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  • 1. Explanation of shot(s)We decided to use a establishing shot, so the audience will be able tounderstand where exactly the trailer is set, by using a forest at thebeginning of the trailer, we aim to lure in our audience, as this is the firstthing they will be seeing, this will also help to establish our genre. Thisshot will last for 4 seconds, we did this so that the audience can have avivid idea of the type of genre, they can take in the atmosphere and it willalso help set the mood. Using an establishing shot for the first shot, willhelp intrigue the audience, it will open the trailer, similar to the way a childwill open a book and establish where the story is set. In addition to this,by using this shot we aim to twist this child like notion by using darklighting in order to appeal to our older audience.Low angle panning shot is following the opening shot, in order to maintain thecreepy atmosphere, we chose to use a low angle, to show the dominance ofthe house in both scenes. Also by using a range of shots, such as this lowangle, we believed it will interest the audience rather than using genericstandard shots. In addition to this we felt that a low angle will help develop thegenre.By using another low angle shot, which is quicker than the 2 nd low angleshot, we want the audience to be aware of the surroundings. We aim touse an old Victorian type house, to again adapt the era of the trailer.Also we aim to keep the ancient feel to this modern twist. By using thelow angle shot, the house automatically holds dominance. This shot willlast 3 seconds, we didnt want to dwell too much on this house, because Soundit has been shown previously. Also we will use a zoom into the door ofthe house, through research into real media text, we learnt that zoomsAs a way of developing and keeping our genre we aim to use mother are popularly used, and it can also create a gothic type atmosphere. Transitionslullaby 2.0, through research we found this lullaby on youtube. We feltthat by using this lullaby it will help to form our genre, also it willinterest our audience. When looking for different sound effects, we When looking at transitions, which will be key in helping tofelt that by using a lullaby and having a twist on it, it will help set the develop the narrative, by using fades and dissolves at themood of the trailer. beginning of the trailer, we can then develop the pace. Also by using fades we can create the fantasy child like atmosphere.

2. Explanation of shot(s)This is a zoom ,extreme close up, by doing this the audience willautomatically be drawn into this particular scene, they will be interestedin what is followed by the zoom . Also by using dark lighting again thecreepy atmosphere is created, the audience are automatically curiousabout what the scene entails. This scene will only last 2seconds so inthis we have to successfully convince our audience to want to watchmore, by using this particular shot we felt that our audience would wantto know more about the trailer.In this scene we have Red Riding Hood, skipping through the forest, ina happy manner, this automatically creates the child like atmosphere.We still wanted the innocence attached with this fairy tale to beapparent, and by doing this we felt we could still keep that notion. Whilstthis scene is being developed we will accompany it with the creepylullaby, this will create dramatic irony, the audience will know somethingis up but the characters will not. This will give the audience a sense ofpower, they will feel more involved in the trailer, therefore luring them into want to watch more. Also by using this the character is beingpresented to the audience, we wanted Red Riding Hood to be the firstcharacter the audience will see because we felt that she holds the mostimportance in the trailer.Here we have our company name, we aim to advertise our company,when devising this we also came up with the idea to collaborate withanother company, we looked at different industries who might producethe thriller genre, we then researched Universal Pictures and foundthey popularly produce thriller/horror films. We then incorporated ourTRANSITIONS names into a final company name called KEM, which simply stands forKianna, Elizabeth & Mary.In this group of shots we will be using mainly dissolvesand fades, we want the beginning of the trailer to take amore subtle atmosphere. 3. Explanation of shots In this shot we will be using a long shot, within this long shot we will be showing the huntsman on a motorbike , by doing this we aim to use this as a way of again presenting another character and also as a way of modernising the fairy tale. We also wanted the huntsman to be perceived as more masculine, so we used the typical representations of men and their bikes as a way of devising this shot. This shot will last 3 seconds, and will consist of ambient sound and motor bike sound effect. We want the trailer to begin with a very light tone, then to develop and the pace and suspense to be heightened by the end of the trailer. In this over the shoulder shot, we wanted to place the audience to fell in a place of importance as they can directly see what the character sees. In using this shot we wanted the character to be viewed as a macho man, displaying his strength. We will use ambient sound and keep the motorbike sound effect in order to keep the masculine fluidity throughout the shots, this shot will last for 2 seconds, we wanted the shots to be quick, with shots showing exactly what we want to portray. In this high angle shot of Red Riding Hood, we want to again show the character, as a way of creating a non-linear narrative. By mixing the shots and not placing them in a linear narrative we felt this will interest in the audience because they will be required to focus more, also it will require more participation by the audience.DialogueThe dialogue we will use in these shots is a voice over, we Transitionswanted to use a voice over because we felt we could create aWhen thinking of transitions take place we wanted to use straightmythical type atmosphere. Also we can help create the genre,cuts because, we didnt want to much fuss around this particularwe used real media text such as Captivity which uses a voiceshots.over, through this we also felt tension and fear, this is somethingwe want to create within our trailer, so we aim to imitate this. 4. Explanation of ShotsThis shot will show Red Riding Hoods basket using aclose up, by doing this the audience will again bepresented with the character of Red Riding Hood, weuse this as a way of displaying the basket. The baskethas many connotations and will also help develop thenarrative.In this close-up we aim to present another character,Red Riding Hoods grandma. The grandma will have nospeech, so in order for the audience to know she is unwell, by having a close up of her wrinkled hand, theaudience will be able to make judgements on thegrandma. Also they will be able to guess how old sheis, and the extent of her illness. We will use naturallighting in this shot, we didnt want to add or take awayfrom this scene. Again by using her unattractive hand, itwill be another way of developing the gothic/thrillergenre. We will use a voice over in this shot, again as away of creating the story, innocent, fairy taleatmosphere.In this long, high angle shot, the audience will bepresented with the character of the grandma, by usingthe high angle the audience will be placed in a moreimportant role as they will be looking down on thegrandma, this has importance due to the fact she hasno strength. By using a long shot, they will be able toTransitions see the surroundings but also see the expression ongrandmas face. We will have slow sound effects as aWe will use straight cuts as a way moving from one shotway of building up the tension in the trailer await theto the other in this scene. We wanted this shots to bearrival of something potentially harmful. This shot willquick and straight to the point.last 3 seconds as we wanted it to be quick and not borethe audience. 5. Explanation of Shot(s)In this shot we will show the witches shadow, which will be a long shot. Wewill edit this image so that the witches identity is never revealed, throughresearch into real media text we found that the identity of the villain is rarelyrevealed, as this is a teaser trailer we want to lure the audience, thepossibility that her identity will be revealed will be particularly effective inattracting the audience. We want to use a long shot so the audience will beable to indentify the body of the character.Shot length: 2seconds.Through our research of intertitles and tag lines we learnt these play a keypart in the development of narrative and hyping up of a trailer, so wedecided by placing the intertitle here, it will add to the narrative. We felt thatmixing text and images it will be more interesting and intriguing for theaudience.Shot length:2-3 seconds.In this shot we have the mother directly giving a warning to Red RidingHood in a long shot. We wanted bring in the original plot and we felt inorder to keep the non linear narrative we decided to place the warning rightin the middle of the sequence. Also to show level of importance we placedRed Riding Hoods mother at a higher level than Red Riding Hood. Thisscene is very important in forming the narrative of our fairy tale, so in orderto keep the audience focused directly into what is being said we havedecided to use very subtle, spooky sound effects, we dont want to defertoo much from the genre yet we aim to captivate the audience. AnotherTRANSITIONS decision we made was to use a long shot we did this because we wantedThis scenes will develop through straight cut to present both characters at the same time, also we wanted the audiencetransitions, we didnt want to take away from the to see their body language and facial expressions, this will play a part inshots or make them too busy, we felt tha