The Medieval Period The Middle Ages/ Middle English 1066 - 1485.

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  • The Medieval PeriodThe Middle Ages/Middle English1066 - 1485

  • The Normans(north men)Originally from Northern Europe (like Danes)Settled in NormandyAdopted French waysWm. intros French ways to England 1066 Old English changes to Middle English!!!

  • FeudalismPolitical & economic systemBased on hierarchy of powerKing owned all land to king to churchRest to loyal nobles (barons)in return for pay or warriors (knights)

  • Thus, the social ladder:KingsBaronsKnights

    Serfs conquered Anglo-Saxons; peasants bound to land they couldnt own

  • Protecting Norman interestsBarons build castles to dominate countryside & defend the realmCathedrals & abbeys erected (see pamphlet)

  • Power struggles1135 Wm.s son Henry I diesViolent struggle between daughter Matilda & nephew Stephen1154 Matildas son Henry Plantagenet takes throne (Henry II) great memorable leader

  • Eleanor of AquitaineMost powerful woman of 12th c.Former French queenVast landholdings in France as part of her dowryBrought to England chivalry: code of honor to govern knightly behavior, to honor & protect ladies, & go on holy quests (see purple text p. 209)

  • Thomas a BecketHenry IIs friendAppointed to Archbishop of Canterbury Criticized for favoring church interests over crownMurdered by Henrys knightsHenry proclaims innocence and reconciles w/churchBecket declared a saint, shrine built

  • Richard the Lion-heartedHenry IIs sonSpent most of 10-yr. reign fighting in Crusades in FranceBrother John (villain of Robin Hood legends) plotted against himDies and John becomes king

  • JohnRoyal treasury goes bankrupt by overseas warfareMust sign the Magna Carta limits royal authority; gives more power to barons; early step to democracyEventually parliaments are formed councils of barons but later to include commoners as well

  • Which Big Hair Band sang it anyway?Dont Wanna Miss a Thing-AerosmithNever Say Goodbye- Bon JoviLove Bites- Def LeppardHome Sweet Home- Motley Crue

  • Which Big Hair Band sang it anyway?Patience- Guns and RosesIs This Love?- WhitesnakeKeep on Lovin You- REO SpeedwagonEvery Rose Has Its Thorn- Poison

  • Balladssongs that tell storiesPopular in England & ScotlandLoved by the commoners, particularly the illiterateAbout ordinary peoplePassed on orallyMost were anonymous; not written down til 18th c.

  • Ballads, contd.Focus on a single incidentPopular subjects: tragic love, domestic conflict, crime, war, & shipwreckSome tragic; others comedicDeal with everyday life & problems

  • Poetic devicesStanzas are quatrains (?)Rhyme scheme of abcbRhythm (1st & 3rd lines 4 stressed syllables; 2nd & 4th 3 stressed)DialogueRepetition of letters (alliteration), words, & phrases

  • Every Rose Has Its ThornI couldve spent another night If Id known what to sayInstead of makin loveWe both made our separate ways.


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