Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

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DESCRIPTION | Valentines Day is a wonderful reason to spoil your significant other with jewelry and other gifts! Here are a few creative ideas to show your love on February 14th.


  • TRY A COOKING CLASS If you or your significant other love to cook, or are looking to hone your

    kitchen skills, try a cooking class!

    Many local grocery stores,

    restaurants, or even community

    colleges host classes to learn new

    techniques. Look for couples classes,

    or institutions that offer discounts

    for two. Now all you need to do is

    figure out how to slip a stunning

    gold quartz ring

    into her apron

    when she

    isnt looking.

  • Look for new exhibits at

    your local museum for a

    cultured night out. Many

    museums offer extended

    hours one night of the

    week so you and your

    loved one dont need to

    plan for a date during the

    day. After taking it all in,

    discuss your favorite

    pieces over drinks and see

    where the night leads.


  • For couples that have their fill of late nights

    at the office, or busy networking events

    during the week, plan to spend a relaxing

    night in together for Valentines Day.

    Pamper one another in style, all from the

    comforts of your abode! Start with a

    homemade dinner, followed by drinks and

    dessert. Then snuggle up for a movie,

    bubble bath, or even some slow dancing in

    the living room. To go above and beyond,

    surprise her with a gift shell cherish for

    years, like a classic silver

    diamond pave

    station bracelet.




    Recall your first Valentines

    Day (or other notable

    date) together as a couple,

    and recreate the itinerary

    as closely as possible.

    Keep your destinations a

    secret between each stop

    to keep her guessing. For

    added flair, plan for a limo

    to drive you to each


  • GET


    Two words: couples massage. Visit your local spa for the

    works, including body wraps, steam baths, and facials. Many

    spas offer couples treatments so you can indulge

    simultaneously. Book a private room and enjoy a date thats

    calming, relaxing, and rejuvenating.


    Take a night on the town to the next level with an intricately

    planned scavenger hunt. Start with a limo ride to retrieve

    your first clue, and then hop around town, picking up clues

    and gifts on the way. You could start, for example, at her

    favorite restaurant then travel to the campus where you first

    met, and end up at the auditorium where you saw your first

    concert and exchanged that first kiss. With each stop,

    unveil a bigger gift. For example, starting with a basic silver

    ring as part of your first clue, and finishing with an

    immaculate 18K white gold Glacier Ice pendant.

  • They say chocolate is an aphrodisiac, and what better

    holiday to find out? Have a relaxing night in with a

    movie and a custom dessert bar with all your favorites.

    Chocolate covered strawberries, rich red velvet cake,



    and luscious ice cream parfaits are some ideas to keep things festive.

    Remember, youll earn extra points if the desserts are homemade with love!

  • PLAN A


    Still cant find the perfect gift? A weekend getaway is

    always in style for Valentines Day! Pick a new locale, or

    visit a destination that youve been to together. Shell be

    even more excited to depart after you sneak a pair of

    opal earrings into her luggage!

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