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<p>September 2016</p> <p>Expression of Interest</p> <p>TAS/ Visual Arts Teacher</p> <p>Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design</p> <p>Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design, located in the inner west region of Sydney, has an enrolment of 850 students, including 45% of students from a non-English speaking background. The school has highly motivated staff, students and parents committed to optimising learning outcomes in a creative, innovative and caring environment.The school focuses on academic achievement, offering a comprehensive pattern of student study with a specialist stream in visual arts and design where student enrolment is through portfolio and interview. The school has a support unit for students with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities.There are a number of programs such as project-based learning, a school-based opportunity class, a strong gifted and talented program and a broad range of extracurricular activities such as band, choir, public speaking, debating and drama.</p> <p>Selection criteria</p> <p>1. Approval and experience to teach Technology Mandatory Stage 4</p> <p>2. Approval and experience to teach Visual Arts Stage 4</p> <p>3. Approval and experience to teach Video/Photography Stage 5</p> <p>4. A willingness to become involved in co and extra-curricular activities</p> <p>5. Strong classroom management skills</p> <p>6. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively within faculty</p> <p>Must be available to start Term 1, Week 4. The position is fulltime until the end of this year.</p> <p>Applications</p> <p>Expressions of Interest must not exceed 2 A4 pages and require the signature of the applicant's current principal or supervisor. Please send all applications to: by Friday 16 February 2018.</p> <p>For further information contact Nicole Wilkinson at</p> <p>NSW Department of Education | Expression of</p> <p>NSW Department of Education | EOI-SLSO-Positions-Lake Munmorah High</p>