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project on wonder cement that is one of the cement company in cement industries.

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The satisfaction and delight that accompanies the completion of any task would be incomplete without mentioning the people who made it possible with their constant guidance and encouragement which put the finishing touch to all the efforts with success. It is indeed of great moment of pleasure to express my sense of profound gratitude & indebtness to all the people who have been instrumental in making my Training a rich experience.

I got an opportunity to get a project in Wonder Cement. For this, I would like to thank Mr. Rakesh Motwani (AM- Sales) And Mr. Kunal bhansali (Financial executive) who talked to the concerned person and without whom an internship with the company would not have been possible . I Express my gratitude to my faculty guide Dr. Satish Kumar for giving me an opportunity to work and make the best out of my internship.

My heartfelt gratitude also goes out to the staff and employees at Wonder Cement for having co-operated with me and guided me throughout the training period. I thank my college, DMS-MNIT for having given me this opportunity to put to practice, the theoretical knowledge that was imparted to me at college.

TABLE OF CONTENTSS. No.ParticularPg. No.

(a)Chapter as: Executive Summary

1Introduction: Design of the Study

Introduction Of the research

Statement of the problem

Objective of the study

Research design

Practical/scientific utility of the study

Limitation of the study

2Profile of the organization

Company profile

Product profile

Cement manufacturing process

Corporate Offices


Comparative analysis with competitors

3Analysis and interpretation of the study

4SWOT Analysis

5Finding, conclusion & suggestion




Acementis abinder, a substance that sets and hardens independently, and can bind other materials together. The word "cement" traces to theRomans, who used the termopus caementiciumto describemasonryresembling modernconcretethat was made from crushed rock with burntlimeas binder. Cements used in construction can be characterized as being eitherhydraulicornon-hydraulic. Hydraulic cements (e.g.,Portland cement) harden because ofhydration, a chemical reaction between theanhydrouscement powder and water. Thus, they can harden underwater or when constantly exposed to wet weather. The chemical reaction results in hydrates that are not very water-soluble and so are quite durable in water. Non-hydraulic cements do not harden underwater; for example, slaked limes harden by reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide.The most important uses of cement are as an ingredient in the production ofmortarin masonry, and ofconcrete, a combination of cement and anaggregateto form a strong building material.RK Marbel group a company with reputation for quality and trust built over a period time pleased to introduce Wonder Cement to cater your Cement needs, known for providing world-class products and services.A wide network of Dealers of Wonder Cement takes care of your service needs.The topic of researchers study was Survey of Wonder cements market in Jaipur which was to be conducted on the product given to me.

In the project, the researcher worked out with different dealers and customers of Wonder Cement and other brands. The project guide segmented the market accordingly. The researcher was mainly focusing to promote Wonder cement. Researcher was supposed to work out to create brand awareness through survey and comparative analysis with its competitors. Researcher have surveyed dealers and customers of Cement in Jaipur.

The Research includes 116 sample size. Research is Analytical in nature. Tool to be used for collecting data is Questionnaire. Survey will be carried out across the city. After analyzing the data I came to know about the Strength & Weaknesses of Wonder cement as well as Threats & Opportunities to the Company.

1.1 INTRODUCTION OF THE RESEARCH:-A building material made by grinding calcined limestone and clay to a fine powder, which can be mixed with water and poured to set as a solid mass or used as an ingredient in making mortar or concrete

1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM:- The core problem in the project is Survey of Wonder cements market in Jaipur.

1.3 RESEARCH OBJECTIVES:-1. To Know the Satisfaction level and expectations from cement provider.2. To know awareness of people towards Wonder Cement.3. To find out the market potential of cement.

1.4 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY:-Marketing Research is the systematic gathering, recording, and analysis ofqualitativeandquantitativedata about issues relating tomarketingproducts and services. The goal of marketing research is to identify and assess how changing elements of themarketing miximpactscustomer behavior.It is the basic framework, which provides the guidelines to the study; it is the arrangement of conditions & analysis in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. It was a descriptive research and Analytic Research, which has been done by making an in-depth study to get knowledge about the subject. Descriptive research includes surveys of all kinds and fact finding enquiries. In analytical research a researcher has to use facts and information already available (or secondary data), and analyze these to make a critical evaluation related to the subject matter.Maximum part of my research is based on Analytical research as I have to analyze the consumer behavior and their response as well as dealer behavior and their response to identify various aspects which may lead to the betterment of marketing operations of Wonder cement.Some part of this research in based on Descriptive research.

1.4.1 RESEARCH AREA:The study was conducted in JAIPUR in the following areas : Sitapura Industrial Area. Mansarovar Industrial Area. Malviya Nagar. Ajmer road. Raja Park. Durgapura. Delhi road. Vidhyadhar Nagar Industrial Area. Vaishali Nagar. Amer. C-scheme. Jamdoli. Kanota. Vaitka. 1.4.2 Universe Sample :All Customers and dealers of Cement of Jaipur and nearby areas of Jaipur city like Vatika city,Jamdoli etc..

1.4.3 Sample unit:This part of the sample plan involve the decision about the respondents which are Other brand dealers , customers like from Manufacturing units & Industrial sectors, Construction houses or a combination of all of them. The researcher has chosen combination of these as his sample unit.

1.4.4 Sample size: It involves project guide sample size decision about how many units to be surveyed. The sample size includes 116 respondents which is combination of different types of respondents.

1.4.5 Data Collection Method:There are 2 basic data collection approaches in the market research: Primary data. Secondary data.Primary data gathered by the researcher afresh for the specific study undertaken by him. Primary data can be collected by three methods: Observation Survey Personal Interview

Researcher has chosen the survey method with the help of Questionnaire for the data collection method. Researcher interacted with customer and dealers to understand their needs and information required by them.The secondary data refers to those data, which have been gathered, from the agency & Company itself. I had used only primary data.

Research Instruments: Research Instrument calls by the name of tool of collecting the data. As above said the researcher has chosen questionnaire as research instrument, which gives most satisfactory results.

Sample plan: Sample Size - 116 Sample Unit- Dealers and Customers of Cement. Sampling Design-- Judgemental purposive Sampling Type of Research-- Descriptive & Analytical Tools used for Data Analysis- - Bar Chart - Pie Chart Time for the research - 45 DaysContact method:The last issue to be decided in sampling plan is to determine the Contact method i.e. how the selected unit be approached. Various methods available are mail survey, telephonic survey and personal interviews. The researcher has used personal interviews and telephonic survey as methods to get the information and questionnaire filled.

Field Work:At the end after finishing up the problem definition and research design, researcher conducted the actual data collection procedure. This is called fieldwork.

1.5 PRACTICAL /SCIENTIFIC UTILITY OF THE STUDY:-For company: -1. Useful for the company to know the level of awareness of Wonder Cement.2. Study will help the company to know the customer profile.3. It provides the information about the consumer behavior and their responses towards product.4. Basis for strategy formation for the company to improve future growth.5. Company can find out its position in the market in comparison to its competitors.6. Helps in Indirect Promotion of the product.7. It provides a detailed study of competitors, their market share, strategies, distribution network, pricing etc.For Researcher: -1. To learn the practical skills of an effective sales manager.

2. To develop the convincing & communication skills.

3. To develop the leadership qualities.

4. To learn about the cement industry.

5. To understand the working of sales model in cement industry.

For Others: -

Secondary source of Information This research report would act as a secondary source of information for any related subject in future.


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