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Section - A SynonymsPopular amazing battered extended patched invidious reverent generous well known Surprising beaten heavily, worn out offered sewn unjust respectful benevolent inexperienced opposing worthless sullen, dejected, displeased untidy sad, sorrowful offerings forsaken, lonely ordered felt, experienced very strongly that cannot be satisfied not showing respect offer prestigious demanding absolutely, pursue continue, pursue victim compensation rising, increasing struggle fear

unsophisticatedhostile ineffectual glum ragged piteous alms forlorn -

commissioned profound -

unquenchable irreverent tender privileged exacting -

indispensable prosecute prey redress soaring scramble panic -


welt decade pursuit


mark a period of ten years chase victoriously refused cruelty steady effort carrying out punished at the same time travellers not often, rarely chirping limited very interesting bravery insufficiently massive, monumental cutting lavishness, richness steadfast fine, delicate generosity splendid impressive support mighty

triumphantly denied brutality diligence -

implementationpenalized -

simultaneouslyvoyagers seldom twittering restricted fascinating valour scantily monolithic notching opulence staunch intricate munificence -

magnanimous grandiose patronage Herculean -


AntonymsInability Eagerly Piteous Private Rare Wide Clean Foreign Sweet Proud Selfish Impressive Opulence Reverence Patronized Ascended Privileged Narrow Violence Tragedy Brutality Slavery Seasonal Far away Mighty Artificial Fascinating Valour Impressive Sacred x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x ability indifferently Joyous public Common narrow dirty local / native bitter humble generous unimpressive poverty irreverence discouraged dethroned miserable wide non violence comedy kindness freedom erratic nearby tiny natural uninteresting cowardice dull unholy


Abbreviations and Acronyms1. PA 2. P.S 3. BPO 4. KPO 5. B.Tech 6. SBI 7. RRB 8. UFO 9. CA 10. UAE 11. NGO 12. SSC 13. TAFE 14. TANSI 15. RAM 16. ROM Personal Assistant Personal Secretary / Post Script Business Process outsourcing Knowledge Process outsourcing Bachelor of Technology State Bank of India Railway Recruitment Board Unidentified Flying object Chartered Accountant United Arab Emirates Non Governmental Organisation Staff Selection Commission Tractor and Farm Equipment Tamilnadu Small Scale Industries Random Access Memory Read Only Memory Visual Communication All India Radio United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation Career Aptitude Test North East West South Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Radio Detection And Ranging Subscribers Identity Module

17. VISCOM 18. AIR -

19. UNESCO 20. CAT 21. NEWS 22. AIDS 23. RADAR 24. SIM -

Homophones1. The Colour of your hair is the same as that of the hare (hair / hare) 2. Do you know the answer? No, I dont (no / know) 3. I can hear the bell from here (hear / here) 4. Our day on earth is measured by the hour (hour / our) 5. He wants to buy a flat by selling his house ( by / buy) 6. The prince is the next heir to the throne / The ball is thrown into the air (heir / air thrown / throne) 4

British English and American EnglishMemory Tips British English LL l our re nce que ce SS American English L ll or er nse ch se S

British English Centre Metre Theatre practise focussed organise programme colour skilful neigbour favourite tyre fellow jam anti clockwise bonnet boot blind chips cot cutting

American English Center Meter theater practice focused organize program color skillful neighbor favorite tire guy jelly counter clock wise hood trunk window shade French fries Crib Clipping


dust bin fire brigade goods train interval jug rise shop assistant single torch wash basin wind screen witness box zed trumpet storm

Garbage can, trash can Fire department freight train intermission pitcher raise sales clerk one way flash light sink wind shield witness stand zee horn tempest

Give the plural formMemory Tips Singular ending - um, - on - us - is -a - ix, - ex Singular axis crisis focus terminus memorandum stratum aquarium alumna alumnus Plural axes crises foci termini memoranda strata aquaria alumnae alumni Plural ending -a -i - es - ae - ices


genie analysis criterion series erratum cupful innings curriculum medium dining room man servant daughter in law

genies analyses criteria series errata cupsful innings curricula media dining rooms men servants daughters in law

SyllabificationPro per ly en-ter-tain-ment as-tro-no-my ob-ser-va-ble per-ma-nent a-bout in-side peo-ple mu-sic gui-ta-rist pri-so-ners sur-vi-val in-ter-nal bare-ly fa-na-tic phil-har-mo-nic ex-tra-va-gan-za ar-ti-cu-late

Compound wordsFoot hills Fly catcher Ice caps Air port Hand written Over load Moon light River bed Type write Land mark Sea food Star light Water fall Free drive Dry clean Deep fry Out run Well defined


Child hood Good will Soft ware Gentle man Insight Outpost Fast food Safe guard

School boy Sewing machine Walking stick Wash out Flash back Make over Night fall Day break

Down cast Radio active Light sensitive Pale blue Light green Out sourcing Incoming

Prefix and SuffixPrefix un in en ig sub em ultra hyper trans over inter im pre dis mis non Suffix able or tion ly ment ian ble ful ity ic ive y ous ness ance ion ship


Examplesin secure en vision un announced ig noble em power ultra violet inter lock dis play mistaken non violent sub standard hyper tension trans form over lap im possible prefix Securely Security Musician Comparable brightness education colourful dangerous friendship party performance secretive metallic colourful announcement inferior, director

Phrasal verbsget on give in stand out lay by give up get back stand back lay over stand-offish look after back up drop out have a friendly relationship, cope with yield continue to resist keep for future use abandon an attempt to do something return move back stop at a place on journey aloof, reserved take care support discontinue


hold on get over put off set in call forth depend on come in turn off


wait overcome post pone begin meet with rely enter switch off

Use the words / Phrases given below in a sentence of your ownUse to take up I used to go to the local library every Sunday. The teacher took up the second lesson, on finishing the first one. On account of heavy rain, I did not got to school yesterday.

On account of -

To make matters worse Already the price of Onion is very high. To make matters worse, the price of the other Vegetables is also going up everyday. Divine Testimony To err is human, but to forgive is divine. The old mans testimony helped the family to win their case. Bill Gates was magnanimous when he went out to help the needy countries. harmonious In some film songs, we find a harmonious blend of classical music and western music. On the rear side of - In our village, on the rear side of our house flows the river cauvery. an array of An array of little children in cartoon figures stood as guards of honour for the childrens day function.

Magnanimous -


Give the verb form / Noun form / Adjective form / Adverb formMemory Tips Verb - es - ed - ire / ize - fy - en - ate - ish - dom - ship - hood - er / - or Noun - ment - ness - tion - sion - ance - cy - ity - th - ce - ant - ar - ing -y Adjective - able - ible - ive - ful - al - ant - ic - ave - ent - ly Adverb

Verb Feared loved relate understand define astonished excite exceed emptied depend fear love


Adjective fearful lovable relative understand definite astonishing excited excessive empty dependent

Adverb fearfully lovingly definitely astonishingly excitedly excessively dependently

relationship understanding definition astonishment excitement excess emptiness dependence


Words borrowed from other languages1. ahimsa 2. yoga 3. curry 4. dal / dhal 5. dhoti 6. ghat 7. lathi 8. purdah 9. bonafide 10. etcetera the policy of not harming any living being a discipline through which one seeks union with the divine a sauce made with vegetables split pulse loin cloth worn by men mountain pass. a heavy stick a veil, cover in good faith, genuine and the rest for example in the same place, passage that is notice well inventory, skills of performing different tasks a ready and witty retort an attendant a situation to make extra money or to be successful canteen the final part of a performance. a long violent agreement confusion or disorder culminating point praise emotional shock. sour or mind.

11. exempligracia 12. Ibidem -

13. id est (i.e) 14. Notabene 15. repertoire 16. repartee 17. valet 18. bonanza 19. cantina 20. finale 21. vendetta 22. chaos 23. climax 24. kudos 25. trauma 26. psyche -


Know your idioms1. A penny for your thoughts? 2. a chance in a million 3. two sides of the same coin what are you thinking about? a very slim chance two contrasting characters in the same category 4. a million dollar question a question with a much awaited and valuable answer 5. as good as gold 6. to cash in on 7. thirty pieces of silver 8. drag up a child 9. done to a turn 10. drop out 11. drop outs 12. extract from 13. feather in ones cap 14. follow something up 15. heart and soul 16. in deep water 17. fish out of water 18. in hot water 19. second child hood 20. an early bird very well behaved to take advantage symbol of betrayal bring up a child without proper training extremely well done cease to complete those who withdraw demand and get from something one may feel proud of pursue completely, with utter dedica