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  • Introduction2013 Major international sporting event14 international teams taking partStrategic towns and citiesEconomic impact of hosting one team and three matches in Warrington -accommodation spend 610,150 -non accommodation spend 779,700 -match specific income 1,075,000

  • More than just a gameThe Rugby Football League were looking for A place that people will want to come to Facilities for teams and visitorsPromotion of Rugby LeagueIncreasing participation at all levelsWider benefits - a LegacyMarketing campaignWhole town involvement

  • Hosting conceptThe Rugby Football League were looking for Consortium approachGreat stadiumsDevelopment of the gameCivic prideFirst class hotels and training basesA place that delivers the whole package!

  • How did we go about it?

    Wanted whole town approach Formed an inclusive consortium steering group Consortium partners -Warrington Borough Council -Warrington Wolves -University of Chester -Virgin Trains -Marketing Cheshire -Warrington Wolves Foundation

  • How did we go about it?Not just the usual suspects - reps from :-

    Sport, Culture, Leisure, Community, Faith & Business Sectors

    Gathered intelligence and ideas from across the borough

    Used local knowledge and insight

    Pooled resources RLWC themed cultural & community events

    Strong marketing and PR campaign for the bid & hosting

  • The Why Warrington? question Wolves stadium Foundation and fans University of Chester CampusGreat Hotels Retail Offer vibrant Town CentreGood Transport linksJubilee Celebrations Thriving voluntary sector

    Great local and regional amenities Built on 2012 Olympic Sports and Arts ProgrammeOrford Park - Key Legacy Programme outside London

  • University of Chester

    Marketing Brief

  • An opportunity tocelebrate the great things about Warrington

    Our People ProudPassionateLoyalFriendly

  • An opportunity tocelebrate the great things about Warrington

    Our Place Rugby League townStrategically well positionedProsperousProgressive

  • An opportunity tocelebrate the great things about Warrington

    Our Promise Warm welcomeCultural offerWarrington offerWell supported events

  • World class, welcoming, passion and excitement, community and legacy

  • Back the bid how we brought the RLWC to WarringtonStrong marketing campaign by local students

    PR and stunts - our petition attracted 3000+ signatures and lots of press interest!

  • MarketingBuilt on Back the Bid CampaignRegional National RadioLocal Press at every stage London to Warrington trainsUsed RFL and Marketing Cheshire WebsiteText Campaign

    Warrington Bid DVD

  • MarketingWorld Cup Merchandise Bus stopsHotels Town Centre sites Car Stickers Wolves Games and GroundSchoolsResidents and community groupsTown Centre Shop front vinyls

  • Warringtons ApproachA sense of common purpose we sold itUnderstood Warrington and what Rugby means to the town Strong Civic leadership People who live in Warrington on the steering teamLooked to the past and the futureUsed the skills / resources of consortium membersBusiness sector were enthusiastic to play their part Strong partnerships attracted funding and delivered quality events - Wolves Foundation, Culture Warrington

  • Warringtons ApproachUsed host town status to market Warrington and create momentum100 Days Milestone Rugby Ball Art workBusiness Seminars Trophy ToursReading CampaignsWorld Host Training for businessLegacy Fund

  • Warringtons ApproachAn action-packed programme of cultural and sport engagement eventsDevelopment of tourism messagesTraining and volunteering opportunitiesCommunity participationUsed our town centre

  • Above all passionate people about Warrington and Rugby