The Great American Road Trip - Travelling Made Easy Great American Road Trip ... the awe inspiring Niagara Falls, ... Niagara Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world,

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<ul><li><p>1</p><p>A 28 Day Escorted Small Group Tour</p><p>Tour Dates: 15th August 2016 11th September 2016 </p><p>The Great American Road Trip</p><p>T R A V E L L I N G M A D E E A S Y</p><p>Have you ever wondered what it would be like to leave the cities </p><p>behind and just take off on a road trip of discovery? This small group </p><p>tour does just that. We will travel the country roads, meet the locals, </p><p>make new friends and embrace the American lifestyle.</p></li><li><p>2</p><p>Your Tour Highlights</p><p>Our road trip starts in Los Angeles and follows the great </p><p>coast road to San Francisco before heading through </p><p>the farm lands of Idaho to the cowboy town of Jackson </p><p>in Wyoming. Explore the rugged beauty of Yellowstone </p><p>National Park with its incredible ecosystem.</p><p>Well see the faces that launched a thousand camper </p><p>vans at Mt Rushmore and spend time at Crazy Horse </p><p>Memorial. We can take a gamble at Deadwood where </p><p>Wild Bill Hickock played his last hand of poker and even </p><p>see where he is buried beside Calamity Jane.</p><p>Other highlights include crossing the great plains of South </p><p>Dakota to Chicago where we learn about the gangsters </p><p>of the Al Capone era, the awe inspiring Niagara Falls, </p><p>spending time with the Amish people, exploring USAs </p><p>capital city Washington and time in New York City, The </p><p>Big Apple.</p><p>Lower Manhattan, New York</p><p>&gt; Departs 15th August 2016The Great American Road TripDays From</p><p>28 $ 15,850*pp</p><p>* Tour prices are per person twin share in Australian dollars.</p><p>Tour Inclusions</p><p> Return Airfares from Brisbane or Sydney including Airport Taxes.</p><p> Travel in a Mercedes Sprinter.</p><p> Twenty-five nights accommodation.</p><p> All meals and gratuities as outlined in the itinerary, plus tipping.</p><p> All sightseeing and attractions as highlighted in bold.</p><p> The services of a Travelling Made Easy tour guide for the full length of tour. </p><p>Lancaster County, Pennsylvania</p><p>Niagara Falls</p></li><li><p>3</p><p>Monday 15th August Dinner/Breakfast/Dinner Your tour begins with your direct flight from Brisbane where our </p><p>Travelling Made Easy Guide will assist you with check in. Having </p><p>completed check in, move downstairs to clear customs and do </p><p>any last minute duty free shopping. On arrival in Los Angeles </p><p>we will clear customs and make our way to the Holiday Inn </p><p>Express. A tour this afternoon of Los Angeles where we will visit </p><p>Hollywood, search for our favourite stars outside Graumans </p><p>Chinese Theatre, drive down Rodeo Drive, visit Beverley </p><p>Hills, see some movie star homes and end our tour at Santa </p><p>Monica Pier, where we will have an early Welcome Dinner.</p><p>Overnight: Holiday Inn Express LAX</p><p>Tuesday 16th August Breakfast/DinnerAfter breakfast it is off to Disneyland. Regardless of our age, </p><p>Disneyland is a magical place and we will have the whole day </p><p>to enjoy the sights, the sounds and the experience that is the </p><p>happiest place on earth. There is something for everyone </p><p>as Disneyland has more than 60 attractions. There are eight </p><p>themed lands including Frontierland, Adventureland and</p><p>Tomorrowland.</p><p>Overnight: Holiday Inn Express LAX</p><p>Wednesday 17th August Breakfast/DinnerAn early start as we head north along the 400 mile stretch of </p><p>coastline between San Francisco and Los Angeles known as the </p><p>Central Coast. This piece of the country embodies all things </p><p>Californian rolling surf, a seaside highway built for cruising and </p><p>dramatic bluffs topped by weathered pines. A detour to visit the </p><p>quaint Danish town of Solvang and pick up a pastry or two.</p><p>Overnight: San Simeon</p><p>Thursday 18th August Breakfast/DinnerA visit this morning to Hearst Castle before continuing our </p><p>beautiful coastal drive to Monterey, where we will spend time at the </p><p>Monterey Aquarium, one of the finest anywhere in the world. A </p><p>short drive via Santa Cruz to San Francisco which after New </p><p>York is the second most densely populated city in the U.S.</p><p>Overnight: San Francisco</p><p>Friday 19th August Breakfast/DinnerA full day to explore all that the City by the Bay has to offer </p><p>including a Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge, a visit </p><p>to Alcatraz, Fishermans Wharf, Lombard Street (most </p><p>crookedest street in the world), riding a Cable Car, visiting </p><p>Chinatown and much more. We will even stop for an authentic </p><p>Irish Coffee where this drink was created and eat Clam </p><p>Chowder from a bread bowl.</p><p>Overnight: San Francisco</p><p>Saturday 20th August Breakfast/DinnerLeaving San Francisco behind us we cross the Golden Gate </p><p>Bridge to explore the Giant Redwood Trees and the wine </p><p>growing region of the Napa Valley, where 90% of the nations </p><p>wine is produced. An afternoon drive to Reno known as the </p><p>biggest little city in the world and Nevadas main gambling </p><p>destination until it was surpassed by glitzy Las Vegas.</p><p>Overnight: Reno</p><p>Sunday 21st August Breakfast/DinnerA longer drive today as we travel across Nevada on what is </p><p>known as the Loneliest Road in America. Early explorers </p><p>mapped this region, Pony Express riders raced across it and </p><p>the long distance Lincoln Highway finally tamed it. Late this </p><p>afternoon well cruise into the town of Ely, in eastern Nevada.</p><p>Monday 22nd August Breakfast/DinnerCrossing the Great Salt Lake Desert we will arrive with plenty </p><p>of time to explore Salt Lake City. Apart from its spectacular </p><p>natural setting Salt Lake City is known as the spiritual base of </p><p>the Mormon Church, which has its worldwide headquarters in </p><p>Temple Square.</p><p>Overnight: Salt Lake City</p><p>Tuesday 23rd August Breakfast/DinnerThe country side today is just spectacular as we leave Idaho </p><p>Falls and continue driving east and into Wyoming. Lets put on </p><p>our cowboy hats and pull up our boots and get ready to create </p><p>memories that will last a lifetime. Heading east well follow trails </p><p>blazed by rugged mountain men centuries ago as we explore </p><p>sweeping valleys and high, mountain passes and into the </p><p>authentic Old West town of Jackson with time this afternoon </p><p>to explore this beautiful old style cowboy town complete with </p><p>wooden sidewalks and barstools made from saddles.</p><p>Overnight: Jackson</p><p>Wednesday 24th August Breakfast/DinnerYellowstone National Park holds the dual distinction of being </p><p>both the largest park in the contiguous United States as well as </p><p>the first National Park in the world. Yellowstone also happens </p><p>to be one of the largest active volcanoes in the world, with over </p><p>300 geysers and 10,000 thermal geothermal features spewing </p><p>steam and boiling water from beneath the earths crust. Today </p><p>Yellowstone is still recovering from fires that burnt over one third </p><p>of the park in 1988. The destruction is especially evident in the </p><p>western half of the park, where charred tree stumps line the </p><p>roads. Despite the fires, Yellowstone retains its rugged beauty and </p><p>sustains an incredible ecosystem. Following the reintroduction </p><p>of wolves in 1995, the park once again became home to all the </p><p>T R A V E L L I N G M A D E E A S Y</p><p>The Great American Road Trip Tour Itinerary</p></li><li><p>4</p><p>animals that lived in the Yellowstone area before the arrival of </p><p>Europeans, with the exception of the black footed ferret.</p><p>Overnight: Jackson </p><p>Thursday 25th August Breakfast/DinnerWeve been pretty busy since we arrived in the States and there </p><p>are a couple of longer driving days coming up so today is all </p><p>about taking time to relax as we spend some well earned free </p><p>time in the lovely town of Jackson. Take a stage coach ride </p><p>around town, check out the shops and art galleries or take a </p><p>long bath in your tub.</p><p>Overnight: Jackson</p><p>Friday 26th August Breakfast/DinnerThis morning we say good bye to Jackson as we continue </p><p>our drive east through the Rocky Mountains, Bridger Teton </p><p>National Forest and head east across Wyoming and the Wind </p><p>River Indian Reservation to Casper.</p><p>Overnight: Casper</p><p>Saturday 27th August Breakfast/DinnerDifferent scenery today as we drive past the Thunder Basin </p><p>National Grassland and into South Dakota. Our first visit will </p><p>be to Crazy Horse Memorial. In 1947, Lakota Chief Henry </p><p>Standing Bear commissioned sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski </p><p>to create a memorial to Crazy Horse as reminder that Native </p><p>Americans have their own heroes. An afternoon visit to Mt </p><p>Rushmore where we can stare in wonder at the sculptures </p><p>of four favourite presidents. Borglum encountered all kinds of </p><p>opposition to his work from those who felt that nature could </p><p>not be improved, but he defended the scale of his masterpiece, </p><p>finally completing the busts of Washington, Jefferson, Theodore </p><p>Roosevelt and Lincoln in 1941. A short drive to Deadwood </p><p>where gunslingers Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane sauntered </p><p>into town during the height of the gold rush in the summer </p><p>of 1876. Bill stayed just long enough, three weeks, to spend </p><p>eternity here. Jane and Bill now lie side by side in the Mount </p><p>Moriah Cemetery, high on a hill south of downtown. Saloon </p><p># 10, 657 Main Street, was forever immortalised by Wild Bills </p><p>murder. Hickok was shot holding black aces and eights, now </p><p>known to poker players as a dead mans hand.</p><p>Overnight: Deadwood</p><p>Sunday 28th August Breakfast/DinnerWe pass 100 American country towns as we travel across the </p><p>Great Plains of South Dakota today arriving late afternoon in </p><p>Sioux City. A busy railroad centre and Missouri River Port Sioux </p><p>City sits on the northern cusp of Iowas green shaggy Loess Hills.</p><p>Overnight: Sioux City</p><p>Monday 29th August Breakfast/DinnerA pleasant drive through the farm lands of Iowa arriving this </p><p>afternoon in Dubuque on the banks of the mighty Mississippi </p><p>River. Iowas oldest city was established in 1788 by French </p><p>voyager Julian Dubuque.</p><p>Overnight: Dubuque</p><p>Tuesday 30th August Breakfast/DinnerA short drive this morning through Illinois to arrive in Chicago, </p><p>once famous hometown of notorious gangsters and the mob. </p><p>This charming city on Lake Michigan is also known as the </p><p>starting point for Route 66, home of the Deep Dish Pizza and </p><p>some of the best blues music on the planet.</p><p>Overnight: Chicago</p><p>Wednesday 31st August Breakfast/DinnerA full day to explore Chicago however you wish. A highlight </p><p>dinner tonight as we get to know all about those roaring 20s at </p><p>Tommy Guns Garage.</p><p>Overnight: Chicago</p><p>Thursday 1st September Breakfast/DinnerA morning drive from Chicago to Detroit. Detroit today is </p><p>known as motorcity after Henry Ford started manufacturing </p><p>automobiles here in 1896. By the early 1920s most American </p><p>automobile manufacturers had moved their headquarters here. </p><p>In Detroit you look south to see Canada.</p><p>Overnight: Detroit</p><p>Friday 2nd September Breakfast/DinnerDrive through Canada to London and on to Niagara Falls. </p><p>Niagara Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, </p><p>is flat out spectacular. The giant falls are best viewed from the </p><p>Canadian side of the Niagara River, where the natural grandeur </p><p>is complimented by the well developed tourist attractions, </p><p>nightlife, and a thriving honeymoon industry.</p><p>Overnight: Niagara Falls</p><p>Saturday 3rd September Breakfast/DinnerA scenic drive today as we cross the border back into the </p><p>United States and drive south through New York State and into </p><p>Pennsylvania.</p><p>Overnight: Lancaster</p><p>Sunday 4th September Breakfast/DinnerLancaster County is known as the heart of Pennsylvania </p><p>the Dutch Country, but its residents, the Pennsylvania Dutch, </p><p>arent actually Dutch. When the 1700s Amish and Mennonite </p><p>settlers migrated to the area in search of religious freedom and </p><p>introduced themselves as Deutsch, English settlers mistook </p><p>The Great American Road Trip Tour Itinerary (continued)</p><p>T R A V E L L I N G M A D E E A S Y</p></li><li><p>the German word for Dutch. Lancaster is still home to the </p><p>largest Old Order Amish population in the US, a group that </p><p>strives to maintain its simple lifestyle in the face of modernity.</p><p>Overnight: Lancaster</p><p>Monday 5th September Breakfast/DinnerA short drive from Lancaster to Washington DC and a visit </p><p>this afternoon to Arlington Cemetery. The 612 acre Arlington </p><p>National Cemetery holds the graves of over 260,000 service </p><p>men and women, including veterans of every American War from </p><p>the Revolutionary War to the present. A simple walking tour can </p><p>begin at the Tomb of the Unknowns, which honours unidentified </p><p>servicemen who died fighting for the US. It is guarded by soldiers </p><p>from the Armies 3rd Infantry who execute a perfect changing of </p><p>the guard. A ten minute walk directly north of the tomb and well </p><p>find the Kennedy grave sites. Here lie the remains of President </p><p>John F Kennedy, his brother Robert F Kennedy and his wife </p><p>Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. It is said that shortly before that </p><p>fateful day in November, JFK visited this hillside spot and was so </p><p>enchanted by the view that he declared I could stay here forever. </p><p>Now the eternal flame flickers above his simple memorial stone.</p><p>Overnight: Washington DC</p><p>Tuesday 6th September Breakfast/DinnerCentre of Government for the worlds most powerful nation, </p><p>Washington DC is a stately Neo classical city, with grand </p><p>avenues and monumental public buildings that reflect the pride </p><p>and ambitions that course through the corridors of power. </p><p>Its surrounding region preserves important places where the </p><p>young nation evolved from a Colonial outpost to an independent </p><p>country. A full day of exploring Washington DC at your leisure.</p><p>Overnight: Washington DC</p><p>Wednesday 7th September Breakfast/DinnerA short drive today from Washington DC to New York City. The </p><p>self proclaimed Capital of the World puts its money where its </p><p>mouth is. Eight million New Yorkers pack themselves into the city </p><p>limits, and each one can tell you exactly why theirs is the greatest </p><p>city on earth. New York City is comprised of five boroughs: the </p><p>Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Flanked </p><p>on the east by the East River and on the west by the Hudson </p><p>River, Manhattan is an island, measuring only 13 miles long and </p><p>2 12 miles wide. Queens and Brooklyn are on the other side of </p><p>the East River. Staten Island, southwest of Manhattan is the most </p><p>residential borough. North of Manhattan sits the Bronx, the only </p><p>borough connected by land to the rest of the United States. The </p><p>afternoon is free for you to enjoy as much of the city as you like. </p><p>Perhaps see a show tonight on Broadway.</p><p>Overnight: New York City</p><p>Thursday 8th September Breakfast/Lunch/DinnerA full day tour of New York City. Departing from Midtown </p><p>Manhattan, travel by coach through Times Square, Madison </p><p>Square Garden, Greenwich Village and SoHo, and take </p><p>guided walks around Wall Street, the South Street Seaport, </p><p>Grants Tomb, Rockefeller Centre, Little Italy and One </p><p>World Trade Centre with your guide. At Battery Park, board </p><p>your 1-hour New York Harbour cruise, affording you awesome </p><p>views of the city skyline. Snap an up-close photo of the Statue </p><p>of Liberty. Back on land, head to Grotta Azzurra, one of New </p><p>Yorks famous and oldest Italian restaurants in the heart of Little </p><p>Italy. This was a favourite of Frank Sinatra Enjoy a traditional Italian </p><p>lunch here with your fellow travellers. From here, drive to Central </p><p>Park and see famous St John the Divine Cathedral before </p><p>continuing through Harlem and along Museum Mile and the </p><p>renowned Fifth Avenue shopping street. Arriving at R...</p></li></ul>