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  • You already know about 1.How the Columbian Exchange worked 2.And how the Spanish conquered the Aztecs and Incas
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  • Stages of Latin American History 1.Powerful Civilizations controlled population (200-1500) Aztecs Incas 2.Spanish arrived (1500s), conquered Civilizations 75% of Indians killed by disease Remainder forced into slavery 3.Creoles won independence from Spain (1800s) 4.Issues they created still exist today
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  • Early 1500s in Latin America Spain took control of more and more land Goal: hunted for more civilizations to conquer Searched for Gold and Silver Each new mine claimed for Spain Spaniards flooded Americas Gold and silver made Spain wealthy Wealth meant large Army and Navy
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  • Life in Spanish America Creoles lived WELL Mestizos lived poorly Native Americans forced to labor Forced to labor to death Replaced by more and more African slaves
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  • Life in Spanish America To control population, Creoles had to keep class system rigid Rich were very rich, poor were impoverished
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  • 1600s in Latin America Spanish settlers learned that Cash crops could sell in Europe Native Americans died off from European diseases Spaniards needed new laborers Forced Africans into slavery Most Slaves worked on plantations
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  • 1700s in Latin America Spain started losing winning edge Spanish no longer strongest nation in world Pirates raided shipments of gold to Spain Settlers (Creoles) no longer proud to be Spanish Some Creoles rebelled against
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  • INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT LEADERS IN LATIN AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE Toussaint LOuverture (470) Simon Bolivar (471) Jose de San Martin (471) Jose Morelos (472) For each guy, find: who he was what he did for independence 9
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  • Toussaint LOuverture (470) Former slave on island of Haiti Organized a slave rebellion against French control
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  • Simon Bolivar (471) An Educated military general a Creole. Was called the Liberator Won independence for most of South American from Spain
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  • Jose de San Martin (471) Also a creole. Won independence for Chile from Spain. Helped Bolivar in the North.
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  • Jose Morelos (472) A priest and a Mestizo. Helped Creoles win independence by creating discipline.