Sacred Heart Sch 2020-05-05آ  Facebook with pictures of the kids working hard and having fun. ~Miss

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  • Sacred Heart School May 18th, 2020 Service Project for Sacred Heart School Students

    The people at the Brooklyn Living Center have been in quarantined for many weeks

    and are lonely. They would love to hear from our students! Please send a letter to:

    Amy Manville

    151 Constitution

    Brooklyn, MI 49230

    Al students who text me a picture of them mailing the letter will be in a raffle to win

    a $5 Gift Card to Bobbye’s Ice Cream. We will raffle 3 gift cards off on June 6th.

    Thank you for brightening the day of our older friend!

    May 18th– Last week of assign-

    ments for students

    May 22nd– End of instruction

    June 1st– Mail Report Cards home

    July 11th– Golf Outing

    August 27th– Back to School BBQ

    August 30th– All School Mass at

    11:00– Followed back brunch

    August 31st– First day of school.


    Mr. Marshall has a birthday surprise with a new video and ORIGINAL SONG for all of you! Give it a listen and tell us what you’re excited about When We Are Back!


    with FATHER TODD

    Friday, May 22nd 11:00am

    All are welcome!

    Link the Zoom link

  • Hello all! I hope you are all making the most out of your days, having fun, and staying safe. I have been busy working, house hunting, and I’ve started tutoring two days a week. I reached out to you all Thursday of last week, but just a reminder that Mrs. Houser and I are going to be delivering something special to each of our students today. We will start making rounds about 3:30 this afternoon and are looking forward to seeing you all!


    I would like to give a shout out to Brantley who sent Mrs. Houser and I a picture of him working hard on his First and Last Name. Great job! Mrs. Houser and I would love to see how much progress has been made with the kids writing their names or letters. Please feel free to message us Facebook with pictures of the kids working hard and having fun.

    ~Miss Jessica and Mrs. Houser

    This week for preschool work the kids should be fin- ishing up numbers 1-10 at least with doing the work- sheets that are in the num- ber packet for the numbers. They should also continue to review letters, sounds, and the numbers that they have already covered.

    I sent a recipe out last week on how to make some really good play dough so this week I thought I would send out a recipe on how to make something a bit messy….

    Fluffy Slime! I found this particular recipe on Pin- terest. If you don’t already have these items at home you can easily find them at any dollar store. Elmer’s Glue Baking Soda Acrylic Paint Shaving Cream Contact Lens Solution

     Mix together all of the ingredients except the shaving cream and contact lens solution  Add a few small squeezes of acrylic paint – about 1 teaspoon then stir  Add about 3 cups of shaving cream  Stir well until everything is combined. The mixture should be smooth, puffy and the colour should be con- sistent. It looks a little bit like whipped cream at this point.  Pour 2 Tablespoons of contact solution into the glue mixture, and stir. As you stir, it will start firming up and getting stringy. Keep stirring until it has a good slime consistency and it stops sticking to the side of the bowl.  If it gets too hard to mix with a spoon, feel free to use your hands to knead the mixture. If the slime is still sticking to your hands, add a little bit more contact lens solution into the mixture.

    And then ENJOY!,aps,177&sr=8-4&linkCode=ll1&tag=onelitpro00-20&linkId=c20ce6e7ba6f790678034bf82a8493


    Dear Families: We can not believe that the end of the year is here!! Things have been so crazy and we appreciate all of the extra time and energy you put into your children this year. We know that it was not easy but you all did an amazing job. Please encourage your child to finish the year out strong and continue some studies over the summer. Study Island: There are no new assignments on study island. If you have not completed all the assignments, please keep working on them. We love how everyone is doing such a great job!!

    Spelling Words: This week we are reviewing the /sh/ /th/ digraphs and adding the /ch/ digraph. Please practice these sounds with your child when going over the new words with them. CHIN, CHOP, CHAT, RICH, SUCH, SHUT, CASH, RUSH, PATH, THAT. To practice these words, have your child write each word 3 times and write them in a sentence. I know this can be a challenge but it will help get them ready for first grade.

    Reading: Practice your sight words that are in your binder. If you need new words please let me know. You can keep reviewing these words all summer long. Also, keep reading and completing your 20 book challenge book reports. We have received re- ports from several students and love learning about all the books that you have read!! Some of you are very close to the 20 book goal!

    Religion: This week we are learning about FAITH and TRUST. Please read these stories and have your child complete the pages in the workbook. Vocabulary words: FAITH: believing in God even though we can not see him. TRUST: knowing that you will be safe with someone because that person loves you and only wants good things for you. #1 JESUS CALMS THE STORM (workbook pages 48-49) Jesus sometimes went with his friends the Apostles in their fishing boat. One day, Jesus asked his friends to take him across the lake. The lake was very deep and wide, but they did what Jesus asked. Jesus was very tired and took a nap in the boat. While Jesus was sleeping, a storm with great gusts of wind came up. The waves got bigger and bigger. Soon the water started to come in the boat and the Apostles knew they were in danger. They were very afraid. ¨Master, Master!”they cried. ¨We are all going to drown.¨ Jesus woke up and smiled at his friends. He looked across the water. Jesus commanded the wind and the water to be still. Right away, the wind stopped, and the water calmed down. The storm had ended. Jesus said to the Apostles , ¨Where is your faith? ¨ All the Apostles wondered who Jesus was that the water and wind would obey him. Who is Jesus? We know that Jesus is God the Son. We believe in God and know that he is with us always- even when we are afraid, lonely, happy or sad. #2 NOAH´S ARK (workbook page 50) Noah was a kind and good man. He loved God and believed in him. He knew that God would take care of him always. God was pleased with Noah because Noah always tried to do what was right. God told Noah to ¨build a big boat called an ark. It must be big enough for you, your family, and two of every kind of ani- mal and creature.¨ God told Noah ¨Soon a flood will cover the earth, but I will keep you safe in the ark.¨

  • Building the big boat was not easy, but Noah obeyed God. Noah and his family worked

    very hard together. Sometimes people would stop and laugh at them. ¨You do not

    need a boat on dry land¨, the people would say ¨you should forget about this silly

    boat and come have fun with us.¨ But Noah and his family did not stop working. Noah

    said, ¨This is what God wants us to do. God knows what is best for us. We believe in

    God.¨ When the boat was finished and the shelves were full of food, Noah led two of

    every animal and creature inside. Then Noah and his family climbed aboard. Soon it

    began to rain. It rained for forty days and forty nights. The water rose higher and

    higher until the highest mountain was covered with water. God kept Noah and his

    family and all the animals safe from the flood in the big boat that he had them build.

    At last the rain stopped. Noah opened a window of the boat and sent out a dove.

    When the dove returned, it was carrying a branch from an olive tree. Noah knew that

    soon all the water would be gone. God sent a great wind to dry up all the water. Then

    God told Noah to come out. The door of the boat opened, and all the animals were set

    free. Noah and his fam