safe driving

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  • Step one: Keep in mind

    that everyone's


    Always keep an eye out for

    other drivers. Never assume

    other drivers know what they're

    doing. Always expect the worst.

    In blunt terms, assume that all

    other drivers are idiots. You will

    drive more defensively and,

    therefore, become a better driver

    if you think that way.


  • Use visual scanning. We're not

    just referring to watching where

    you're going, but also watching

    your side and behind you.

    It's also a good idea to read signs

    and lane markings to make sure

    you are in the correct lane.

  • Be ready for danger. Begin

    braking early if you see a problem

    ahead. This will give you more

    room to stop safely and will also

    give drivers behind you the

    opportunity to brake in time.



  • Step Four: Use your seat


    Always wear your seat belt. Wear

    your seat belt even if you're just going

    on a short trip. Studies have

    determined that many collisions occur

    close to home because when one is

    more familiar with the area, they pay

    less attention to their surroundings.


  • Step five: Don't fight other


    Don't let rude drivers get under your skin. If someone cuts you off or is tailgating you, don't provoke them. This will only escalate the situation and could lead to deadly consequences. Keep your emotions under control. [

  • Step Six: Go Back to


    No matter how experienced you are, there are some basic rules you should always follow to keep yourself and fellow drivers safe. Always wear your seatbelt, no matter how familiar the surroundings or short the trip. Never drink and driveeven one drink can impair judgment and reflexes. And no matter how tempting, resist the urge to talk or text on your cell phone! Avoiding unnecessary distractions and dangers keep the roads safer for everyone.