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  • Information andcommunication arestrategic assetsCapital that must beprotected anddeveloped to its fullpotential The information that a company has and generates during the course of its business activity is money. Information such as bank accounts, invoicing, collection and payment data, phone numbers, contact addresses, emails, passwords, contracts, projects, strategic plans, databases of customers and suppliers, condential information workersand on and on. Altogether, this information is the greatest asset any company can have: its the equivalent of hard cash. And because its in a constant state of ux every second brings new data how we manage it is a fundamental issue. In the 21st century, information is capital; its like a owing river whose energy can be harnessed and used to produce prots. All too often, this information is poorly managed and is lost like water from a leaky faucet. It can also be used by others to commit frauds and even be the target of a wide variety of scams. On the other hand, correctly managing this ow of information can generate large prots for its rightful owners. At StoneWork Solutions, we have the knowledge, technical resources, people and expertise to correctly manage the ow of business information, making it a useful and practical tool and a source of protability. Contact us and see how, when properly managed, the ow and content of your business information will help your company win. scar Garca Arano CEO
  • Welcome to securityand the protable managementof information assets.
  • StoneWork Solutions Our job is to armor-plate the companys computer and telecommunications system, as well as to provide tools and solutions for managing it cost-effectively. When we talk about information systems, there are no one-size-ts-all solutions. The computer and telecommunications infrastructure itself and the way each company uses it means that the way it is managed must be tailored to suit a diversity of circumstances. Thats why at StoneWork Solutions, were more than just "computer geeks". Our knowledge of the business world allows us to analyze each companys ow of data, assess its value, pinpoint its most signicant aspects and design made-to-order solutions using advanced management tools. At StoneWork Solutions, we combine computing with management to provide reliable and realistic solutions that help improve our customers performance. That is: to make our customers more protable.AREAS OF ACTIVITYCLOUD SECURITY Analysis of the vulnerability of computer and telecommunications systems to external or internal attacks. Bastionization solutions: Commercial transactions, condential information, phone fraud, use of the equipment for other criminal activities. Forensic analysis of the events that have taken place. Expert appraisals for trials related to data protection with internal and external intrusions. Maintenance of security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Increased strategic, tactical and operational knowledge of the company with solutions that transform raw data into useful and meaningful information. Reduced costs and improvements in productivity and in the relationship with customers and suppliers along with an increase in business volume, thanks to the availability and ease of analyzing the information provided by statistical information systems. Improved decision-making processes with dashboards that provide access to the most indicators that are most relevant for the organization.
  • StoneWork. Protection and Management These are our tools and solutionsSERVICIOS DE CLOUD SECURITYTelephone fraudThis solution detects the misuse or fraudulent use of the customers telephone service.Communication is allowed or denied on the basis of this detection, which works like arewall. Thanks to the cataloguing of "high risk" destinations updated in real time lter policies can be set that make it possible to disrupt communication or generate analert when there is a match.Technical consultations on the security of information systemsWe audit out customers IT infrastructures from two perspectives: External: by simulating an attack on the systems exposed to the internet from outside, based on a very limited knowledge of the infrastructure. Internal: by simulating an attack from within the company, either by an employee or someone who has gained access to the network from within. This offers very thorough results in terms of the level of security.Technical consultations on the security of communicationsThe vulnerability of our customers information systems is analyzed from twoperspectives. On the one hand, the condentiality and integrity of the information that istransmitted; we propose effective solutions for encryption, both for data communicationand for voice. On the other hand, the illegal, fraudulent or criminal use that third partiesmay make of these systems. In particular, we study the vulnerabilities that impact abusiness directly, such as identity theft with regard to service providers, or telephonefraud. We propose reactive solutions, both "in house" as well in "in cloud".Expert appraisals and forensic analysisThe concept of forensic analysis comes from the elds of law and criminology. In oureld, is consists of analyzing elements that have been victims of an attack or used as atool for an unlawful activity, and that may serve as evidence in a trial. The objective is tomake a legal presentation before a court that traces the activities carried out on theelement, and to protect the validity of the evidence, assuring its chain of custody andprotecting it from tampering.Consulting on information security and the lawWe offer a service for adapting both technically as well as organizationally to theOrganic Law on Data Protection. We have attorneys who can provide a regulatoryframework that complies with the law, along with technical staff who can translate legalrequirements into effective and manageable measures.Our 24/365 security serviceWe use a security management system that allows us to carry out periodic securityaudits and monitor customer activity. The information collected is correlated to seek outsigns of attacks or suspicious behavior inside our customers networks or violations oftheir internal policies.
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONSOLAP Data WarehouseThe basis of all business intelligence technologies, we use it to collect data fromdifferent sources through ETL (Extraction Transformation and Load) processes in asingle repository. It lets us analyze information from multiple perspectivessimultaneously, and generate reports on regional sales, nancial status, or stock easily and quickly.Statistical information and report generation systemsThis solution gives our customers a quick and easy way to exploit the informationcontained in a data warehouse. Statistical information systems provide greatexibility when analyzing information from perspectives any time its needed.They also make it possible to dene and generate reports both ad-hoc orautomatically and to send reports automatically, create periodical subscriptions,export data to other formats, etc.Business performance management (BPM) systemsThis service allows us use a series of analytical processes to evaluate anorganizations performance in terms of the attainment of predened objectives.By dening KPIs such as the number of new customers, stock status, billing,protability or the level of use of the infrastructure permanent access is createdto an overview of the companys situation in the form of summaries, rankings,trends, comparisons and predictions.Data MiningThis solution produces the extraction of models, patterns or trends from largeamounts of information by combining statistical methods, articial intelligenceand database management.It makes it possible to set proles in many areas and exploit data warehouses, suchas dening the target of a campaign or analyzing consumer trends and improvingdistribution strategy.Systems for business monitoringAs part of the companys dashboard, we also include real-time systems formonitoring the organizations activity, such as instant billing or the level ofinfrastructure use, e.g., calls in progress.CRM (Customer Relationship Management) SolutionsWe offer a comprehensive solution for managing information systems across thecompany by integrating several of the above solutions. The resulting systemprovides support to the management of all company areas, especially therelationship with customers and suppliers, sales, and marketing.
  • StoneWork Solutions. A modular, open and exible solution Adaptable to every real-life circumstanceStoneWork Solutions response is structured in three phases:Consulting, Solutions and Prevention. Our customers can opt for the full StoneWorksolution or access each of them separately, based on their needs.1. Consulting. The study of your needs, system by systemYou can learn more about your own companys information systems than you everimagined. Possible holes in the internal systems security, vulnerabilities intransmission, under-use of system stre