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Summer Reading Projects – Summer 2014. You Lose the Skills You Don’t Practice. The Summer Slide. Students lose 30 – 40% of what they learned over the year Every two years, the achievement gap widens one year. The Only Way to Fight Summer Loss is T hrough Summer Reading!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parent Meeting for Summer Success

Summer Reading Projects Summer 2014You Lose the Skills You Dont Practice

Why do we have summer reading projects? Every year, nation wide, we see that students loose their reading comprehension abilities if they do not read. 2The Summer SlideStudents lose 30 40% of what they learned over the yearEvery two years, the achievement gap widens one yearPoint out the dips for S1 and S2 to show that reading growth dips in economically disadvantaged communities. 3

The Only Way to Fight Summer Loss is Through Summer Reading!Students need to read at least 4 books or more over the summer to not lose academic or reading growth4What Does YES Require?Every grade level requires summer reading.Each homework requires getting 1-2 books.NEW 6th Graders: 1 book and 1 reading project Rising 7th: 2 books and 2 reading projectsRising 8th: 2 books and 2 reading projectsRising 7th and 8th Graders Choose 2 books from listYou can buy these books at the book fair next week!!!

Rising 7th and 8th Eighth GradersComplete either a poster or a power point for EACH book. You will turn in 2 POSTERS or 2 POWERPOINTS on the first day of school. Example of a poster is included on this slide. 7My presentationHere is an example of a power point presentation for the summer reading assignment.

Remember, all of the parts that would have gone on the poster must go in a power point.

8SummaryHumans and cyborgs live together in a futuristic city on Earth called New Bejing. In this world, a deadly disease is killing thousands of people and scientists have been unable to find a cure. At the same time, Earth faces the possibility of war with the Lunars, a mysterious group of people living on the Moon. The future of Earth depends on one girlCinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She is part human and part machine after an accident that nearly killed her. Shes a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, hated by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsisters illness. Her skills as a mechanic help her to meet the handsome Prince Kai and she becomes wrapped up in his problems as the leader of New Bejing. As she starts to learn about the secrets in her past, she has to make choices to help protect Earth from the treats of disease and war. She has to face problems dealing with loyalty, love, science, and freedom as she helps Kai fight the evil Lunar Queen Levana. Setting Map

WordSentence from the BookDefinition1. Cyborg The same trip during which hed agreed to become the guardian of an eleven-year-old orphaned cyborg. (page 26) A cyborg is part human and part machine. 2. PlagueThe plague! She has the plague! (page 15) A plague is a disease that is really dangerous and spreads quickly. VOCABULARY LISTWhich word on this list is your favorite word? Write the word and then draw a picture to represent that word.CYBORG

Character Head Linh Cinder

Linh Cinder believes that the disease that is attacking the Earth must be defeated. She believes that she should fight to protect innocent people from death. Linh Cinder hopes to see her sister Peony cured of the horrible disease before it kills her. Linh Cinder says that she and Kai should do whatever they can to help the people who are suffering. She also says that she wants to know more about her mysterious past. Plot Lines Beginning of the Novel

1Lihn Cinder meets Prince Kai in the market. He asks her to fix his android, a robot, because it has recently broken.

Kai thinks that Cinder is human and she hides the fact that she is android, or part robot.

2Cinder replaces a mechanical foot that she has outgrown. Parts of Cinders body, including one of her feet and arms are robotic. She has to repair those parts as they break.


Cinder learns that her sisters and step mother are going to a royal ball. Her stepmothers says that the dresses are very expensive and that Cinder cant go unless she provides her own dress.

Cinder also must fix their hovercraft before the ball so they can all attend. 4

Cinder goes to the junkyard with her favorite stepsister, Peony, to find parts for the hovercraft.

While they are there, Cinder sees that Peony has a large red spot on her shoulder, the first sign that Peony has the terrible disease that is killing people. Cinder calls the medics and they take Peony away to the hospital. Beginning of the novel:Theme and Authors PurposeWhat did the main character learn about LIFE or PEOPLE? Cinder learned that sometimes people have to make hard decisions in order to make the world a better place. She had to set aside her own feelings and needs in order to help the entire world overcome a terrible disease. What should be in my power point? All of the info that would have been on the posters must be included in the power points. You can bring this project on a drive or email it to your teacher.

When are projects due?

What if I loose the assignment?

Good news: It will be on the Southeast website. 18Happy Summer Reading!