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The author recounts the true story of his travels. His adventures begin in Boston and end some five months later along The Great Wall of China. The journey sees him take in some of the world’s most important landmarks in around eighty towns and cities over a staggering 40,000 mile journey. That’s quite some adventure!Whether it’s the Niagara Falls in North America, the Rainforest in Australia, or Tropical Islands in Asia, there is something for everyone in this epic journey spanning five of the world’s six continents.Across oceans, deserts, reefs, canyons and distant lands, there is a story to tell, packed with adventure and experiences of a different kind. Come join me on this special journey, and may it encourage you to explore and discover the world on a similar journey of your own.~ “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” ~ Lao Tsu.For a free preview, VISIT:

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The Journey Around the Worldby Vinod Mahbubani

What its about:v A true story about the authors travels around the world, taking in some 80 towns and cities across 4 continents over a staggering 40,000 mile journey. v Across oceans, deserts and distant lands, there is a tale to tell that is packed with adventures and experiences of a different kind. v Whether its the natural wonders of North America, the unique environments of Australia or the exotic islands of Asia, there is something for everyone in this epic journey of discovery and Company Logo

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Around the World

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Random Excerptsv For the next few minutes you stand out there on the boats deck transfixed at the view, with the proximity of the Niagara Falls crashing down right in front of you. Add to this, water rushing all around and spraying into your eyes and face from all directionsso much of it in fact, that you almost feel one with the Falls for a mesmerizing moment or two. v South of Mexico City lies one of mankinds greatest architectural treasures, Teotihuacn. Translated to mean Creation of the Place of Gods, it is the ancient city of temples and pyramids started in 100 BC and completed some 150 to 200 years later. As you walk into the citys Company Logo

Random Excerptsv Imagine: there you are with the wind in your face, riding along on your bike without a care in the world. As you ride along, you take in the wonderful island scenery of temples, beaches, forest and coastline when from out of nowhere you spota giant Golden Buddha. v Winding itself through mountains like a slithery snake, the way the Wall naturally relates to the landscape around it is a marvel in itselfso immense is Chinas Great Wall, that it is the only man-made construction that can be seen in its entirety from the Company Logo

Why you would read The Journeyv You enjoy travelling, or would love to travel more than you do. v You welcome new adventures and experiences and would like to learn more about different cultures. v You would like to travel around the world one day, or get to visit Asia, Australia or the Americas. v You want to know how it can be done.

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Why you would read The Journeyv You dont really have the time to travel, but would still like to discover what its all about. v You want to know the what, when, where and why secrets of travelling and benefit from valuable travellers tips. v You want to know how to save both time and money during your travels and still have a great time. Company Logo

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About the Author

Born in Gibraltar Vinod Anil Mahbubani (Vinnie), the author completed his secondary education in his hometown before moving to the UK to complete a BA (Hons) in Management, Spanish and Italian at The University of Leeds. As part of his degree course, he spent valuable stints in Florence, Italy, and Malaga, Spain. On graduating, he ventured south to London where his career took off working as a Media Researcher for The Press Association and then a Marketing Manager for Dow Jones International. At the same time, he worked as a parttime Tour Director for EF Educational Tours, taking up to sixty North American based students and adults on ten to fifteen day cultural tours of Western Europe. His position with Dow Jones saw him work out of its Paris office for two years, before he returned to his native Gibraltar where he currently resides and works in international real estate.

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