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School partnerships in Europe Heads of School Meeting, National Curriculum Centre, 23 January 2005

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Text of School partnerships in Europe Heads of School Meeting, National Curriculum Centre, 23 January 2005

  • School partnerships in EuropeHeads of School Meeting, National Curriculum Centre, 23 January 2005

  • What is eTwinning?Officially launched by the European Commission is a core part of the eLearning programme on 14 Jan 2005 Promotes school partnerships in EuropeSchool partnerships in Europe areincreasingly common practicegaining widespread recognitionproven to improve student learningAim is to have 30,000 twinned schools by 2007

  • More about eTwinningCollaborative workpedagogical, social and cultural benefitsopportunity to motivate young people to learn about each other- their school culturetheir faimilies- the worldpractising their ICT and language skillsenhancing pedagogya worthwhile activity that adds value to conventional learning

  • What are the activities?Language, ICT and collaborative work are common to all projectsAny project that you or your teachers can think of!Probably it will be...... more interesting and motivating... more successful

  • How can I participate?Forget forms, documents and red tape!Register your SchoolGain access to online toolsFind or be found!123eTwin!Discuss possible project/s4

  • RegistrationBy registering:Demonstrate interest in participatingSelect preferences for partnershipsTeacher/School Admin/LibrarianLanguages/ThemesCountry/iesOpen to multiple partnerships?Your preferences will be added to the database

  • Online ToolsRegistration is through the eTwinning PortalTwinFindereMailChatForumHelpdesk

    European eTwinning PortalMalta eTwinning Portal

  • Registered Schools6 Maltese SchoolsDun Salv Portelli Primary School San Lawrenz Qormi St George Primary SchoolNadur Primary SchoolFilippo Zammit Primary School - QrendiMargaret Mortimer Girls Junior Lyceum'Guzeppi Agius' Primary 'B' - Paola 717 Registered Schools18 PartnershipsYou can view these on the eTwinning Map

    European eTwinning Portal

  • MaintenanceEach eTwinning partnership will be monitored by the NSS and the CSSThe Progress CardThis is to measure the successfulness of the projectTo refine the support neededTo reward and disseminate good practice

  • What do I stand to gain?Your students gain:Pedagogical, Cultural, SocialICT use in authentic situationsLanguage developmentCollaborative teaching & learningSchool Recognition eTwinning LabeleTwin&Win National CompetitioneTwinning Prize 2005

  • Competitions...National competitioncollaborative projects among schools promoting pedagogical approaches promoting the development and use of digital resources Submissions March-December 2005Ceremony in Brussels early in 2006

  • ToolsLanguageICTeMailChatFile SharingWebsitesDigital photos

    Electronic PresentationsSpreadsheetsVideo ConferencingDigital Video

    ExhibitionsProject Books

  • Start small...A project does not need to be hugeTeachers often realise the potential by starting with a small projectThe relationship will grow if it works

    Eventually involving more teachers......ideally the whole schoolCan be coupled with town twinning programmesOr Comenius projects

  • Examples of eTwinning projectsCross-curricularMono-curricularActivity-BasedMany schools out there wishing to find partners in Malta!Added value - projects can come from both schools


  • Walking through TimeWe are a primary school with 256 pupils and we are interested in eTwinning with a primary school in Malta to support our current Primary Seven (11/12 yo) class project on the local impact of WW2 in the Highlands. We wish to get a different view of the experience of this time from a different location for our children. We have a small number of able children who we would like to involve in the initial eTwinning process School WebsiteProject Website

  • First eTwinning partnership from Malta!Dun Salv Portelli San Lawrenz and Terra Novaskolan in Sweden A project that will see young pupils sharing information about their villages and learning from each other

  • Stuck for Ideas?The eTwinning portal can suggest possible projects that can work for youThese have been submitted by other teachers and educators from all over Europe who are experienced in this kind of workBrowse to the Good Practice Section of the CSS portal

    Go there!

  • Count on us!eTwinning National Support Service (NSS)Department of Technology in EducationHelpdesk- PedagogicalPromotion-[email protected] 2324

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