Scottish immigrants the their treatment of indigenous people.

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  • Scottish immigrants the their treatment of indigenous people

  • It is fair to discuss the contribution that Scots have made globally as well as in the Empire. However, it is very important that we take a wider look at the effects that the emigrants had on their new lands. Indeed, in presenting a balanced picture, we have to look away from the many achievements and look at the less positive examples of Scots abroad. Historians have unearthed evidence which paints an entirely different view of the impact of Scotland on countries in the Empire. It is imperative to look at the treatment by Scots of native populations.

  • One such example can be found in Australia. There are examples of extreme brutality against Aborigines. In 1843, 150 Aborigines were massacred at Warrigal Creek. This atrocity was led by Angus MacMillan and his Highland Brigade. There are many other examples of ill-treatment. Indeed, some settlers threw Aborigines off their land and replaced them with sheep. Many Scots looked down on these natives and decided to take the land for themselves.

  • Additionally, Scots had a large part to play in the Maori wars in New Zealand. There land was removed from the local people. These land wars were a series of armed conflicts that took place in 1845 and 1872. The wars were fought over a number of issues, the most prominent concerning Maori land being sold to the settler (white) population. Scots were happy to fight as part of the army against the indigenous people as well as participate in the mistreatment of the natives.


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