The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra play the music of Yellowjackets

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The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (SNJO) directed by Tommy Smithproudly presentsThe Music of the Yellowjacketswith very special guest Bob MintzerSaturday September 27th Caird Hall Dundee, Scotland 01382 434 940If theres one thing that Dundee music fans love then its a good groove. Add in some great tunes, plenty of feeling and a powerhouse band, then you have a winning recipe in the City of Discovery. The SNJO and guest saxophonist Bob Mintzer serve up melodic rhythmic jazz just the way they like it on Tayside hot, hotter still and scorching. This year, the long hot summer extends into September as Grammy winner Mintzer and the highly decorated SNJO turn up the temperature on the music of jazz sophisticates The Yellowjackets Bob Mintzer has been a Yellowjacket since 1990, and the selections for these performances are largely his compositions for this iconic quartet. His music is characterized by a superbly engaging melodic streak, tremendous feel, and a deep knowledge and experience of contemporary jazz. His distinctive saxophone style is as warm and familiar as a favourite shirt or a comfortable pair of shoes. The outcome is optimistic jazz from the sunny side of the street, and Bob Mintzer finds the ideal partner in the SNJO, perhaps the UKs most versatile exponent of orchestral jazz.The respective careers of Bob Mintzer and The Yellowjackets stretch back through the golden years of funk-inflected jazz, but they are deeply grounded in jazz history. As a student in New York in the late sixties, Mintzer was able to catch many of the greats in action including Miles Davis, and Thelonius Monk, and his own career began in earnest in the 1970s when he joined the Buddy Rich Big Band. The ensuing years have seen him become a respected composer, arranger and leader of his own big band. In 1981, he became an influential member of Jaco Pastorius fondly remembered Word of Mouth and spent much of that decade immersed in big band projects. In 1990, he joined the Yellowjackets, a group project whose artistry and longevity and has created a benchmark for excellence in cultured, soulful jazz. The music of The Yellowjackets is an uncommon denominator for the hi-energy flow of funk and the solid compositional ethic of ensemble jazz. The programme includes tunes picked out from older albums like Greenhouse, Mintzers debut with the band, the more experimental Altered States and the urgent Run for Your Life. However, the Yellowjackets story is brought bang up to date with inclusions from 2011s acclaimed Timeline and the summer jazz delights of last years A Rise in the Road. Dundee audiences will struggle to sit still their seats as the SNJO with Bob Mintzer move them, groove them and jazz them with the most uptown, upbeat and upmarket selections from the Yellowjackets stylish catalogue. With any luck, we will still be wearing our summer clothes too.For more information please contact: Press Lindsay Robertson, SNJO Manager. 07827 966735 Tommy Smith, Artistic Director. 07710 585231 is sponsored by Creative Scotland, Wallace Brass


<ul><li><p>SCOTTISH NATIONAL JAZZ ORCHESTRADIRECTED BY TOMMY SMITH</p><p>THE MUSIC OFYELLOWJACKETS</p><p>FEATURING THEIR SAXOPHONIST BOB MINTZER</p><p>Saturday 27th Sept DUNDEECaird Hall 01382 434 940 |</p><p> ... a journey of joyful music that will inspire your thoughts, </p><p>but most of all it will inspire your smile.</p><p></p></li></ul>