The board of FFK wishes you a Merry Christmas and many ... In this last newsletter of 2016, FFK looks

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Text of The board of FFK wishes you a Merry Christmas and many ... In this last newsletter of 2016, FFK...

  • In this last newsletter of 2016, FFK looks back on a wonderful year. A number of firsts: Curacao nr. 75 in the FIFA Ranking, qualification for the Gold Cup, and for the U-17 CONCACAF Championships 2017. Successes for our Futsal team, our U-15 Girl Team doing so well in Florida. Some individual successes: Gino van Kessel and Felitciano Zschusschen lead the Caribbean Cup top scorer ranking and Van Kessel is named in the ‘best off 2016’ CONCACAF election. FFK is positively sure that with the combined efforts of all involved in the further development in Curacao football, 2017 will even be more great! We will keep you informed about our ac- tions in 2017 thorough our quarterly newsletter FFK ta Informá.

    The board of FFK wishes you a

    Merry Christmas and many Great Goals in 2017!

    FFK Newsletter - FFK ta Informá

    December 2016, Volume 2, Issue 5

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    eration FFK - National Team!

  • Curacao national selection goes CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2017!

    2016 Results

    Caribbean Cup First Round

    Barbados - Curacao 1-0

    Curacao - Dominican Republic 2-1

    Caribbean Cup Second Round

    Curacao - Guyana 5-2

    Curacao - US Virgin Islands 7-0

    Caribbean Cup Third Round

    Curacao - Antigua & Barbuda 3-0

    Puerto Rico - Curacao 2-4

    As proud group winner of the Third Round, Curacao qualified

    for both the Final Round of the Caribbean Cup and the CON-

    CACAF Gold Cup. The Final Round of the Caribbean Cup will

    be played from 22-25 of June 2017 between the four qualified

    teams Curacao, Martinique, Jamaica and French Guyana, in

    one of the CFU associated Caribbean countries.

    The Gold Cup will be played in the US, from 7-21 of July. The

    US, Canada and Mexico will join the Caribbean qualified

    teams and the top four teams form the Central American

    Zone. A total of 12 teams will participate.

    Curacao U-17selection in 2017 CONCACAF Championship!

    Another first for FFK! The U-17 selection

    qualified for the 2017 CONCACAF U-17

    Championship. Our young heroes will

    play against Panama, Honduras and

    Haiti in Panama 21-27 of April 2017. The

    top two teams advance to the classifica-

    tion stage for the U-17 FIFA World Cup.

    Good luck boys!

    U-17 Results 2016

  • The Curacao Futsal team ended second place

    in the CFU Futsal Championship in January

    2016 and thus classified for 2016 CONCACAF

    Futsal Championship in Costa Rica. A first in

    the history of FFK. Teamed with Cuba, Costa

    Rica and Canada in group B, Curacao set a

    draw against Cuba but lost their matches

    against Futsal powerhouses Canada and Costa

    Rica. A job well done !

    Curacao - Antigua & Barbuda 3-0

    Futsal CONCACAF

    Championship 2016

    Curacao hosts Caribbean Final Round U-20

    Curacao was the proud host of the Final Round of the Caribbean Qualifier Tournament in October. Bermuda , St. Kitts & Ne-

    vis , Haiti, Antigua & Barbuda, Trinidad & Tobago , Cuba and St. Lucia travelled to Curacao to participate in the qualifiers.

    Unfortunately, our U-20 did not make it past the group phase . The four semi-finalists Haiti, Antigua & Barbuda, Bermuda

    and Trinidad & Tobago classified for the 2017 CONCACAF U-20 Championship. FFK will continue its efforts to prepare our

    talented players for performing at international level in 2017.

    A result FFK is particularly proud of is the perform-

    ance of the U-15 girls team in the CONCACAF U-15

    Championship. FFK invests in women and grass-

    roots development through the Live Your Goal pro-

    ject and the efforts start paying off. A dedicated

    staff is working with this group of motivated young

    girls and the players in the Women U-15, U-17 and

    U-20 teams . In 2017 three age categories, U17, U-

    20 and senior will be performing in regional tourna-

    ments and FFK is looking forward to it!

    Girls U-15 win group phase

  • Centro Dominguito Champion Liga MCB First Division

    CVV Willemstad Champion Liga MCB Second Division is promoted to the Liga MCB First Division

    Hubentud Fortuna Champion Women League 2016

    Centro Barber Champion U-20 Competition CVV Willemstad Champion Small-a-side Women Competition

    Curacao champions of the 2016 Liga MCB

    A great big thank you to our loyal sponsor MCB !

  • Girls Girls Girls

    This year the FFK organized four Live Your goals festi-

    vals for girls and organized a small aside tournament to

    celebrate the second CONCACAF Women’s Football

    Day in May.

    FIFA’s women instructor Andrea Rodenbaugh travelled to Curacao

    to teach in a FIFA Advanced Women Coaching Course.

    Kolegio Wim Ellis won the FFK U-13 School Competition

    for girls.

    Certified FFK trainers visit schools to train the teams participat-

    ing in the U-13 School Competition. Schools participating in the

    Live Your Goals Festivals can join the School Adoption Plan in

    which trainers start after school training groups for girls inter-

    ested in football.

  • The FFK Boys U-13 selection competed in the yearly Aruba Hymno y Bandera Tournament. This year the boys won the third price.

    A record number of teams entered the 2016 Youth Competition. FFK intro- duced a new age category the U-9 in the formal competition. The youngest players enjoyed their competition enormously.

    Also lots of fun at the festivals and clinics for young football players! Grassroots Festivals, WorldCoach Clinics and the start of the CONCACAF Grassroots Project made 2017 a great year.

    Youth Champs

    Our Liga Lito is a classic! Every other week the U-6 and U-8 teams of the different clubs come together on Sunday morning to play

    in a small a side tournament. First steps in what could be a lifetime recreational hobby or maybe even a professional career...

    Curacao Youth Competition Champions 2016 U-9 SUBT U-11A Excellence U-11-B Willemstad U-13 A Atletiko Salinja U-13 B SUBT U-15 A RKSV Scherpenheuvel U-15 B SUBT U-17 RKSV Scherpenheuvel U-20 SV Centro Barber

  • In May 2016 FFK Technical Director Etienne Siliee travelled to King-

    ston, Jamaica, to attend a special Technical Directors Seminar. In

    the seminar the technical directors were informed about the new

    finance structure to be introduced in 2017 for FIFA football devel-

    opment projects.

    FFK has a longstanding cooperation with the Dutch Federation KNVB. In January 2016 a delega- tion of KNVB visited the island of Curacao to dis- cuss future plans and how the KNVB could con- tribute to the ongoing development of Curacao Football. The president of KNVB also met with the prime minster of Curacao Ben Whiteman.

    In October FFK received a special token of appre- ciation from FIFA for organizing the Final Round of the U-20 Caribbean Qualifiers. FIFA representative Veron Mosengo-Omba handed FFK president Jean Francisca an ensign to thank the federation for their ongoing efforts in football development.

    CONCACAF Technical

    Development Director

    Hugo Salcedo visited

    Curacao for the intro-

    duction of the CONCCA-

    CAF Grassroots Project.

    This project aims to

    involve many stake-

    holders: and private-

    public partnerships. Mr.

    Salcedo presented the

    plans to representa-

    tives of the government

    and other institutions .

    FFK is already imple-

    menting the plans in a

    number of schools. CONCACAF’s Mr. Hugo Salcedo

  • Referees must be very fit to lead a match. The FFK Referee Department has weekly training sessions to help the referees stay in shape. Here they are drilled as part of the FIFA U-17 project which in- cluded a special referee course.

    Curacao referees Mike van de Sande and Sam Heye and

    Juniel Adelina travelled to Martinique to lead the match

    Martinique versus the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean

    Cup. Mike van de Sande debuted as referee in a FIFA match

    at senior level.

    The referee department is very active in organizing courses

    Basic and Youth Referee and also in providing the certified

    referees with update courses. For example updates from

    the Futuro III course, which was attended by Valentino

    Chance, Kevin Pieter and Roderick Rojer. In December 2016

    the referees participated in another FIFA course organized

    on Curacao.

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