Some ways of techniques for teaching vocabulary. WAYS OF TEACHING VOCABULARY: The easiest way of presenting new words is by translation. Through pictures

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  • Some ways of techniques for teaching vocabulary


    The easiest way of presenting new words is by translation. Through pictures or using an object itself. With the help of some actions TPRGiving definitionGiving synonyms or antonymsBy using new words in making sentences Through word associations

  • According to IMPACT program new vocabulary is presented in the following way: a. say the word: a bridge b. give the part of speech- nounc. give a definition ( meaning; make sure that the language used to describe the word is less complex than the word. Focus only on the way the word is used, dont give other definitions. This wastes time.)- a structure for crossing a river.d. Give an example sentence using the word or an example situation to provide the context. pay attention to the use. e.g. When Ann gets home from school, she crosses the river over the bridge. e. Check for understanding by asking several questions based upon the above context- When does Ann cross the river over the bridge?f. Broaden understanding by seeing how the word can or cant be used- Is a bridge a kind of transport?- No, it isnt.g. Personalize the word by relating it to the students experience Do you cross the river over the bridge when you go to school? h. Have Ss repeat the word and point out word stress paying attention to pronunciation- /bridz/i. Point out any irregular rules in the formation of past tense, plurals, etc. pay attention to the form. - a bridge- bridges /iz/

  • A bridgeThrough pictures (1)

  • Queen (2)

  • Fill in the missing letters (3)

    S - ortF- - tballG mn - stics - yclingJog - ingY - gaFis - ingHo - - ey - hess

  • Put the letters in the correct order(4)1. iecmaar America 2. zrlbia Brazil 3. danaac Canada 4. gdalenn England 5. rmyange Germany 6. lytaI Italy 7. atcsdlon Scotland 8. alswe Wales

  • Fill in New Words in Sentences (5)

    1. Cake, ice cream, and cookies all taste _________.a. saltyb. bitterc. sweetd. vanilla2. French fries, steak, and cake are all _______ food.a. tastyb. bitterc. sweetd. vanilla3. She thinks medicine, coffee, and tea are ________ .a. sweetb. tastyc. bitterd. vanilla

  • Making Sentences Using New Words:tasty,bitter,sweet

    The cookies are sweet.Medicine tastes bitter.This steak is very tasty.

  • Find Russian variant of these sentences #6:

    1. Money has no smell.2. God helps those who help themselves. 3. Better late than never. 4. Never too old to learn. 5. Not all that glitters is gold. 6. The early bird catches the worm. a. - , .b.- , .c.- .d.- .e.- .f.- , .

  • MatchingMatch these two parts and write the correct expression. 1. to be ready 2. to make 3. to do 4. to take 5. to explain 6. to have 7. to get on a. care of b. with somebody c. ones own look d. a mistake e. an exercise f. to somebody g. for something

  • Key: 8 1. to be ready for something; 2. to make a mistake; 3. to do an exercise; 4. to take care of; 5. to explain to somebody; 6. to have ones own look; 7. to get on with somebody

  • Find the correct English word for the given phrase.

    the husband of your aunt a person's father or mother your brother's wife the son of your sister a person's female child the father of your father a child of your uncle two sons of mother and father a woman on her wedding day the man that a woman is engaged to

  • Answers: - the husband of your aunt unclea person's father or mother parentyour brother's wife sister-in-lawthe son of your sister nephewa person's female child daughterthe father of your father grandfathera child of your uncle cousintwo sons of mother and father brothersa woman on her wedding day bridethe man that a woman is engaged to fianc

  • With the help of some actions. TPR. #9

  • Giving definitions 10, 11You throw the ball into the basket (basketball)You are a team of eleven players and kick the ball only with your feet (football) You usually sit and meditate (yoga)You throw the ball across the net (volleyball)You use your bicycle in this sport (cycling) A teepee is a kind of house where ancient Indians livethe husband of your aunt unclea person's father or mother parentyour brother's wife sister-in-lawthe son of your sister nephewa person's female child daughterthe father of your father grandfather

  • Giving synonyms or antonyms Narrow is the antonym of wideA warrior is the synonym of a soldier.Scream is the synonym of cryTerrible is the synonym of awfulHard-working is the antonym of lazy

  • Answer the questions(12):Which river runs through London? What is a double-decker?What color is traditional London taxi?What is the nickname of this flag?What is the most popular lake in Scotland?What is the national Scottish costume called?


  • Some English riddles: 1. What clothes does a house wear? -Address2. What kind of apple isn't an apple?- Pineapple 3. What is black and white all over? - Newspaper4. What teaches without talking?- Book 5. What has lots of eyes but never sees?- Potato 6. What is always in bed but never sleeps?- River

  • Finish the sentences Thistle is the emblem of The tribes who started setting in Britain after 430 AD were English people celebrate Easter In Britain the school year begins on the On the 1st of April English people celebrate

  • True or false London is the capital of The United Kingdom and England. In 1665 The Great Plague broke out. London is two thousand years old. The Great Fire broke out in the spring of 1666. More than 3 million people live in London. London is situated on the Thames River. London is divided into four parts Westminster is the political center. The City is the center of business and commercial life.

  • Situations (with key words)When children write about their problems to magazines, they get advice. Here are two replies to their letters. Imagine the situations the children wrote about. Pupils read the first advice and try to find the key words of advice: P1.To my mind the key words of advice are the following make mistakes, worry, boys and girls tease. Teacher.Thats right. And what is the problem of this boy? P2.The pupil is very shy. He is ready for the lesson but he is afraid of speaking in front of his classmates. If he makes some mistakes, they will tease him. But his classmates are not perfect too.

  • A Game or a competition.14 I see that you know the names of many famous British writers and poets. Britain is also rich in different customs, traditions and has a lot of interesting facts in its history. The following task for each pupil in the team is to do the Britain Quiz. The Britain Quiz has ten questions. There are three answers to each question but only one of them is correct. You should write the number of the correct answer. Ill give you 3 minutes to do it.


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