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STARBUCKSThe Evolution of a Brand Identity Image

1COFFEEExpensiveFrappuccino (trademarked)What thoughts come to mind when you hear the word Starbucks?

Green, mermaid logoInternationalSeattleThis is brand image 2

Howard Schultz is now the CEO of Starbucks.3DifferentiationStarbucks was not the only company in the world to make great coffee; there were hundreds more.The true differentiator was creating a community, a third place.Furniture, artwork, musicMake people want to buy the experienceThe beginning of a successful brand: WHAT STARBUCKS DID RIGHT

Starbucks has been hailed, acknowledged, and praised again and again for its excellence in branding and marketing DEBBIE MILLMAN4Transformation of a logo

1992198719712011Coffee beans were being sold in Seattles Pike Place MarketEspresso beverages were added to the menuStarbucks becomes a publically traded company40 years marks the next chapter which includes a new logo"A logo is almost like someone's face. If they change it, its almost like you dont recognize the person anymore," DR. LAURA OSWALDWas switching to the new logo a good idea? Many dont like the new logo.Poses another question: Is it a strong enough icon?

Weve seen a growing trend in simplification of logos.

Green: Color of nature. Evokes a sense of health, serenity, and freshness.Deeper shades denote wealth or prestige.

5ZERO advertising costsHow is this possible?3 factors Only locates its outlets on street corners in downtown areas This actually works as their advertisingGlobalization Stock MarketAdvertising

6Business people travel everywhere and don't have the time or interest to explore other coffee houses in these placesStarbucks becomes a natural choice because of familiarityOnce a person becomes a customer in New York, he will be a customer of any Starbucks elsewhere20,891 stores in 62 countries

Globalization & size

7Starbucks is listed on NASDAQFinancing the companyStrengthens the image of the brand and gains more fameBefore it was listed, it was not widely recognized in the US and was only well-known on the West CoastInvestment of $100,000 in 1992 would be worth over $10,000,000 today5,882 shares 188,224 shares (five 2-1 stock splits) April 2010, Starbucks started issuing cash dividends Stock Market

8Consistent product whether in Grand Forks, New York, or ParisOffer consumers what they loveCapture the consumers attention Beverage entertainmentRewards ProgramsCoupons, gift cards, reward cardsQuality customer serviceFriendly, polite, prompt

Customer loyalty

9Differentiation something that makes your product different and coveted compared to competitive companiesSuccessful Design the brand identity must stand out compared to the competitorsAdvertising in order for the consumers to actually buy the product, they must be attracted to it or at least know of its existenceGlobalization & Size not an essential factor, but this would indicate the success of a companyStock Market being listed on the stock market creates more fameCustomer Loyalty keep the consumers coming back for more

What does it take to Achieve a successful brand image?

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