Sixth Grade “Tips for Success”

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Sixth Grade Tips for Success. Woodcreek Middle School Humble ISD February 19, 2014. RELA teacher Mrs. Surles says. Stay organized!! . Science teacher Ms. OToole recommends. Ask questions after reading all of the directions. Ask questions after you read instructions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Sixth Grade Parent Orientation

Sixth Grade Tips for SuccessWoodcreek Middle SchoolHumble ISDFebruary 19, 2014

RELA teacher Mrs. Surles says

Stay organized!!

Science teacher Ms. OToole recommends

Ask questions after reading all of the directions.Ask questions after you read instructions.

RELA teacher Mr. Scott advises

Don't let others decide who you will become.

Sixth Grade RELA teacher Mrs. Roach emphasizes

Organization is the key to a middle school students success!TEACHER OF THE YEAR, 2014WMS Nurse, Mrs. Reynolds advises

Please come to the clinic if you are sick before you contact your parents yourself. If you are sick in the morning before school begins, please stay home.

Our WMS Librarian Ms. Summers says,

Please, please, please be responsible and turn your books in ON TIME! You will get fined if your books are turned in late. Thank you!

Theatre Arts teacher Ms. Nolan remarks

"Don't freak out! It's not as scary as you think!"

RELA Teacher Ms. DeLaGarza believes

Organization is absolutely a key to success. Please get a student planner and use it as a daily communication tool with your child.

To be successful in sixth grade, RELA Teacher Ms. Traina shouts

Read!!Math teacher Mrs. Young advises

Sign up for Home Access and then check it once a week. Also, students can attend tutoring with a parent signature in their agenda. They don't have to wait for a teacher to request that the student come to tutoring.

Math teacher Mrs. Wathen advises

ORGANIZATION!!! Keep homework in the same place--go home take it out & complete it. Put the completed homework in the same place each night & put it in your back pack!!!!

Science teacher Mrs. Badeaux offers this solution

Always be respectful and ALWAYS use your better judgment.

Science teacher Mr. Guajardo believes that sixth graders should

try new things. Sign up for new clubs and extra-curricular activities. You will meet new people from other elementary schools...try to make lots of friends!Mrs. Stilley, WMS Orchestra teachers advises

Make friends by being a friend. Don't be afraid to be the first to start a conversation-everyone is nervous. Avoid cliques and be willing to let new people into your group.Don't hang out with the wrong friends or bad "influencers"Be respectful of your teachers.RELA Teacher Mrs. Bailey teaches her sixth grade students to

Listen and follow directions! It will get you very far!!

Band teacher Mrs. Hitt believes that

Practice, practice, practice, but practice perfectly!Choir teacher Ms. Lewis says

Always sing like no one is can hear you! Enjoy being YOU!World Cultures teacher Ms. Lovell says

Always do your BEST!World Cultures teacher Mrs. Voeltner advises

Get organized!! You've got 7 classes now and papers can get lost in the shuffle if you're not organized.RELA teacher Mrs. Duerr says

Remember that your teachers are here to help YOU be successful!AVID and World Cultures teacher Mrs. Johnson says

Use your agenda/planner....write down every assignment, activity, or event in you agendaLife Skills teacher Mrs. Moseray advises,

WMS takes good care of all our kids! Do not worry about a thing. Just enjoy middle school life!Social Studies teacher Mrs. Harris advises her sixth graders to

Get involved!Band teacher Ms. Fain says

Whatever you choose to do, do it with your whole heart!Orchestra teacher Mrs. Hembree says

Enjoy the momentMiddle School is such a fun time!Mrs. Rivera in Attendance says,

Regular attendance is important! When you are absent, call the campus AND bring a note when you return. Notes come to the attendance office!Tips for Success from current Sixth Graders1. Be on time to class2. Always do your best3. No fighting4. Be kind5. Pay attention6. Be respectful7. Make friends8. Stick with 6th graders9. Get involved10.Join a club