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  • 7/30/2019 Student Sample Reflective Essay


    Even though the semester is not over yet, I have learned a lot from being in Ms. Hs class. With writing

    not begin my best subject, I enjoyed coming to her class because with every project or in-class

    assignment, Ms. H turned it into fun. We never sat in class bored and not knowing what to do on any

    project. At first some of the projects that we were given seemed to be a little difficult but as soon as she

    explained it in a different way, I understand what was being asked. With the three projects that we have

    done so far required a lot of effort and thought. From every assignment Ms. H has had us reflect back to

    the WPA Outcome Statement. Now that I know these outcomes I will carry them with me for every

    single paper I will write from now on.

    Ive learned from the first assignment to focus on the purpose as well as the different needs of your

    audience. The project was over reviewing a movie genre. You had to pick three movies, with two fitting

    the genre category and one not fitting and with the movies of your likings, you had to state whether or

    not it fit the category that was chosen by other critics. In this project the purpose was to inform those

    whom may read the Trojan Forum, to not bother to watch the movie that did not fit. Your audience was

    the campus. You also had to focus on graphics and designs for your newspaper article. The language and

    tone is formal because you are trying to get your views attention by entertaining them with cleverwisdom.

    In the second project the main focus was to establish an important issue that affected the community

    of our school and report it to SGA. You were to write an outline stating the main claim with supporting

    evidence, your topic, and your solution. The topic had to have three points explaining why it was a

    problem. The purpose was to inform the SGA about a problem that needed to be in concretion. I used a

    formal tone throughout my paper so that I could get my point across. Financial Aid is a hard topic to

    push but I managed to do it. Graphics and designs were also a focus in is this assignment.

    In the third project, we had to write a persuasive paper on anything that did not involve politics. We

    were asked to following specific requirements, like a minimum of 3 to 4 pages with 1000 words. We had

    to have three academic sources that came from our school library and remember to include a reference

    or works cited page. This assignment was my favorite. I enjoyed talking about my topic of the Cosmetic

    Surgery. The purpose was to persuade my readers why people should not have a procedure of plastic

    surgery done. I used formal language to convince my audience of the matter. I felt that my audience was

    on both sides of disagreeing and agreeing because some people may need surgery because of birth

    defects or injuries that may have occurred during their lives but on the other hand, you should not

    proceed with cosmetic surgery to look better if there is nothing wrong with your body. With the

    requirements of the three academic sources, they helped provide a back up statement for me. This

    helped me learn that having electronic environments are a real big main focus of your paper. Without

    any evidence to help back up your issues readers may question your incredibly.

    From being in Ms. Hs class I can now further my academic writing skills to accomplish my future career.

    And I truly thank Ms. H for all of her help and making me have a positive thought about my writing skill.

    Now all I have to work on is my grammar and mechanic errors.