SOLUTIONS FOR SUPPLY CHAIN & INTERNAL LOGISTICS ¢â‚¬¢ Roller conveyors ¢â‚¬¢ Belt conveyors ¢â‚¬¢ Chain conveyors

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    Material handling equipment Warehouse automation


  • about ARCO

    ARCO is a specialist in turnkey solu tions that boost productivity and

    cost -efficiency. We are able to deliver high-quality, customer-specific

    solutions. When our customers face a challenge, we seek collaboration

    and work to achieve reliable, cost-efficient solutions.

    ARCO develops customized warehouse auto- mation and material-handling installations for

    companies in night distribution, e-commerce, and parcel & postal. ARCO maintains high stan-

    dards for quality and efficiency. Continuity, flexibili- ty, and productivity are factors that are improved by ARCO solutions. Installations are made more relia- ble, more efficient, and more effective.

    ARCO is a system integrator. Because we are not tied to a specific brand or supplier, we are free to choose from the best brands in terms of techno- logy. This freedom puts us in a position to respond quickly to anticipated technical developments. This ensures the best solution for your application. Using ARCO products, our customers are able to

    sort and convey packages faultlessly and undama- ged. ARCO develops, designs, and installs different machines for inbound, warehousing, and outbound processes. We optimize your logistic processes and make sure your installation is cost reductive, more efficient, and more effective. In addition, we minimize waste and develop fully-automatic waste streams. We offer smaller, standard solutions and also handle large turnkey projects that are entirely custom-made to meet the customer’s needs.

    ARCO also provides service and maintenance on all installations. For breakdown services, our mecha- nics are at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • turn-key solution

    Print and apply unit

    Document station

    Put to pallet

    Automatic weigh stations

    Trouble shoot station

    Spiral conveyor

    Pick area

    Drop area

    Case erector


    Control scan

    Pack stations

    Camera scanning

    Automatic case sealer

  • Roller conveyors Roller conveyors can form part of the complete pro- cess for handling incoming and outgoing goods. Engineers at ARCO develop the most efficient and effective solution for your internal transport needs. Our specialists focus on building systems that are reliable and flexible and also boost productivity. ARCO uses modular systems, which means that ele- ments can be added to the process at any time. Rol- ler conveyor systems can be developed for any type of crate, box, or pallet. Installation can be produced in all RAL colours and in stainless steel, and are

    available for quick delivery. When there is a need to cover longer distances, transport carts – also known as shuttles – can be used. Roller conveyors can be equipped with intelligent solutions for diverting, mer- ging, and transferring boxes. ARCO has an extensive roller conveyor product range: • Gravity roller conveyors • Powered roller conveyors • Accumulation roller conveyors • Flexible roller conveyors (for lorry loading and


    Conveyor belts (incline, decline) Choosing the right solution for transportation is an extremely important decision. The choice depends on various criteria, such as the required speed, pro- duct characteristics, and the available space. Different possibilities for transportation are: • Roller conveyors • Belt conveyors • Chain conveyors The specialists at ARCO would be happy to advise you on which conveyor solution best fits your parti- cular situation.

    Chain conveyors Chain conveyors are used in various industries and feature the best technology for precise product placement. ARCO delivers chain conveyors characte- rized by durability and high levels of flexibility.


  • vertical conveyors

    Lifts Lifts (also known as elevators) are used for the vertical transportation of boxes, crates, and pal- lets. A lift is used when there is insufficient space for a spiral conveyor or a decline/in- cline conveyor belt. In addition, lifts can be programmed to transport boxes between more than two different levels.

    Vertical conveyors A variety of solutions can

    be utilized for the vertical transportation of boxes, cra-

    tes, or pallets (for example be- tween the ground floor and the

    mezzanine). The simplest soluti- on is an incline or decline conveyor

    belt. This solution requires a large amount of floor space.

    Spiral conveyors Spiral conveyors are mostly used for the

    vertical transport of boxes or crates, both upwards and downwards. A spiral conveyor

    is used when the gradient is too steep for a conveyor belt and when a lift would not be able

    to handle the required capacity. Spiral conveyors are equipped with rollers on the inside, and the

    roller conveyor can be either self-driven or operate using the force of gravity. Spiral conveyors are safe and offer a large capacity.

  • High speed sorting Large mail-order companies sort and ship millions of packages daily. ARCO builds complete material handling installations that fully automatically sort packages, boxes, envelopes, crates, and bags on sorting lines with many hundreds of discharge points.

    Speed is an important criterion for many mail-order companies. With ARCO systems, all incoming pack- ages are sorted in no time and the courier can quick- ly be on their way. Choosing the right sorting solution is an extremely important decision. The choice depends on various criteria, such as the required speed, product charac- teristics, and the available space. The specialists at ARCO would be happy to advise you on which sorting solution best fits your particular situation.

    Different sorting solutions Crossbelt sorter: 12.000 packages per hour Zipp sorter: 5.000 packages per hour String sorter: 4.000 packages per hour Pop-up sorter: 3.500 packages per hour Push sorter: 1.600 packages per hour Transfer sorter: 1.200 packages per hour

    Custom-made Custom-made sorting solutions are designed enti- rely to meet the customer’s needs. A project team ensures that the best possible solution is developed based on the customer’s wishes, the product cha- racteristics, and the required capacity.


  • Barcode, QR code, and photo scanning The automatic application of a barcode and/or ship- ping label to products makes it possible to register and track products and to distribute and store them entirely automatically. Because less manpower is required for tasks such as folding, taping, and label- ling, installations can be run with significantly fewer FTEs. ARCO provides systems with high-end scan- ning equipment for optimized performance.

    Print and apply units To track orders through your warehouse, every box, envelop, or bag requires a unique code or label. Ap- plying labels on boxes is a fully automated process. ARCO delivers hardware and software for coding, la- belling, and scanning, applicable to your warehouse management systems. Once incoming products have been labelled and coded, they are ready to en- ter your warehouse.

    Volume measurement Volume measurement takes place in the final pha- se of the packing process after the box has been closed and the label has been applied. Based on the volume measurement and the dimensions of the box, the system automatically chooses the optimum pallet, van, or lorry. Volume measurement prevents unnecessary air travel.

    Weighing solutions Weighing is carried out to check whether the actu- al weight of a packed box matches the weight that it should have. Any differences between the actual and planned weights probably mean that there is so- mething wrong with the package. This can then be investigated further. ARCO delivers state-of-the-art weighing solutions.

    equipment integration

  • Pick-to-light, Put-to-light, Product-to-picker Order picking is a critical success factor in warehouse automation. The pick-to-light system is an example of an intelligent automated solution for achieving fla- wless and efficient order picking. Through the use of barcode scanning and pick-to-light displays, order pickers can see the quantity and the location to pick at a glance. Orders then move via conveyors to the next step in the process. The system is ideal for companies in e-commerce and is easy to use. The pick-to-light system reduces costs and picking failu- res, and increases capacity and efficiency.

    WMS / WCS integration Business process automation is a combination of reliable mechanical installations and intelligent software. For smooth, trouble-free processing ope- rations, it is essential that these two elements work well together. Good data analysis makes it possible to optimize the installation, as a result of which productivity rises, costs drop, and the quality of your product improves. ARCO software engineers ensure full WMS/WCS integration, allowing you to manage your production site from a single point. Machine data, productivity, track and trace; you

    manage the complete supply chain, independently and from one single point. ARCO can also provide specials such as ‘Bay- watch’/supervision towers, step over, tillgates and mezzanine floors.

    Service Level Agreements ARCO offers the option of establishing a service level agreement (SLA), fully relieving the client of responsibility for maintenance of the installation. A maintenance

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