The International Sale: Fine Antiques & Decorative Arts | 3 October 2012

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The International Sale is a collaborative sale held by Lyon & Turnbull in Edinburgh and Freeman's in Philadelphia featuring outstanding examples of European antique furniture and decorative arts. Two cities, two auctioneers, two dates, one exceptional sale.


  • TheInternationalSaleFineAntiques& DecorativeArts

    Lyon & Turnbull Edinburgh

    3rd October, 2012

    Freemans Philadelphia

    11th October, 2012a u c t i o n e e r s & a p p r a i s e r s s i n c e 1 8 0 5

  • TheInternationalSaleFineAntiques& DecorativeArts

    Thursday, October 11th, 2012


    Sale Number 1441

    1808 Chestnut Street

    Philadelphia PA19103

    Tel. +1 215.563.9275

    Fax. +1 215.563.8236

    Catalogue: 15 / $35

    See page 2 for viewing and

    enquiry details

    Inside Front Cover: Lot 305Inside Back Cover: Lot 233 (part lot)

    Printing by Pardy & Sons (Printers)

    Ltd., Ringwood, Hampshire

    Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

    12 noon

    Sale Number LT361

    33 Broughton Place

    Edinburgh EH1 3RR

    Tel. +44(0) 131 557 8844

    Fax. +44(0) 131 557 8668

  • Viewing and Enquiries


    Thursday, October 11th, at 2pm


    Friday, October 5th

    10am - 4:30pm

    Saturday, October 6th

    12 noon - 4pm

    Monday, October 8th

    10am - 4:30pm

    Tuesday, October 9th

    10am - 4:30pm

    Wednesday, October 10th

    10am - 4:30pm

    Limited viewing on Morning of the sale


    David Walker

    direct tel: 267.414.1216

    Benjamin Fisher

    direct tel: 267.414.1215

    Nicholas Clarke

    direct tel: 267-414-1225

    Commission Bids

    Bridgette Bonner

    tel: 267.414.1208

    fax: 215.599.2240

    1808 Chestnut Street

    Philadelphia PA1910

    Tel. +1 215.563.9275

    Fax. +1 215.563.8236


    Wednesday, October 3rd, at 12 noon


    Saturday, September 29th

    12 noon - 4pm

    Sunday, September 30th

    12 noon - 4pm

    Monday, October 1st

    10am - 5pm

    Tuesday, October 2nd

    10am - 5pm

    Wednesday, October 3rd

    from 9am


    Lee Young

    Douglas Girton

    Enquiries and Commission Bids

    Lyon and Turnbull Ltd.

    33 Broughton Place

    Edinburgh EH1 3RR

    Tel. +44 (0)131 557 8844

    Fax. +44 (0)131 557 8668


    Please note that the the Conditions of Sale and Buyers Information vary

    between Lyon & Turnbull and Freemans - information for both can be

    found in this catalogue.

    Bidding will be in GB for Lyon & Turnbull and $ for Freemans - the

    equivalent rate is given for each lot at 1 = $1.60 but should be treated as a

    guide only.

  • TheInternationalSaleFineAntiques& DecorativeArts

    Session One

    Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

    at 12 noon

    Lyon & Turnbull

    33 Broughton Place, Edinburgh

    EH1 3RR

  • bids but we offer this service

    entirely at the bidders risk.

    By telephone

    Bids submitted by telephone

    must be confirmed in writing.

    Telephone bidding

    If you are unable to attend the

    sale we can normally arrange for

    you to bid on the telephone. This

    service is available entirely at our

    discretion and at the bidders risk.

    All telephone bids must be

    confirmed in writing, listing the

    relevant lots and appropriate

    number to be called. We

    recommend that a covering bid is

    also left in the event that we are

    unable to make the call. We

    cannot guarantee that lines will

    be available, or that we will be

    able to call you on the day, but

    will endeavour to undertake such

    bids to the best of our abilities.

    Methods of Payment

    Goods purchased will not be

    released until we have received

    full payment.


    Cash payments can be made at

    the accounts desk during or after

    a sale.


    Cheques should be made payable

    to Lyon and Turnbull Ltd. We

    reserve the right to wait until

    cheques have been cleared by our

    bankers before releasing bought

    goods. Cheques can be cleared

    prior to sale on request. Cheques

    drawn by third parties cannot be

    accepted. If paying by post please

    include the slip from your invoice.

    Switch or Credit Cards

    Payment can be made by Switch,

    Mastercard or Visa cards. There

    is a 2% surcharge on credit card



    It is the buyers responsibility to

    ascertain collection procedures,

    particularly if the sale is not being

    held at our main saleroom.

    guidance only and all lots are sold

    as found (see our standard

    Terms and Conditions of Sale).

    Electrical Goods

    Lots that were once operated by

    mains electricity are bought

    entirely at the buyers risk. They

    are offered for sale for display or

    historical purposes and may not

    comply with current regulations.


    At the Sale

    To bid at the sale all potential

    buyers must be registered with us

    on or before the day of sale. We

    will need proof of identification

    and residence, and may require a

    bank reference. Potential buyers

    must collect a bidding number

    before the sale begins, and show

    that number if successful in

    purchasing a lot. Please ensure

    that the auctioneer repeats the

    number correctly when

    confirming the sale. If there is any

    doubt at this stage as to the

    hammer price or buyer it must be

    brought to the auctioneers

    attention immediately. All lots

    will be invoiced to the name and

    address given on your registration

    form, which is non-transferable. If

    you have purchased a lot you

    may take your bidding number to

    the accounts department and

    receive an invoice immediately. If

    you have not been successful

    please leave the number at the

    Registration or Reception desks.

    In writing

    Bid forms are available at the sale

    and/or the back of the catalogue.

    These should be submitted in

    person, by post, or by fax as soon

    as possible prior to the sale and

    we will bid on your behalf up to

    the limit indicated. In the event of

    receiving two identical bids the

    first one received will take

    precedence. They must be

    received at the very latest at least

    an hour before the sale. We will

    do our utmost to execute these

    We are required to collect a

    royalty payment for all qualifying

    works of art. Under new

    legislation which came into effect

    on 1st January 2012, this applies

    to living artists and artists who

    have died in the last 70 years.

    This royalty will be charged to the

    buyer on the hammer price and in

    addition to the buyers premium.

    It will not apply to works where

    the hammer price is less than

    1,000 (euros). The charge for

    works of art sold at and above

    1,000 (euros) and below

    50,000 (euros) is 4%. For items

    selling above 50,000 (euros),

    charges are calculated on a

    sliding scale.

    All royalty charges are paid to the

    Design and Artists Copyright

    Society (DACS) and no handling

    costs or additional fees are

    retained by the auctioneer. Resale

    royalties are not subject to VAT.

    Please note that the royalty

    payment is calculated on the rate

    of exchange at the European

    Central Bank on the date of the


    More information on Droit de

    Suite is available at

    Damage and Restoration

    Occasionally when a lot has

    suffered extensive damage and/or

    restoration it is indicated in the

    catalogue. This is mentioned

    entirely at our discretion for the

    benefit of buyers. Where there is

    no mention of damage and/or

    restoration this should not be

    taken to mean that there is none.

    It is the buyers responsibility to

    ensure that the condition of lots

    is to their satisfaction (see our

    Terms and Conditions of Sale).

    Condition Reports

    If potential buyers are unable to

    inspect lots in person our

    specialists will be happy to

    prepare detailed Condition

    Reports on individual lots as

    quickly as possible. These are for

    Buying at Auction

    This sale is subject to our

    standard Terms and Conditions of

    Sale. If you have not bought at

    auction before we will be

    delighted to advise you.


    Estimates are printed below each

    lot and do not include the buyers

    premium. The sale will be

    conducted in pounds sterling.


    Dimensions are for guidance only;

    it is the buyers responsibility to

    ensure that they are correct.

    Buyers Premium

    The buyer shall pay the hammer

    price together with a premium


    Antiques, Jewellery & Silver and

    Pictures (Not Fine Sales)


    All other sales



    25% up to 25,000 / 20%


    VAT will be charged on the

    premium at the rate imposed by

    law. (see our Terms and

    Conditions of Sale).


    The symbol by a lot number

    indicates that VAT is payable by

    the purchaser at the standard rate

    on the hammer price.

    The symbol * by a lot number

    indicates that the lot has been

    temporarily imported from

    outside the EU and that VAT is

    payable by the purchaser at the

    rate of 5% on the hammer price

    and the buyers premium.

    No VAT is payable on the

    hammer price or premium for

    books bought at auction.

    Droit de Suite

    This symbol indicates works

    which may be subject to the Droit

    de Suite or Artists Resale Right,

    which took effect in the United

    Kingdom on 14th February 2006.

    Important Information for Buyers at Lyon & Turnbull

  • 1001 FE40/4NEAR PAIR OF GEORGE II MAHOGANY FOLDOVER TEAAND CARD TABLESMID 18TH CENTURYthe shaped tops with outset corners, one opening to reveal a

    green baize lined playing surface with counter wells, the

    other with a plain top, over a plain frieze raised on acanthus

    carved cabriole legs ending in pad feet (2)

    83cm wide, 73cm high, 41cm deep

    7,000-10,000 $11,200-16,000

    LYON & TURNBULLthe international sale

    wednesday, october 3rd, 2012


  • 1002 FE33/3QUEEN ANNEWALNUTARMCHAIR18TH CENTURY AND LATERthe solid vasiform splat and

    outscrolling arms above a drop-in

    seat covered in tapestry fabric,

    raised on shell carved cabriole

    legs ending in trefoil feet

    62cm wide, 104cm high, 49cm deep

    Provenance:Selected items from an historic Scottishcountry house

    2,500-3,500 $4,000-5,600


    upholstered in floral needlework

    with a blue border, raised on

    turned and tapered legs joined by

    an X-form stretcher on flattened

    bun feet

    36cm wide, 48cm high, 35cm deep

    1,000-1,500 $1,600-2,400

    LYON & TURNBULLthe international salewednesday, october 3rd, 2012


  • LYON & TURNBULLthe international sale

    wednesday, october 3rd, 2012



    Diego Evans, Londres, with

    silvered chapter ring with

    subsidary second dial, date

    aperture and silent / strike, the

    eight day three train movement

    striking on nine bells, the arched

    hood flanked by stop-fluted

    pilasters, the case with

    conforming quarter columns,

    raised on a later shaped plinth


    63cm wide, 260cm high, 33cm deep

    7,000-9,000 $11,200-14,400

    1005 FD485/21GEORGE III MAHOGANY LONGCASE CLOCKWILSON, LONDONthe swan neck pediment above a

    blind fret carved frieze and

    surmounted by a brass eagle and

    orb finials, above an arched

    glazed door flanked by reeded

    columns, the brass and silvered

    dial with Roman and Arabic

    chapters with subsidiary seconds

    dial and date aperture, painted

    arched panel depicting a pastoral

    scene, eight day movement

    striking on a bell, the trunk with a

    further blind fret carved detail

    and an ogee arched door flanked

    by reeded quarter columns with

    brass capitals, on a moulded

    plinth base raised on ogee

    bracket feet

    50cm wide, 244cm high, 24cm deep

    2,000-3,000 $3,200-4,800

  • LYON & TURNBULLthe international salewednesday, october 3rd, 2012


  • LYON & TURNBULLthe international sale

    wednesday, october 3rd, 2012


    1006 FD48/1IRISH GEORGE II MAHOGANYCABINETMID 18TH CENTURYthe broken swan neck pediment

    above a pair of glazed panel

    doors, opening to reveal an

    arrangement of fourteen drawers,

    the lower section with a brushing

    slide above four long graduated

    drawers, raised on squat cabriole

    legs ending in claw and ball feet

    108cm wide, 230cm high, 54cm deep

    Provenance:Descended through the baronetcy ofInchiquin, and reputedly brought fromIreland by Lucious William O'Brien, the15th Baron Inchiquin, upon his marriageto Ethel Jane Foster of Moor Park,Ludlow in 1896. The couple and their sixchildren resided off and on at Moor Parkuntil 1939 when they movedpermanently to Ireland.

    8,000-12,000 $12,800-19,200

  • 1008 FE41/4GOOD GEORGE III SERPENTINECHEST OF DRAWERSCIRCA 1760the shaped moulded top above

    four long graduated drawers

    flanked by canted corners, raised

    on shaped bracket feet

    102cm wide, 84cm high, 57cm deep

    7,000-9,000 $11,200-14,400

    1007 FD132/1PAIR OF GEORGE III CARVEDGILT WOOD FRAMEDMIRRORSCIRCA 1760the shaped oval mirror plates

    within ornate rococo scroll frames

    surmounted by ho-ho birds (2)

    28cm wide, 65cm high

    1,000-1,500 $1,600-2,400

    LYON & TURNBULLthe international salewednesday, october 3rd, 2012


  • LYON & TURNBULLthe international sale

    wednesday, october 3rd, 2012



    fielded panel doors, opening to

    reveal a compartmented fitted

    interior with drawers and pigeon

    holes, the lower part with an

    arrangement of four real and

    dummy drawers, raised on

    bracket feet

    92cm wide, 145cm wide, 58cm deep

    4,000-6,000 $6,400-9,600

    1010 FC185/4GEORGE III MAHOGANY BOOKSTANDCIRCA 1800the shaped sides with pierced

    carrying handles

    63cm wide, 15cm high, 23cm deep

    1,000-1,500 $1,600-2,400

  • LYON & TURNBULLthe international salewednesday, october 3rd, 2012


  • LYON & TURNBULLthe international sale

    wednesday, october 3rd, 2012


    1012 FE17/9GOOD PAIR OF GEORGE III MAHOGANY AND BEECH CHINESECHIPPENDALE ARMCHAIRSCIRCA 1760each with an arched and foliate scroll carved top rail over a lattice work

    straight back and slightly scrolling open lattice work arms, over a plank

    seat and blind fret carved seat rail, raised on straight square blind fret

    carved legs joined by an H-form stretcher (2)

    60cm wide, 102cm high, 47cm deep

    Provenance:Property from a Scottish country house. Additional items from the same house will beoffered in the Fine Antiques sale, 4 October, 2012

    Note:The design for these chairs is taken almost exactly from Thomas ChippendalesGentleman and Cabinet-Makers Director, plate XXVII. It incorporates a number ofChinese influences including the blind fret carving and open trellis found throughoutChippendales design book.

    8,000-12,000 $12,800-19,200

    Gentleman and Cabinet-Makers Director, plate XXVII

  • LYON & TURNBULLthe international salewednesday, october 3rd, 2012



    further margin plates and

    gadrooned frames sumounted by

    flowering urns and ribbon-tied

    trailing husks, over a patera drop

    finial issuing two outscrolling

    candle arms (2)

    36cm wide, 108cm high

    Provenance:Field Marshal George Townshend, 1stMarquess Townshend and thence bydescent


  • 1014 FE40/2GEORGE III MAHOGANYCHEST OF DRAWERSCIRCA 1760the moulded rectangular top

    above a drawer fitted with a baize

    inset brushing slide supported by

    lopers, over three further long

    graduated drawers, raised on

    shaped bracket feet

    102cm wide, 80cm high, 56cm deep

    3,000-5,000 $4,800-8,000

    1013 FC185/3GEORGE III FRUITWOODPEAR-FORM TEA CADDYLATE 18TH CENTURYwith oval metal escutchion

    17cm high

    1,500-2,500 $2,400-4,000

    LYON & TURNBULLthe international sale

    wednesday, october 3rd, 2012




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