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The Association for Science Education Charlotte ClarkeDerek Bell ASE ChairChief Executive

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Text of The Association for Science Education Charlotte ClarkeDerek Bell ASE ChairChief Executive

  • The Association for Science EducationCharlotte ClarkeDerek BellASE ChairChief Executive

  • What is the ASE?The largest national subject association15000 members2000+ primary members2000+ technicians2000+ student members500+ overseas members

  • History of ASEFormed in 1963 by the merger of the Science Masters Association and the Association of Women Science TeachersTraceable history dates from 1900First annual meeting in 1901

  • Aims of ASETo promote education by improving the teaching of scienceproviding an authoritative medium through which opinions of teachers of science may be expressed on educational mattersaffording a means of communication among all persons and bodies of persons concerned with the teaching of science in particular and with education in general

  • Structure of ASENAIGS ATSE Regions Technicians NQT ASE MembershipRepresentationCouncil





    AdministrationBooksalesFinanceMembershipWebsiteCurriculumConferencesEventsField OfficersINSET ServicesHQ Management teamOperational supportExecutiveFees and informationServices, support, journalsAssociation committees

    InternationalResearchPrimary11-19TechniciansSafeguardsE-strategyPublications committees

    Council CommitteesQuality and Audit Finance and General PurposesCsciTeach Registration Board

  • ASEs partnersCurriculum authoritiesInspection bodiesLearned societies eg Royal Society, BA, RSC, IoP, IoBSTEM organisationsScience Learning CentresTDAHE institutionsGovernmentIndustryLocal AuthoritiesIndustry e.g. GSK, Wellcome

  • ASE activityCPD, including ASE INSET Services, national and regional conferencesChartered Science Teacher CSciTeachPublications Booksales, JournalsProjectsWebsite

  • CPD National ConferenceEarly January2008 at the University of LiverpoolAttracts 3000-4000 delegates350+ talks and workshopsVisits, academic lectures, exhibitions, social programmeOrganised by Conference Committee supported by HQ Conferences staff

  • CPD National ConferencesTechnicians ConferenceATSE conferenceNAIGS conference

  • CPD - Regional EventsRegional conferences often 100-200 delegates, approx 10 a yearRegional events e.g. in a one month period 2 conferences and 12 other events across the countryOrganised by Region Committees, supported by Field Officers

  • CPD ASE INSET ServicesProjects e.g. ASE Certificate of Professional Development, NOF training with the Science Consortium, TechcenWorkshops/Courses e.g. Health and Safety, Technician training, teaching assistant trainingCommissions e.g. organisation of INSET programme for an LA, APS INSET materials for QCA, research in collaboration with a university, contributions to PGCE programmesConferences Management of conferences for LAs, Science Across the World

  • CSciTeach

  • CSciTeachA first for a subject associationFirst successful applicants to be awarded Chartered Science Teacher status 2006/7Recognition of level of professionalism comparable with Chartered Chemist, Chartered Engineer etc.

  • Publications - JournalsEducation in SciencePrimary Science ReviewSecondary Science ReviewScience Teacher Education

  • Publications - BooksalesApproximately 200 titles Primary, Secondary, Post 16Other resources e.g. CD ROMS

  • ProjectsUPD8Science Across the WorldOutdoor ScienceScience Year CD ROMsLab design

  • Science Across the World~4200 teachers and their students, 125 countries

  • Refurb of 19th century labSpecial school science areaNew build in conjunction with LALab Design

  • WebsiteMembershipConferencesBooksalesJournalsINSET servicesASE GlobalRegionsResources

  • Benefits of membershipAdvice and guidanceJournalsDiscounted price on publicationsCheaper registration for conferencesCPD opportunities5000000 indemnity insurance

  • Why does it work?Huge variety of levels at which a member can engageStrength in membershipRegional activity.

  • NAIGS discussion questionsWhat does ASE do really well?How can ASE serve you, and the people you work with, better?What one thing could ASE do to increase membership?What one thing will you do as a result of being at this session today?

    Welcome etc.Going to show you a promotional presentation which you could use back in your patches (edit as you want)However, what Im going to SAY is info for YOU, not how I would present this to a group of teachers, say. Im just using it as a prompt.Membership declining. This is a picture nationally (other subj. orgs), possibly due to freely available materials on internet, teachers etc busier than ever, maybe some dont see benefits.ASE is currently offering a number of incentives to getting new members - especially networks of primary schools. Contact Alan Rhodes individually to get deals for your LA or any cluster you work with. If youve got an idea for getting folk to sign up, also talk to Alan.Now entering the 21st century with a DEMOCRATIC election system!Consultation responses recently (some including NAIGS contributions, others done separately):Testing and Assessment consultation 2007 (House of Commons)Secondary Curriculum Review, May 2007(QCA)Primary Review, 'The condition and future of primary education in England, April 2007 (Alexander)TDA CONSULTATIONSupport staff qualifications strategy consultation QCA AS/A2 consultationASE response to DfES Consultation on Sustainable schools Response to consultation on `Extended Project (Level 3) Last year: Treasurys Science and Innovation Investment Framework, HoLords Select Committee Enquiry into Science Education

    Position statements: New Science GCSEs (following controversy re dumbing down in press). To come: Intelligent Design New HQ senior team better supporting Derek.Need to encourage people in your patch to serve on committees, both region committees and ASE committees. Not stoyed out with nominations. Best functioning cttees are those with membership which is varied in skill base, and not static in membership.New HQ building due for moving into late July/Early Sept (Be kind to HQ staff around then)Mention SCORE, Science Board, STEM High Level Strategy GroupNAIGS day at Annual conference - we have Ian Richardson, John Holman (SLC and STEM) and me (workshop on SSE for Primary Subject leaders which you can then use on your patch). Also reception (sponsors S&C hoorah). Group trip from your LA? Im going to try to fund a minibus from Blackpool.Primary SCHOOL membership gets anyone in the school the members rate at the conferenceDo we want to ask people to ask a NAIGS member who didnt come why they didnt come?Question for NAIGS members what CPD recruits people? Is there a common picture? Price/location/content/phase/time of year/provider?Linking ASE Cert of PD with CSciTeach and THRESHOLD!INSET Services can still arrange bespoke CPD for your area.Techcen - opportunities for distance learning NVQ for technicians. HLTA (Science/Maths) - what is this looking like in your LA? Funding? (Pair talk and feedback)How can ASE best support trad technicians AND those who are attracted by the TA work?Discuss move towards looking at less standard applications this year. Stress necessity to show IMPACT of CPD in applications. Please consider yourself AND encourage teachers in your patch. Re-stress link to Threshold.Dont forget you can get back copies to dole out on your training events - contact Rob OxleyBooksales might do a stand for you at a big event - contact Rob Oxley, or your Field OfficerPrimary SCHOOL membership gets anyone in the school 10% discountPrimary UPD8 offer for cluster of schools: 50 per school for group of 10+ schools - contact Karen Shoebottom at ASESeveral languagesGlobal perspectiveContacts and linksKey skillsThinking skillsPedagogical skills for teachersSoon to undergo a facelift.Dont forget the NAIGS area of the siteNeeds updating - theres been an interregnum at ASE.