Short Stories Short Films. Arvin, Valerie. "Introduction to Short Story Writing: English 284." Introduction to Short Story... University of Washington,

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Short Stories

Short StoriesShort FilmsArvin, Valerie. "Introduction to Short Story Writing: English 284." Introduction to Short Story... University of Washington, 1998. Web. 05 Nov. 2015.

following notes from above:Basic Elementsfrom: A short story is a work of fiction Written in prose formatPoe is famous for saying that it must be able to be read in one sitting

StructureRemember dramatic structure?Exposition (intro of setting/situation/characters)Complication (event that introduces the conflict)Rising action crises (moment when protagonist decides on a course of action)Climax (highest interest in terms of conflict / point with most action)Resolution conflict resolved (moral [remember allegory?])More Modern StoriesSome do not follow patterns at allNo expositionStory starts in middle of actionEndings may be abruptMay or may not have a moral or lessonWe will continue to look at the genreBy examining similar elements in short filmsA film by Michael Evans

Your opinionWhat advantages are there to todays social media communication in particular text messages? Take a few moments and then volunteer your response?

Consider the response concise communication How is texting concise communication?Watch the following short film ...

AnalysisCan you determine if Post It employs the structural components of a short story? Describe each that you observeAnother characteristic of traditional short stories according to Poe is that the characters are presented not developed. Is this true in this film? Support your opinion with evidenceIf conflict is also an essential part of a story, what conflict do you see evident in Post It?

Some Questionsseems like you might be waiting for an opportunity is a line spoken by Claire how is this prophetic?Is there a moral or a lesson to this story? Defend your answer.One of the characters was an angry man did he add to or take away from the story? Defend your answerDoes the last note, nosey add to or take away from the film? Defend your answerI dont know if you agree but this film reminds me of the song, Happy. If you can agree, why do you think songs and films with this type of message are popular in our culture?

Examine this image it is called a two shot What does their physical position mirror their emotional one?Examine this image what symbolic position has the director given the guy in the middle?

AnalysisWrite a critical review of the film fewer than 250 words.After your first draft ask someone to edit it for you and you edit theirsThis can be done in writing or orally

Write a paragraph that describes your thinking process and your strengths and weaknesses when you were asked to write a critical review of the film. Do this on foolscap and the teacher will put it in my mailbox.