Simple ways to make your mount abu trip most memorable

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<ul><li><p>Simple Ways to Make Your Mount Abu Trip Memorable</p><p>If Mount Abu is your one of the favourite holiday destinations, and you have already been to the place before, but still feel like there's something lacking, then are some certain ways to make your trip fun and interesting, which ultimately make it memorable, and even most memorable to some. </p><p>Get in </p><p>Located in the western region of the country in the state of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is hill station in the Sirohi district. It is the one and only hill station in the state and is a rocky plateau with area expanding to 9 km width and 22 km length. The nearest railhead is at the Abu Road, which is a small railway station located in the Ahmedabad and Marwar Junction railway line. Some major trains to Abu Road station include - Ranakpur Express, Bandra Terminus Jodhpur Express, Aravali Express, Bikaner Dadar Superfast Express, Jodhpur Pune Express, Lucknow Special, and Gorakhpur Express. </p><p>However there is no airport in the hill station, and the nearest airport to this town is Dabok Airport located in Udaipur and 185 km from the hill station. Popular airlines namely Air India, Jet, and Spice Jet offer regular indirect flights connecting the hill station to all major cities of the nation. Though the route involves planes and buses/cabs/trains. Road routes are also a good way to reach the town.</p><p>If you are coming from neighbouring cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Agra etc. then the road trips are actually fun, as there are several beautiful locations in between. This information are sufficient for completing the journey comfortably. Besides, one also has the option to do some research online on the topic How to reach Mount Abu, that'll surely solve the issue.</p></li><li><p>Accommodation and sightseeing</p><p>The good thing about Mount Abu is over the past several decades there have been several significant developments in town's tourism, economy, infrastructure, as well as accommodations for tourists. Hotel Hilltone, Cama Rajputana Club Resort, Hotel Chacha Inn, Hotel Aradhana, and The Jaipur House etc. are some of the best hotels offering best comforts and amenities to guests. </p><p>Tourism is the prime source of revenue to the town. A major part of the population depends upon tourism and the visitors. However the good thing is the town is one of the most popular holiday destinations. So it receives a good wave of visitors flooding to the city yearly. There are several interesting places to visit falling under Mount Abu Sightseeing. Dilwara Temples, Toadrock, Achalgarh, Gaumukh, Peace Park, Nakki Lake, Honeymoon Point, and Trevors Tank are some of the prime attractions and are must visits. However as this article is about making the usual trip fun, so following are some cool ways to make the trip interesting.</p></li><li><p>Besides checking out the attractions of the hill station, one cool thing to do is talk to the locals. People here are welcoming and are ready to give their thoughts on any topic. If you do that chances are that you might meet some interesting people, who will stay in your memories for some time. Besides that if you really feel the connection then taking a photo is the best next thing to do, as it'll be a souvenir. </p><p>The next thing that you must do is taste the culinary dishes. The hill stations has some delicious traditional specialities, that one should taste. One may go to the luxury hotels but an interesting way to taste the local dishes is to taste them in the local restaurants and even road side dhabas. Finally, try to visit the town during festive seasons. It is during these time that the city actually comes alive. So simply head to the town during one of the festive seasons and mingle with people and become a part of the crowd.</p><p>Source:</p></li></ul>