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    ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONLogic and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder share the stage with young immigrants during a performance of “One Day” at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

  • Viacom Social Impact Review 2018 01


    Looking back on Viacom’s social impact results from the past year, I’m so inspired by what we’ve accomplished. The stories of people making a difference in their communities and the positive results of our initiatives are a testament to our ability to effect change and touch lives in so many ways all around the world.

    The programs you see here are a reflection of our core values and beliefs. Social responsibility isn’t something we just talk about at Viacom—it’s essential to who we are. It’s reflected in our programming, in our company culture and in the way we do business around the world. From our employees who volunteer in their communities or mentor students, to our brands’ campaigns that motivate our audiences to take action, to the environmental conservation efforts at our global offices.

    This report is proof that great things happen when people come together with a shared purpose and a desire to make a positive impact. I couldn’t be prouder of the work that we do and I can’t wait to see the amazing things we do next.

    Bob BakishPresident & CEO, Viacom

    Social responsibility isn’t something we just talk about at Viacom—it’s essential to who we are.

  • Viacom Social Impact Review 201802

    VIACOM AND ITS BRANDS: A LEGACY OF SOCIAL IMPACTAs a company of content creators, we’re passionate about entertaining and informing the world, and are committed to our legacy of creating lasting impact through our work.

    Our brands reach millions of people in multiple languages across virtually every platform throughout the globe. Our success is a result of the values that are shared throughout the company. Being a good corporate citizen and making a positive impact in communities around the world is fundamental to what we do every day.


    ABOUT VIACOMViacom creates entertainment

    experiences that drive conversation and culture around the world.

    Through television, film, digital media, live events, merchandise and solutions,

    our brands connect with diverse, young and young at heart audiences

    in more than 180 countries.

    EMPOWERING OUR AUDIENCESFrom groundbreaking HIV awareness initiatives to campaigns supporting education, women’s health and youth empowerment, we have always been at the forefront of championing the causes that matter to our audiences.

    Today, we’re continuing to leverage our brands and our global reach to amplify the work of those who are striving to make positive changes in their communities.

    And we’re more committed than ever to continue finding innovative and impactful new ways to elevate underrepresented voices, to raise public awareness of key issues and to break down even more barriers for our audiences—all across the world.

    LEANING ON OUR STRENGTHSAt Viacom, we focus on pro-social initiatives that make the most of our core strengths:

    • Telling engaging stories• Creating inspiring cultural moments• Reaching global audiences • Empowering civic-minded employees• Building a legacy of social impact

    THE KEY ROLE OF OUR EMPLOYEESOur employees are fundamental to our success. Their creativity and energy fuel our business, and their commitment to volunteering, community activism and advocating for equality is the driving force behind so many of our social impact efforts.

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    We’re celebrating those making a difference in their communities.

    We’re encouraging young people around the world to aim high, and directly engaging to help them do it.

    We’re amplifying the voices and stories of diverse audiences and providing tools to help them thrive.

    We’re reducing the environmental footprint of our productions, facilities and offices.

    We’re creating opportunities for our employees to have truly meaningful careers.

    Through international campaigns and programs, we’re raising awareness of physical, sexual and mental health.

    • Generation Change, p.04• #SOUNDON, p.09• CMT: Supporting rural

    women in Louisiana, p.10• MTV Staying Alive, p.12

    • UP Mentoring, p.06• Nickelodeon: HALO

    and KidsRights partnership, p.08

    • BET at Sundance and Project CRE8, p.11

    • VH1 Save The Music: New Orleans music education, p.11

    • VH1/Logo and It Gets Better, p.09

    • Paramount Network’s Storytelling Labs, p.09

    • Get Schooled: We Are The Dream, p.10

    • Plastic bottle phase-out at Viacom offices, p.13

    • Green productions at Paramount, p.13

    • All Good, All Around volunteering, p.06

    • Viacom’s Employee Resource Groups, p.07

    • MTV Staying Alive, p.12• MTV Latin America:

    SexTuMismo campaign, p.12

    HOW WE’RE SUPPORTING THE UN SDGsWe’re proud to support one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within each of our CSR focus areas.

  • %+

    According to Viacom Consumer Insights, over 95% of young

    people globally believe it’s  important to collaborate

    with other young people to make the world a better place,

    and four in five believe their age group has the potential to

    change the world for the better.


    Viacom Social Impact Review 201804

    Viacom’s Generation Change is an audience-inspired and audience-led initiative designed to elevate and empower young people who are driving change around the world.

    Built to be fluid, Generation Change will be tailored by brand and by market, and it will be driven and inspired at every step of the way by young agents of change who are passionate about improving their communities.

    We want to elevate their voices, especially those that aren’t being heard. We will connect them with each other, so their efforts can be louder. We will also connect them to partners, talent and allies who want to further their causes. And we’re developing a set of tools to enable change agents of all levels to amplify their efforts and inspire others to get started.

    VOICES FOR CHANGE ON A GLOBAL SCALEToday’s youth generation is more determined than ever to make the world a better place.

    Viacom has a long history of supporting youth activism around the world—from MTV’s Agentes de Cambio, which encourages young change agents in Latin America to work together for a better society, to Nickelodeon’s Together For Good campaign, which celebrates and empowers young change makers who are doing extraordinary things, to mention just two of our youth-centered initiatives.

    Generation Change builds on these initiatives and will empower even more capable and determined young activists to stand up and have their voices heard, on a global scale.

    Our agedoesn’t limit our activism.ZIAD AHMED, 19CEO, JÜV Consulting, a student / activist and panelist at VidCon.

  • Student activists, Kiyomi Calloway and co-founder of Project Orange

    Tree Nza-Ari Khepra, pose with moderator and the MTV News

    producer, Sway Calloway, after speaking on a VidCon panel.

    Viacom interviewed over 50 young people

    at VidCon on the topic of social activism.

    Viacom Social Impact Review 2018 05

    LISTENING TO YOUNG CHANGE MAKERS In the summer of 2018, Viacom soft-launched Generation Change at VidCon, the annual conference for online video creators in Anaheim, CA. During the conference, three inspiring young change makers took the stage for a panel, sharing their motivations and successes with an audience of other potential young activists.

    During VidCon, we also interviewed over 50 young people on the topic of social activism. It was a key part of our efforts to understand how we can most impactfully support this new generation of change makers—to help them get their voices heard on the greatest possible scale.

    THE MTV EMA GENERATION CHANGE AWARD For the 2018 MTV EMAs, MTV announced the first-ever “MTV EMA Generation Change Award” to elevate and empower the fearless, original young people who are changing the world. Five change makers from around the globe, all under the age of 26, were nominated for the award, which was presented to all five nominees during the “2018 MTV EMA” red carpet pre-show in Bilbao, Spain on November 4th by MTV’s Sway Calloway and renowned musical artist Alessia Cara.

    The five young change makers celebrated were among a generation of young people who are tackling the world’s toughest problems through music, storytelling and digital media. The five first-ever MTV EMA Generation Change winners from around the world included Sonita Alizadeh, 21, of Afghanistan; Mohamad Aljounde, 17, of Lebanon; Ellen Jones, 20, of the UK; Xiuhtezcatl “X” Martinez, 18, of the USA; and Hauwa Ojeifo, 26, of Nigeria.


    Viacom employees are the driving force behind our efforts to create lasting impact—in the workplace, in communities and where it’s needed most.

    ALL GOOD, ALL AROUND (THE GLOBE)Friday, April 20 2018 was truly a global day of giving. Nearly 5,000 employees from 25 different regions around the world contributed ideas, talent and compassion to more than 125 projects in local communities for the 22nd annual

    Viacommunity Day, a celebration of the company’s values and commitment to giving back.

    The day’s theme was “ALL GOOD, ALL AROUND.” The scope of Viacom’s traditional day of service reflected this theme well. All around the world, employees did good: helping at their local offices (like Viacom’s Times Square headquarters), trekking to community organizations such as Chrysalis in downtown Los Angeles, or cleaning up the shores of Australia’s Sydney Harbour National Park. In these locations and everywhere in between, Viacom employees continued to foster a long-standing tradition of giving back

    in a big way, making this year’s Viacommunity Day our most successful day of action to date.

    Nearly 5,000 Viacom employees from 25 regions around the world participated in the 22nd annual Viacommunity Day.

    Global community organizations participated in Viacom’s 22nd annual Viacommunity Day.


    of UP mentors sign up to take part in the program again the next year.

    UP MENTORING AND UP CREATIVE: SUPPORTING UNDERSERVED NYC YOUTHSince 2014, our Unlimited Potential (UP) program has been connecting Viacom employees in New York City with promising high school students for mentoring and other forms of career and college readiness. The students attend mentoring sessions with Viacom employees at all levels and get the opportunity to go behind the scenes at one of the world’s biggest media companies. To date, more than 250 employees have given their time, energy and insights as mentors, and over 200 young people have received mentoring.

    For the diverse group of Viacom employees who get involved as mentors, it’s much more than a chance to give back. They also get to develop new skills and learn first-hand how millennial youth see and experience the world. The mentors help the students build real and marketable business skills, in part by prepping to compete together in the Virtual Enterprises International (VEI) business competition.

    UP Creative, a five-week program held each spring, equips talented young creatives with the skills they need to tell their stories and get their voices heard. In 2018, nine UP Creative mentees were selected in partnership with the New York-based nonprofit, Reel Works. The Up Creative mentees worked closely with the Nickelodeon production team in groups of three, and each team developed a Nickelodeon-branded promotion reel.

    Viacom Social Impact Review 201806

  • THE INDISPENSABLE ROLE OF OUR OFFICE OF GLOBAL INCLUSIONViacom’s Office of Global Inclusion and our engaged employee resource groups (ERGs) reach across our brands, harnessing the diverse creativity of our workforce to fuel their leadership growth and keep us connected to multicultural audiences around the world. Their efforts help make Viacom an inclusive and fulfilling place to work, provide direct business support and ensure that we focus on pro-social activities where we can collectively make the most meaningful impacts.

    Career support for NYC youthOur ERGs partnered with the Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HEAF) to inspire New York City youth to aim high in their future careers—the participating employees hosted panels with media professionals, movie screenings and behind-the-scenes tours of Viacom offices.

    Coming together for Puerto RicoAfter Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017, SOMOS, our Latinx employee resource group, worked to heighten awareness across Viacom, sharing information about the severity of the crisis and organizing ways for everyone to contribute to the response.

    Supporting LGBTQ rights and voicesDuring Pride Month 2018, Emerge, our employee resource group focused on LGBTQ employees and straight allies, hosted GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis for a discussion on the role of activism and allies in securing and protecting LGBTQ rights. Emerge also helped to rally nearly 350 Viacom-affiliated marchers to take part in the New York City Pride March.

    Viacom Emerge celebrates GLAAD Spirit Day, taking a stand against bullying and supporting LGBTQ youth.

    Viacom Social Impact Review 2018 07

    Our commitment is to create a working environment where every single employee brings his or her whole self to work each and every day. Because you do your best work when you’re true to who you are.MARVA SMALLS Executive Vice President , Global Head of Inclusion Strategies, Viacom; Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Chief of Staff, Nickelodeon.

  • Nick Cannon speaks onstage with HALO honorees and performers during

    the 2017 Nickelodeon HALO Awards.

    AMPLIFYING VOICESWe’re using our brands and storytelling expertise to amplify and celebrate diverse voices so that others might find their voices, too.

    CELEBRATING KIDS WHO “HALO”For over eight years, Nickelodeon’s Helping And Leading Others (HALO) initiative has been celebrating the extraordinary impacts that kids can have in their neighborhoods and beyond—as activists, fundraisers, visionaries and volunteers. In 2017, HALO became a year-round movement with a dedicated website (weHALO.com) and social media presence to give it momentum. To date, 100 kids have been honored as HALO award winners, and $500,000 has been donated to nonprofits in the form of scholarships and seed grants.

    In 2018, Nickelodeon teamed up with Key Club International and DoSomething to provide grants to young people who are doing amazing work in their communities and in the world. A vote by HALO Movement community members helped narrow the field of 63 Key Clubs who applied for the grants down to 10 finalists.

    KIDS CAN CHANGE THE WORLDNickelodeon has teamed up with KidsRights, the nonprofit behind the International Children’s Peace Prize (the Nobel Peace Prize equivalent for children), to give kids all over the world the inspiration and tools that they need to become change makers.

    The campaign is called #KidsCan, and it revolves around a series of short videos, each telling the story of an amazing young change maker. By the end of the first phase of the campaign, the #KidsCan spots will have aired over 20,000 times on Nickelodeon channels across more than 165 countries, reaching more than 200 million households. There’s also a toolkit and a quiz available online to help kids get started as change makers.

    POWER OF YOUTH VOICESAfter the shooting that left 17 people dead at a high school in Parkland, Florida, student survivors spoke out and made history, igniting a new youth-led movement against gun violence. Viacom has used its linear, digital and social media channels to amplify the growing March For Our Lives movement. In a sign of solidarity, Viacom went dark for 17 minutes across all of our U.S. networks on March 14 during the national student walkout to protest continued inaction on gun violence.

    MTV handed its social media channels over to youth activists during the National Student Walkout and partnered with the NAACP and celebrities including Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez to bring 1,000 activists to Washington, DC, for the March For Our Lives. Comedy Central has given the Parkland activists exposure via appearances on the Daily Show and other broadcasts.

    An advocate for child rights, 2017 International Children’s Peace Prize winner Mohamad Aljounde built a school in

    a refugee camp in Lebanon to give children access to an education, all while using the power of storytelling to shine

    a light on their realities in the wake of an ongoing war.

    To date, 100 kids have been honored as HALO award

    winners, and $500,000 has been donated to nonprofits in the form

    of scholarships and seed grants.

    Viacom Social Impact Review 201808

  • ELEVATING DIVERSE LGBTQ VOICESFor Pride Month in 2018, VH1 partnered with the It Gets Better Project to record eight new videos in which the stars of hit VH1 shows—including RuPaul’s Drag Race sensations Peppermint and Jiggly Caliente—shared how they were able to push through the difficulties of youth to enjoy a life as their true selves. The videos aired throughout the month of June on VH1 and Logo. VH1 also created a website, vh1.pride.com, where viewers could watch and share the videos and get help to take action in support of LGBTQ youth.

    The collaboration gave VH1 a chance to elevate these compelling voices from the LGBTQ community even further. And it gave the It Gets Better Project a new range of voices and stories, expanding the project’s impact and reach.

    Paramount Network is building Storytelling Labs in underserved communities.

    STORYTELLING LABS FOR UNDERSERVED YOUTHIn 2018, Paramount Network installed the first-ever Stories Matter Storytelling Lab—a full suite of filmmaking and editing equipment—at Wellpinit School District on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Washington State. It’s the first step in the network’s new Stories Matter initiative, which aims to elevate the voices of people who are quietly making a difference in their communities and beyond.

    At a Storytelling Lab summer camp run by Paramount Network and the Barcid Foundation, which specializes in promoting creativity in Native American communities, about 15 young people got to try out the storytelling tools and explore their life stories. A local teacher learned how to facilitate future sessions and classes, meaning the Storytelling Lab could have a life of its own for years to come.

    TURNING THE #SOUNDON For International Women’s Day in March 2018, Viacom International Media Networks launched #SOUNDON, a campaign built around powerful moments from Viacom awards shows, featuring inspiring women in the industry such as: Alicia Keys, Emma Watson, Pink and others. #SOUNDON spots aired for two weeks across Viacom channels in 28 countries, giving the campaign a big reach. Altogether, Viacom’s International Women’s Day content had over 40 million views.

    Viacom Social Impact Review 2018 09

  • %of new students in CMT’s education outreach tour were women who had never previously set foot on a community college campus.

    COMMUNITY COLLEGE OUTREACHCMT Empowering Education took its unique approach to education outreach on tour in Louisiana in 2018. Singer-songwriter and Louisiana native Courtney Cole headlined eight concerts across the state focusing on rural areas. Each event was held on a community college campus, featured a panel of local students sharing their success stories and highlighted educational opportunities that can lead to in-demand careers in their region.

    The tour was a partnership with Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS), and it reached thousands of people across the state. Through these efforts, LCTCS has identified over 800 potential new students who said they had never previously set foot on a community college campus—over 70% of whom were women. After the tour, LCTCS launched a campaign to encourage women who had participated in the events to learn more about STEM careers and programs.

    VIACOM’S PRO BONO PROGRAMThe Viacom Pro Bono Program’s mission is to help those in need who cannot afford the costs of legal representation. Through a partnership with Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), a nonprofit organization that provides legal services to immigrant and refugee children who are facing the possibility of deportation, Viacom’s legal team met with affected children to gather information used to determine applicable relief. This relief could include efforts such as seeking a reprieve from deportation through the DACA program or applying for green cards.

    In 2018, Viacom’s legal team held trainings with KIND, where KIND staff explained how pro bono attorneys can represent unaccompanied child clients in actual immigration proceedings. These trainings yielded a collaboration with a law firm on numerous active cases to represent children under 21 who arrived at the border seeking relief.

    WE ARE THE DREAMERSEvery year, about 65,000 undocumented students who are caught up in the limbo of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) graduate from American high schools. Only 5 to 10% of them will continue on to any form of higher education. A growing number of states now make it easier for these young people to attend college and get access to financial aid, but many undocumented students are too afraid to risk revealing their status by talking to someone who could help them navigate the available options.

    In 2018, MTV and Get Schooled teamed up to launch We Are The Dream, a multi-platform campaign aimed at making sure undocumented students and their families have the best possible chance of pursuing their chosen paths. The campaign’s centerpiece is WeAreTheDream.us, a digital hub designed to provide everything a Dreamer or their allies need to know about scholarships, sanctuary colleges and more. 25,000 students engaged with #wearethedream during its first six months.

    With the right inspiration, tools and resources, young people can change the world. We’re helping the next generation make a difference.


    Viacom Social Impact Review 201810

  • MDuring the 2018 school year, Save The Music jump-started new music programs in more than 50 schools nationwide, providing over $2 million of new instruments and equipment.

    REBUILDING MUSIC EDUCATION IN NEW ORLEANSIn May 2018, VH1 Save The Music teamed up with Artist Corps New Orleans and Preservation Hall Foundation to host a two-day Convening on the topic of how to sustainably restore music education programs to New Orleans schools. Post Hurricane Katrina, less than 30% of the city’s schools offer sufficient music programs. That’s an issue of national significance, given how important music is to New Orleans’ rich culture.

    The ideas and connections forged during the Convening will become the blueprint for a new community-centered plan to rebuild music education in New Orleans, one school at a time. The goal is to restore music education at about 60 schools across the city within about five to eight years. The first VH1 Save The Music grant has already been made—at Morris Jeff Community Charter School—and fundraising and planning to support the citywide program are well underway.

    SUPPORTING THE FUTURE OF FILM AND TVTen talented MFA students from Howard University were selected to go to the Sundance Film Festival in 2018 as the first ever cohort of Blackhouse Fellows, with support from BET and the Blackhouse Foundation. It was an opportunity for these students from a historically black institution to gain a once-in-a lifetime experience that might jump-start a future career. At a breakfast with executives from Paramount, the fellows got a brass-tacks masterclass on the workings of the film industry.

    Also at Sundance, BET kicked off PROJECT CRE8, a nationwide competition to find America’s most talented young African-American filmmaker. Ten semi-finalists got $2,500 to make a short film, and there was a public vote to give one of them a guaranteed spot in the top five. In October, Brooklyn-based filmmaker Quincy Ledbetter was crowned the PROJECT CRE8 winner for his original script “Alieu the Dreamer,” which BET and Paramount Players will turn into a finished film.

    The 10 fellows interacted with executives, directors and actors, including Issa Rae.

    Students from the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts performed during the Convening.

    11Viacom Social Impact Review 2018


    We’re raising awareness on a global scale, especially in relation to sexual and mental health.

    MMTV Staying Alive has awarded more than $6 million in grants.

    20 YEARS OF MTV STAYING ALIVE For 20 years, the MTV Staying Alive Foundation has been working tirelessly around the world to stop the spread of HIV among young people. MTV Staying Alive uses groundbreaking, original content to deliver information about HIV and sexual reproductive health and rights to vast audiences. The foundation also provides grants, training and support to grassroots, youth-led efforts to reach young people with sexual and reproductive health education.

    To date, MTV Staying Alive has funded 208 youth-led sexual health organizations, trained 21,000 peer educators, awarded more than $6 million in grants, distributed 9.5 million condoms and helped 260,000 people get tested for HIV.

    The award-winning drama series MTV Shuga, which the foundation produces, reaches more than 720 million people globally. And it is making a real difference. For example, a randomized controlled trial of Nigerian MTV Shuga viewers found they were twice as likely to get tested for HIV, compared to young people who don’t watch the show.

    SEXTUMISMO: IT’S YOUR LIFE, IT’S YOUR CHOICESince 2007, MTV Latin America has collaborated with Bayer and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to create SexTuMismo (Sex Yourself), an annual campaign aimed at educating and engaging Latin American young people on questions of sex and sexual health. For the last few years the campaign has been promoted in Brazil, too, as Seja Voce Mesmo.

    Edgy, informative videos, social media posts, digital content and MTV news segments help to get the campaign noticed. The 2017 campaign—which used emojis and video chats to get young people talking and sharing about their sexual health choices—reached 32.8 million people, and 24,361 young people took a “revealing quiz” about their sexual health.

    Viacom Social Impact Review 201812

    Storytelling has the power to catalyze positive social change. We have seen that first-hand with the MTV Shuga series.GEORGIA ARNOLDExecutive Director, MTV Staying Alive Foundation

  • REDUCING OUR FOOTPRINTBy making sure our facilities operate efficiently, we’re saving energy, water and waste. For example, our new Burbank and Hollywood locations both achieved the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Gold certification—a leap forward, environmentally, for our U.S. West Coast operations. We’re also continuing to install energy-efficient equipment and LED fixtures in place of older lighting. And we’re monitoring our usage, year over year, to find even more ways to reduce our footprint.

    GREEN FILM AND TV PRODUCTIONSSeveral Paramount productions have recently been recognized for their environmental efforts. Eli—a Paramount Players production soon to be seen on Netflix—won a Green Seal at the Environmental Media Association’s 2018 awards, while Season 3 of the Paramount Television-produced show “Shooter” won a  Gold Seal—the association’s highest honor.

    Earlier this year, Paramount Television’s production of “Maniac” (starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill) was awarded the NYC FILM GREEN Mark of Distinction for sustainable production. The production’s eco efforts included a food recovery program that donated nearly 500 pounds of food to those in need—equating to 414 meals for the hungry and 270 pounds of CO₂e diverted from the air by avoiding landfill.

    Paramount’s December 2017 feature film release, Downsizing, starring Matt Damon, addressed big questions about the sustainable future. The film’s production team went to great lengths to be more sustainable behind the scenes, too—by banning water bottles on set, sourcing food locally whenever possible, repurposing sets and props from previous productions, and much more. In fact, ProducedBy magazine highlighted the green production protocols used in Downsizing to shrink its carbon footprint.

    Through its long-running initiative, “Green. It’s paramount to us.”, Paramount tries to boost sustainability in every aspect of its work. The studio plays an active part in the industry-wide coterie of heavyweights that drafted the “Green Production Guide” and other tools designed to promote sustainable practices on set. The studio has also taken steps to make its facilities greener, such as by installing a low-carbon alternative energy plant that saves more than 10 million kW hours of electricity per year.

    In our offices and studios, we’re working to be greener and more sustainable, including reducing the carbon footprint of our facilities.

    Graffiti artists customized reusable water bottles for staff in our NYC offices.

    The alternative energy plant provides about 40% of the energy Paramount needs for its Hollywood lot.



    of U.S. facilities used less energy compared to the previous year


    less energy use across our U.S. facilities in 2017


    fewer GHG emissions vs. our 2014 baseline

    PLASTIC BOTTLE PHASEOUT At Viacom, we want to do everything we can to support sustainable living and business. Which is why we’ve removed plastic bottles and straws from all in-house catering at our locations throughout the U.S. The change took effect at the end of July 2018.

    At the Viacom HQ at 1515 Broadway in New York, the phase-out means there will now be about 520,000 fewer plastic bottles and 80,000 fewer plastic straws leaving the building as recycling each year— equivalent to about 20,000 pounds of plastic that we’re diverting.

    Viacom Social Impact Review 2018 13