Sample Announcement of Employee Benefits Open Enrollment Plan Changes

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Sample summary of changes coming to employee benefit plans during Benefits Open Enrollment


Open Enrollment 2009 Whats New?EligibilityAlthough there has been no change in dependents eligible to enroll, starting this Open Enrollment, you will be required to sign an affidavit attesting to the eligibility of your dependents and in some instances you may be required to submit documentation. Eligible dependents include a Spouse or Domestic Partner, natural born or adopted and foster children, step children who live with you and children for which you are COURT APPOINTED guardian. Dependent children are eligible until their 19th birthday or their 23rd birthday if they are a full time student. Ex-spouses, siblings and parents are not eligible dependents under the plan. Rx The prescription drug plan will not cover the extra cost of brand name medications if a generic equivalent is available. In addition, beginning this plan year, you will be required to purchase maintenance medications via mail order. MEDCO will replace Catalyst as our prescription benefit manager, and you will find that using MEDCO by Mail will, in most cases, offer you a substantial savings over retail cost. Medical After a careful review, we determined that there were not enough differences in the House Blend HMO and Select Blend PPO to continue to offer both options, so we have consolidate the plans into only one Medical Plan for 2009.

ContributionsAlthough there are some increases in medical plan deductible and co-payments in the medical plan this year, we strived to maintain affordability in the bi-weekly contributions. Below are the 2009-2010 per-pay period costs:

Plan Medical Dental HB/SB Vision

Employee Only$45 $5/$10 $2

Employee + Chil(dren)$90 $10/15 $5

Employee + Employee + Spouse/DP Family$115 $10/15 $4 $150 $20/$30 $6

EnrollmentBecause of the plan changes implemented this year, all employees will be required to re-enroll in the coverage's they choose. You will still have the option of logging on the Bennys Caf website 24 hours a day/7 days a week or calling the XXXX service center at 888-xxx-xxxx between 8:00am 5:00pm Monday-Friday.