Sound editing in detail

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Sound Editing- In Detail

Sound Editing- In Detail

For our sound editing we had to use Garageband as our sound editing programme. This is a useful programme as it allows us to transfer sounds over, edit them by cutting them and adjusting the volume, and then finally place it into final cut where our original media is. We used a copy write free piece of drum and bass music which we found on SoundCloud. We added this to the previous sound effects that we had chosen from

To the left we can see that GarageBand allows us to edit the music with our film in the programme, this is very useful as it allows us to time the sound to the action correctly. The yellow bar is our sounds from SoundCloud, the blue is the added sound effects that we added in in FinalCut. For our teaser trailer, these are non diegetic sounds. Highlighted to the right in a closer detail shows how we are able to adjust and control the volume. Very effective for when we want to fade a sound in/out when the atmosphere of the trailer changes its dynamics.

Finally, once completing the sound track, we were then able to upload it into final cut. However, there was trouble exporting our sound from garage band due to the different programmes. After a few tries I was able to successfully transfer it, by first converting the file to an iTunes movie and then exported it from finder into FinalCut. We then realised the resolution and video quality was not at a high standard anymore, fortunately Kevin fixed this by altering the properties of the file.