SNC-Lavalin Group (SNC) $37.30 +2.29 Gold $1315.90 +6 SNC-Lavalin. David Pescod 780.932.5183 Debbie

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Text of SNC-Lavalin Group (SNC) $37.30 +2.29 Gold $1315.90 +6 SNC-Lavalin. David Pescod 780.932.5183 Debbie

  • David Pescod 780.932.5183 Debbie Lewis 780.499.3933 January 29, 2019

    SNC-Lavalin Group (SNC) $37.30 +2.29 Gold $1315.90 +6.60

    There's been just enough charts that look like this over the last two or three months to make a senior investor start thinking ever-more strongly in favour of dull/boring stuff like GIC's. They may not make you a lot of money, but then the risk...well, there's shouldn't be any, should there? Well, there always is...but, in the old days when you had lots of aggressiveness built into your system SNC-Lavalin might be the kind of

    international engineering story that would attract your attention and greed. Maybe not so anymore. The company is written up in BNN/Bloomberg as, "The e n g i n e e r i n g a n d construction firm said it incurred additional costs in the fourth quarter at an unidentified mining and metallurgy project, and couldn’t “reach agreement” with the client to book revenue, according to a statement Monday. Worse than expected trading challenges in oil and gas in �1


  • David Pescod 780.932.5183 Debbie Lewis 780.499.3933 January 29, 2019

    the Middle East -- and Saudi Arabia in particular -- also weighed on fourth-quarter results, SNC added. The company is weighing a possible exit from Saudi Arabia as a result. The announcement dials up the pressure on SNC following the refusal last year by Canadian prosecutors to reach a negotiated settlement with the company over past corruption charges. The lack of a deal with Canada has probably cost SNC more than $5 billion in lost revenue and continues to damage its reputation internationally, Chief Executive Officer Neil Bruce told BNN Bloomberg TV in an interview last month." Yes that mention of corruption again as SNC is the Montreal firm that is worked very much internationally and many times in countries known not to have the highest standards and in more than a few of those countries, it's quite helpful to make sure some green goes into the right person's hands to make more jobs available. Once again, a very ugly chart in questionable times for the markets with growth around the world slowing, debts climbing precipitously, and I suspect we are not the only one trying to find a safe place to hide. Again today, we note that gold is up.

    Kirkland Lake Gold KL $40.25 +0.20 SilverCrest Metals SIL $4.60 n/c SSR Mining SSRM $17.68 +0.68 AngloGold Ashanti AU $13.61 +0.07

    As we were taking a look today at all the stocks that were hitting new highs on North American markets, o n e t h i n g s t o o d out . . . there weren ' t m a n y o f t h e m . However, amongst the group, we noticed that there were suddenly more than a few gold stocks. Who would have thought precious metal stocks heading in the right direction for a change? �2

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    Kirkland Lake

  • David Pescod 780.932.5183 Debbie Lewis 780.499.3933 January 29, 2019

    But with what's going on in the regular m a r k e t , p l u s t h e foolish spending by g o v e r n m e n t s everywhere, we think it is just a matter of t ime before other people get worried and like us, try to find a safe place to hide. G o l d s t i l l h a s a magical barrier of around $1350 that all chartists have got to be eyeing as if it was t h e c o m i n g o f something very, very significant and telling you that something really is going on that might be a little scary. Anyway, the following stocks all hit new highs for the year: K i r k l a n d L a k e , S i l ve rCres t , SSR Mining and Anglo Gold Ashanti. In your spare time you might want to take a lot of other p r e c i o u s m e t a l s stocks too because they are not all going the same way, but there are certainly a lot more of them that are these days. �3

    SilverCrest Mines

    SSR Mining

    AngloGold Ashanti

  • David Pescod 780.932.5183 Debbie Lewis 780.499.3933 January 29, 2019

    Sandstorm Gold SSL $6.62 +0.24

    That Yippie-Ki-Yay-Ki-Yow you heard in the distance was definitely from down south, coming from yours truly as Sandstorm Gold just joined the list of stocks hitting a new 52- week high...and this again is a gold story. As we check MarketBeat, which is a good website for finding out what analysts think of the stock you might own, we note that in the last week or so, the analysts at Canaccord Genuity have just upped their target from $9.00 to $9.25 while CIBC have upped their target from $6.25 to $7.00.

    Two months ago, TD had dropped their target from $8.50 to $7.50 while National Bank upped their target from $8.25 to $8.50. There is always a chance that one of them might be right, but we all know stock analysts are around to make weather forecasters look good. The other thing to be aware of is gold has been down in the dumps for so long, there's a whole bunch of people that don't care about it, that might care about it, should we break through that much-mentioned $1350 level. And should that happen, I suspect some of these analysts will change their mind yet again. Yippie-Ki-Yay-Ki-Yow!

    Maclean’s Magazine recently did a special issue for January 2019 looking at the year ahead and they spent part of that time looking at Ottawa and what next from the political leaders there. We love their comments on Trudeau and the Liberal Parties, in a country with a booming economy that they still manage to run up irresponsible levels of debt. Maclean’s writes, "Three years ago Trudeau appointed a science minister, Kirsty Duncan, who’s a real scientist. She operates within the department run by Navdeep Bains, who sits in the office where industry ministers used to sit but is styled the minister of innovation, science and economic development. Duncan appointed a chief science adviser, Mona Nemer, and an experts’ panel on research, led by David Naylor. More real scientists. Nemer is helping each of the largest government departments hire its own science adviser. Naylor’s report led to the appointment of a blue-chip science coordinating advisory panel within government. The 15 largest research universities, who sometimes work together as the “U15,” have a new public representative, the former University of Ottawa president Gilles Patry. Now the only thing nobody can figure out is who do you call when you want this government to make a decision �4

    Sandstorm Gold

  • David Pescod 780.932.5183 Debbie Lewis 780.499.3933 January 29, 2019

    about science? Is it Duncan or Bains or Nemer or Naylor or Patry or the members of the advisory council, who are said to be full of ideas but who, for reasons you are perhaps beginning to understand, have no idea which lever on this Rube Goldberg government will actually make an idea go forward?" Folks, you can't make this kind of mismanagement stuff up, only a Trudeau and Liberal government could actually deliver it. �5

    Deb’s Ditty:

    Many things can be preserved in alcohol

    Dignity is not one of them