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Useful descriptors for UIUC MCB Students

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  • Advising Program

    The School of Molecular and Cellular BiologyUNIVER5ITy of ILIINoIs AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN

    FINDING STUDENT INTERNSHIPSUndergraduate internship opportunities and summer research programs are offbred by:

    o State and federal government agencieso Private industryo Nonprofit organizationso Academic institutions (colleges and universities)

    Begin with the UI Career Center ( to gaina basic understanding of theinternship experience and how to make the most of it. Here you'll find:

    o Search instructions and"

    Job/internship databases ( to help you think aboutyour goals and aid your search for experiential education. In particular, The Career Center recommends useof the I-link system ( ) to explore your opportunities, aswell as their

    o Career Center workshops (link to: ) and theiro One-on-one advising (link to: ) to assist you in finding a program that's a good fit for you.

    Check out pre-filtered onportunities for students in the Biological Sciences:

    o Other institutions that compile and update a list of opportunities. For example, the Rochester Instituteof Technology ( offers a listing of internship sources that havebeen selected for their relevance to biomedical research.

    oWebGURU (www.webguru.neu.edr) -- The Web Guide to Research for Undergraduates offers aProgram Listing of summer research opportunities.

    Look at Federal Student Internships: The federal agencies and departments offer many studentinternships:

    o Watch the Career Center for federal internship events:. Sign up for the Career Connections newsletter:

    [email protected] : //www. careercenter. illinoi s. edr.r/services/newsletter. Meet with Tori Tanney Spring, Assist Dir. Emptoyer Connections and Job Preparation, to talk

    about your interests. ([email protected]; 333-0820). View the FA10 webinar hosted by the Partnership for Public Service - PCs only: Federal Internships:

    Find and Apply for Summer 20ll (recorded on Oct. 20,2010):http ;//ourpublicservice. orglOPS/dropbox/livemeetine. wmv

    o Get into the Federal Internship loop by subscribing to: "Hot Jobs and Cool Internships" e-news fromthe Partnership for Public Service (www.ourpuUticserul .

    o Download the MCB Federal Internship Workshop (pdf) handout( for a description of steps you can take to find a federalinternship with a focus on the Biological Sciences.

  • Advising Prograrn

    The School of Molecular and Cellular BiologyUNIVEBSITY OF ILLINOIS AT UNSANA.CHAMPATGN

    Search for Industrv Internships: While it would not be possible to provide a comprehensive list of studentinternships offered at companies, below is a list of several compunies in or near lllinois that often do:

    " Abbott Laboratories(,40:40/general_content/General_Content_00l66.htnt)

    o Pfi zer Ph arm a ce u ticals (www. pfi z err d gr a d. c o m / h o m e. p hp ? i d : int er n s h ip)o Sigma-Aldrich Co. ( Monsanto Corp. ( started/students.asp)o Thermo Fisher Scientific (

    968C-4A2A4s2AFFs9\o Archer Daniels Midland Co. ( Pion eer (www. p ioneer. co m/we b /s i t e/po rt al I

    For a partial listing of IL biotechnology companies:

    Consider Non-Profit Internships: fatlo .ifl l

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