Romantic Date Ideas: Keeping It Simple

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  • Romantic Date Ideas: Keeping It Simple

    The more one-on-one time you can spend with your loved one, the more time you will have

    to bond and to get more intimate with one another. What makes a romantic date you may

    ask. When you are thinking of this question, remember 3 simple ways to classify a romantic

    date. It is generally a romantic date idea if you are with your partner one-on-one, you get the

    chance to talk and learn about each other, and if you become closer because of it.

    The first way to decide if a date is a romantic date idea is to ask the question are you alone

    with your date. There are situations where a date can be romantic with a group of people, but

    most of the time, you want a romantic date to be just the two of you. Having a family night

    where it is you, your partner, and your kids, or a friends night where you leave the kids with

    the sitter and go out with your friends are two great ways to bond with people you care a lot

    about. However, there are some times that you just have to explain to everyone that you

    need time out from everyone but that special person. This helps to bring a closeness that just

    doesnt happen around other people.

    Another way to determine the "romanticness" of a date is to know whether you will get the

    chance to talk and learn more about each other. Going on a roller coaster ride sounds like a

    very fun date, but it would not be the first date that I would classify as a romantic date idea.

    Screaming down a coaster track may be a way to have a great time, but romance might be

    lacking from the equation. If you were to go out to a dinner or a nice quiet picnic after the

    amusement park, that is a way to get romance into the situation. Laying on a blanket beneath

    the stars or eating over soft candlelight are two dates that first pop to mind when thinking of


    One other way to decide whether you have a romantic date idea is to determine whether you

    will be closer emotionally to your partner. A romantic date doesnt have to be a fancy dinner

    and expensive wine. Romance can happen when you are eating hot dogs from a hot dog

    vendor in a park. It can happen shopping for groceries at a local supermarket. In other words,

    it is not the setting that determines whether a date is romantic or not. The outcome is much

    more important in concluding whether or not a date is romantic.

    A romantic date idea is generally easy to recognize. First, you must be able to get alone with

    the one you love. This means, no kids, no friends, and no other family. Secondly, find out

    whether or not you will have a chance to talk and get emotionally closer to each other. The

    third thing that can help determine whether or not a date is romantic is the outcome of the

    date. When emotional closeness is the outcome of a date, no matter what other factors are

    involved the date has been successfully romantic.

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