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Advocacy Workshop, National Rx Drug Abuse Summit, April 2-4, 2013. Successful Strategies for Community Change - Part 3 presentation by Det. Gary Martin, Karen Perry and Jennifer Weiss.

Text of Successful strategies for_community_change_part3_final

  • 1. Successful Strategies forCommunity Change, Part 3 Det. Gary Mar+n Homicide Detec+ve, Palm Beach Sheris Department Karen Perry Execu+ve Director, NOPE Task Force Jennifer Weiss Execu+ve Director, Heroin Awareness CommiLee
  • 2. Learning Objec-ves Plan tac+cs to form your advocacy group, what strengths to consider, and how to select the right group of people to help with your mission. Outline communica+on techniques for dialogue to ensure collabora+on among your community. Iden+fy strategies to address heroin use in your community.
  • 3. Disclosure Statement Karen Perry has no nancial rela+onships with proprietary en++es that produce heath care goods and services. Gary Mar+n has no nancial rela+onships with proprietary en++es that produce health care goods and services. Jennifer Weiss has no nancial rela+onship with proprietary en++es that produce health care goods and services.
  • 4. Dr./Detec-ve Gary Mar-n Palm Beach County Sheris Oce Lynn University
  • 5. Overdose Suppression Project: A Comprehensive Response
  • 6. Three Strategies: Law Enforcement Public Awareness Quan-ta-ve Research
  • 7. Reviewing each overdose death inves+ga+on. Applying all relevant statutes to the circumstances. Forwarding all narco+cs intelligence. 19.3 % of the case reviews generated narco+cs intelligence.
  • 8. Collec+ng extensive demographic and circumstan+al data from each overdose death inves+ga+on. Designing a prac+cal overdose death database. Exposing overdose correla+ons and trends.
  • 9. Case Examina-ons 353 overdose death cases Palm Beach County, Florida Selected by chronological occurrence Data derived from: Police and paramedic reports Autopsy and toxicology ndings Family and friend interviews Medical records
  • 10. Public Awareness Forging coopera+ve rela+onships with families who have lost loved ones to drug overdose death. Providing overdose risk awareness programs to students and parents. Designing a mul+media public service campaign focusing on the risks associated with prescrip+on drug misuse and abuse. Seeking legisla+ve ac+on to discourage doctor shopping and prescrip+on drug diversion.
  • 11. Contact Informa-on: Detec+ve Gary Mar+n Violent Crimes Division Homicide Unit Palm Beach County Sheris Oce West Palm Beach, Fl 33406 561-688-4058 Or Gary Mar+n, Ed.D. Associate Dean For Student Life Lynn University Boca Raton, Fl 33431 561-237-7157
  • 12. Karen H. Perry Co-Founder, Execu-ve Director NOPE Task Force, Inc.
  • 13. Richard Perry Age 21
  • 14. Successful Community Partnerships Assess Community Partnerships Plan Implement
  • 15. NOPE Task Force, Inc.: A 501c-3 non-prot Mission To reduce the frequency and impact of drug overdose death through: Community Educa+on Family Support Purposeful Advocacy
  • 16. Partners Law Enforcement Medical Examiner Community Government Medical Professionals Treatment Providers Educa+onal Ins+tu+ons Legislators
  • 17. NOPE Task Forces Partners Oce of Na+onal Drug Control Policy Hillsborough County Sheris Oce Florida Oce of the ALorney General Indian River County Sheris Oce Florida Sheris Associa+on Mar+n County Sheris Oce Florida Police Chiefs Associa+on Okeechobee County Sheris Oce Florida Coali+on Alliance Palm Beach County Sheris Oce Safe and Drug Free Schools Palm Beach County State ALorney Caron Center/Hanley Center Pinellas County Sheris Oce Lynn University St. Lucie County Sheris Oce Tykes and Teens of Mar+n County Sarasota County Sheris Oce DACCO, Inc. Seminole County Sheris and Flagler County Sheris Oce municipal law enforcement agencies Volusia County Sheris Oce
  • 18. Create and Implement a Plan Awareness Educa+on Family Support Advocacy
  • 19. Awareness Na+onal Candle Light Vigil Interac+ve Website Social Media Prescrip+on Drug Take Back Programs Advocate for Legisla+ve Change
  • 20. Educa-on Presenta-ons Middle & High Schools Universi+es Parents & Communi+es Treatment & Correc+onal Ins+tu+ons Health Care Professionals
  • 21. Family Support Treatment Support ASK ADAM Support Groups Interac+ve Website Publica+ons
  • 22. Accomplishments Florida Prescrip+on Drug Monitoring Program Pill Mill Bill and Diversion Good Samaritan 911 Law Average Age of First Use
  • 23. NOPE Task Force 866-612-NOPE Karen Perry Execu-ve Director
  • 24. The Heroin Awareness Committee (HAC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and education about opiate abuse in NM.
  • 25. Facts About New Mexico Known as the Land of Enchantment/Entrapment. Popula+on is: 2,085,500. Biggest City is Albuquerque. Popula+on: 552,800. We are NOT part of Mexico. We are part of the U.S. Yes, we have running water. We are home to the largest interna+onal hot air balloon esta. You will be asked red, green or Christmas at every Mexican food restaurant you venture into. We are the home of the NM Lobos and the infamous PIT
  • 26. NM has the highest drug-induced death rate in the nation The na-onal rate is 12.7%, NMs is 22.8% (per 100,000 deaths)
  • 27. How did we get here?
  • 28. How do we change? Awareness