc.23 CSUs: East Bay, San Jose State, San Francisco, Monterey Bay, Sonoma, Los Angeles, etc.10 UCs: Berkeley, Davis, San Francisco, Irvine, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Merced, Santa Cruz, San Diego, RiversideNote: UC San Francisco is a medical center and currently is not providing bachelor degrees.76 members: Stanford, University of Santa Clara, University of San Francisco, Mills College, University of the Pacific, etc.Websiteswww.cccco.eduwww.cccapply.orgwww.calstate.eduwww.csumentor.eduwww.universityofcalifornia.eduwww.aiccu.eduwww.californiacolleges.eduNature of programsTwo-Year SchoolsComplete courses for the first 2 years of a bachelors degree transferable to UC and CSUVocational programsEnrichment and job skills classesFour-Year Schools with Graduate ProgramsVarious majors and programsBachelors degreesMasters degreesTeaching credentialsFour-Year Schools with Graduate ProgramsVarious majors and programsBachelors degreesMasters degreesDoctorate and Professional degrees

Two and Four-Year Schools, some with Graduate ProgramsVarious majors and academic programs are offered at each campus. Check college websites or catalogues.California College Systems ContinuedTypes of CollegesCommunity CollegesCalifornia State Universities (CSU)University of California (UC)Independent CollegesFreshmen RequirementsNo subject requirements. Must be a high school graduate or 18 years of age.

Some programs have pre-requisite requirements. Check college websites or catalogues.See slide on a-g requirements.See slide on a-g requirements.Requirements vary by school. Check college websites or catalogues.TestsMath and English assessment tests are required for new students in order to be placed at the correct skill level.

These tests are not used to exclude students. Tests are given after an application is submitted, usually followed by an orientation, counseling, and enrollment into classes.ACT (writing section not required)


SAT Reasoning Test

ELM- Entry Level Math TestEPT- English Placement Test (These tests are not used for admission purposes)ACT plus writing


SAT Reasoning Test

Recommended: Certain SAT Subject tests are recommended for certain majors. Check with interested colleges for specific information.Some schools may require the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT plus writing and/or SAT Subject Tests. Check college websites or catalogues for specific test requirements.

Community Colleges112 campuses located throughout California (Ohlone, DeAnza, Chabot and Mission College are the closest to Fremont)Total enrollment: 2.4 million studentsRequirements: 18 years old OR have a high school diplomaTypes of programs:Complete 60 units (2 years on average) for an AA/AS degree which can transfer to a 4 year university (transfer to a 4 year university as a junior)Vocational programs (nursing, pharmacy tech, massage therapy, early childhood education, automotive technology, etc.)Enrichment classes and classes to develop skills (English classes, computer classes, etc.)Nearly 50% of students that graduate from the UC system started at a community college*Percent is higher in STEM MajorsSAT Reasoning Test:


Visit the College and Career Centers webpage on for information on the PSAT and test prep options.PSAT: Standardized test that provides firsthand practice for the SAT. It also gives 11th graders a chance to enter NMSC scholarship programs and gain access to college and career planning tools.

The PSAT is offered every October. It is reserved for 11th graders. Additional CSU and UC RequirementsFinancial AidFinancial aid consists of funds provided to students and families to help pay for college.

Types of Financial Aid:

Grants: Free money that does not have to be paid back. They are usually awarded based on financial need.

Scholarships: Free money that does not have to be paid back. Awarded based on merit, a special skill or interest, or need. Check the College and Career Centers webpage for more information.

Loans: Money that parents and students borrow that does have to be paid back.

Students and Parents apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) during the students12th grade year. form is due to your English teacher February 27th! Students will be meeting with their counselor individually to have their course requests entered, and will have the opportunity to ask questions at that time.

If there is a possibility you might not be at IHS next year, register for classes anyway so you have a spot in the event you stay.

Step 1: Choose a family. The classes included in the family are listed in each box (must have teacher signature for honors families). If you are applying to an academy, you have to complete an application (new applicants only). Go to under the programs tab.Family Coordinators: SHAPE: Ms. Kammerer: ITA: Mr. Albizo: Ms. Friend: Ms. Burton

English: Students MUST have their current teacher sign their registration form if they are registering for ANY AP class.

US History: Every 11th grade student must take US History. Students MUST have their current teacher sign their registration form if they are registering for ANY AP class.

Math: Students MUST have their current teacher sign their registration form for ANY MATH CLASS. See suggested math sequence sheet for recommended class.

Science: (not required for graduation. Skip if you have completed the graduation requirement and are choosing to not take a science class during 11th grade). Most science classes have grade prerequisites. Check the Course Options Form. See suggested science sequence sheet for recommended class.

11th grade students cannot take more than ONE math course or more t...


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