The Eucalyptus Open-source Cloud Computing System Daniel Nurmi Rich Wolski, Chris Grzegorczyk, Graziano Obertelli, Sunil Soman, Lamia Youseff, Dmitrii.

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The Eucalyptus Open-source Cloud Computing SystemDaniel NurmiRich Wolski, Chris Grzegorczyk, Graziano Obertelli, Sunil Soman, Lamia Youseff, Dmitrii ZagorodnovUniversity of California Santa BarbaraPage #Cloud ComputingMultiple abstractions and interfacesInfrastructure (IaaS) - EC2, GoGrid, Joyent, NimbusPlatform (PaaS) - AppEngineSoftware (SaaS) - Salesforce.comCommonalitiesUsers provision dynamic service/resource pools on-demandDynamic - resource pools can grow and shrink while application is runningOn-demand - no waiting (batch queues)Resource location is irrelevantInterfaces are simpleMost cloud computing systems today are commercialInterfaces and capabilities are clearly definedImplementation is, by design, invisible/unknownCloud Computing ResearchWe need a simple, transparent, controllable cloud computing infrastructure to support systems researchWhat types of interfaces are appropriate for clouds?How should cloud networks be constructed/managed?How are security concerns addressed in the cloud?How are various workloads most efficiently farmed out to clouds?What types of applications can run in clouds?What types of service level agreements are appropriate/possible?How do we answer these questions?Need to be able to perform experimentsNeed to compare different methodologies and implementationsNeed flexible cloud computing framework that is aimed at academic researchers

Page #Overlay software allowing researchers to investigate and experiment with aspects of IaaS style cloud computingImplements lowest level of cloud computing systemsUsers allocate and de-allocate entire VM instances on demandDesigned to easily install on common academic cluster configurationsModularized to allow researcher replacement of logical componentsOpen-sourceEasily instrumented in support of experimentsFlexible user interface (currently compatible with Amazon EC2)Researchers can download Eucalyptus and install an EC2 compatible cloud computing system atop existing resources

Eucalyptus ArchitectureCloud InterfaceCloud ControllerCluster ControllerNode ControllerChallenge 1: extensibility-- solved by using a simple, straight forward architecture and open APIs that use web services

Page #Experimenting with the CloudExperimenting with the CloudCloud NetworkingGoal is to provision a network, similar to the way we provision virtual machinesShould behave like an actual physical network that the user controlsEucalyptus currently provides software overlay network to each userLayer 2 (ethernet)Spans federated resources (even when IPs are private/unroutable)Near wire speed (gigabit ethernet) within a clusterWe use Eucalyptus to explore the problem of cloud networking Experimenting with the Cloud

Eucalyptus ImpactActive user community discussion boardPasses EC2 compatible litmus testsAmazon toolsRightscaleElastraElastic FoxOpen source AppEngine emulationProvides Google AppEngine in EC2 or EucalyptusWhat are some hot topics?Hybrid cloudsCloud developmentInstrumentationSecurityEucalyptus StatusVersion 1.3 is releasedRPM binary packagesRocks binary distributionSource tarballEucalyptus Public Cloud~200 users in a few months and growingActive discussion board and growing user communityVersion 1.4 release in early NovemberUser uploadable images (using Amazon AMI tools)S3 Emulation (Walrus) component for persistent storageMore flexible VM networkingUser defined security rulesDynamic assignment of public IPs to instancesStability, performance improvementsThank YouEucalyptus Project Web-page []Eucalyptus Public Cloud []Team MembersRich Wolski (project director) rich@cs.ucsb.eduDaniel Nurmi (presenter) nurmi@cs.ucsb.eduChris Grzegorczyk grze@cs.ucsb.eduGraziano Obertelli graziano@cs.ucsb.eduSunil Soman sunils@cs.ucsb.eduLamia Youseff lyouseff@cs.ucsb.eduDmitrii Zagorodnov

Cloud ControllerWeb serviceJavaHandles distribution of VM instance control events to clusters of resourcesCloud ControllerSLA EngineInstance SchedulerOther schedulers?Cluster ControllerWeb serviceC basedHandles distribution of VM instance control events to individual of resourcesInvestigation: what are the performance, invasiveness and functionality tradeoffs of various cloud networking strategies?Cluster ControllerVirtual NetworkInstance SchedulerOther network/schedulersolutions?Cloud InterfaceWeb service basedWritten in JavaHandles user event to cloud VM instance control translationExperiment: instance creation timeEC2 CompatibleUser InterfaceWeb-basedAdmin InterfaceOther Interfaces?Cloud InterfaceNode ControllerWeb serviceC basedHandles management of individual VM instancesNode ControllerResource ManagementVM Hypervisor InterfaceOther Hypervisors?


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